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New Year's Eve In Llanview!

Wednesday, December 30 2009
Many celebrate New Year's Eve, Tea makes a promise to Dani, and Markko isn't happy to see Ford...

In Dorian's living room, Todd tries to talk Dani out of shooting him, as she explains how easy it will be for her to pull the trigger. Suddenly, Blair appears and begs Dani to stop, but Dani screams, "He killed my father!" Blair blurts that her father isn't dead, but Todd stops Blair from telling Dani the truth. Blair continues to sympathize with Dani and finally gets her to hand the gun over to Todd. Blair then takes Dani in her arms.

After reconsidering going out, Tea and Elijah enter the Mayoral Ball - just as Dorian demands that Bo hand over his badge! Dorian tells the community to let this be a lesson, since she plans to run a squeaky clean ship here in Llanview! As the press attacks Bo, Clint answers a question - asking how he feels about the betrayal. "Actions have consequences," Clint calmly tells the reporter. Dorian claims she doesn't have a replacement for Bo yet then wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Once she steps down from the stage, Bo suggests to Nora that they leave, but Nora sees Tea and Elijah, who promise to look into this mess for them. Just then, Tea gets a call from Todd saying, "I need you. It's about Dani." Meanwhile, Bo confronts Clint, comparing him to Asa, then looks at his badge after Clint strolls off to dance with Kim, who gets a big New Year's kiss from her Buchanan boss. Nora goes to Dorian but doesn't get an explanation about why she's going after Bo but gets a warning, saying Nora is lucky she's an elected official - or she'd be fired too! Dorian suggests Nora resign then walks away, as the press attacks Nora with questions. Discreetly, Dorian calls Mitch to tell him that she did it - she fired Bo!

When Tea and Elijah arrive at Blair's, Tea tries to comfort Dani, who misses her father dearly. Dani wonders how her mother can be with the man who killed her daddy, leading Tea to promise that things are over between her and Todd - for good! Tea leads Dani toward Elijah then they leave. Alone, Todd admits that he stopped Blair from telling Dani the truth because she's not ready and agrees that Tea was right to shut him out - Dani needs her mom right now. "She needs her father too," Blair says.

Back at The Palace, Elijah briefly runs into Bo and Nora in the hallway, outside Bo's room, then sighs with relief once he's in the elevator.

In Tea's room, she briefly answers the door to Elijah, who assures her he put Bo's gun back in his safe. She thanks him then goes back to holding Dani in her arms.

Though Nora shares a drink with Bo in his room, she suggests it's time to go back to her room, but Bo reminds her that they don't need to be discreet anymore - then they decide to ring in the New Year together!

As Kyle and Nick kiss, on his bed, Kyle finally pulls away and screams, "I'm with Oliver now!" Though Nick reminds him that Oliver isn't there, Kyle begins to think Fish was right - and that Nick was using the situation to get back with Kyle. Nick denies it but slips about knowing that Schuyler's room was open then stops Kyle from calling Amelia. Nick cries and claims he loves Kyle, saying Kyle's been so good to him, then begs Kyle for his forgiveness saying, "I didn't know how much you loved Oliver." Nick urges Kyle to go find Oliver then Kyle rushes out - after making sure that Nick is going to be okay.

Over at Ultraviolet, Destiny tells Matthew that she's in love with him, but Matthew tries to let her down easy, saying he only likes her as a very good friend. When Destiny brings up Dani, Matthew denies having romantic feelings for her - but Destiny accuses him of leading her on, compares him to Rachel then rushes off! Shaun catches up with Destiny, who explains what happened. Destiny listens as Shaun wonders if she's sure she wants to throw away Matthew's friendship so easily.

Across the room, Langston is shocked to see Ford, who admits he's back in Llanview for good - and has been thinking a lot about her! Shaun briefly approaches, to make sure Ford isn't harassing Langston, then Markko appears, wanting to know what he's doing back in Llanview. Markko is shocked to hear that Ford is teaching the class Markko is taking at college! Ford goes off to get a drink, making it clear he'd buy one for Markko - if he was of age, then Langston tries to comfort Markko's bruised, jealous ego. Later, while Langston goes to tell Starr about Ford's return, Markko rants about it to Cole, saying he wants to drop the class Ford is teaching. Markko looks across the room at Ford and vows to hit the gym every day! Later, Matthew gets advice about Destiny from Starr and Cole.

At the bar, after Stacy makes sure Fish didn't overhear her comment about wishing her baby was Rex's, she bumps into Shaun, who spills a drink on her, then Fish goes to chat with Rex - and they both appear miserable without their significant others. Fish can't stand being alone while everyone is celebrating and tells Rex he's taking off. Shortly after, Kyle arrives, but Rex tells him he just missed Fish. Stacy joins Rex and shares her New Year's resolution - that she's going to be a better person - but Rex says, "I wish I could believe that." Stacy suggests that Rex wait and see.

As Kyle leaves, Fish is coming back into the bar, having forgotten his phone, and listens as Kyle reveals that Fish was right about Nick! Kyle convinces Fish that he's the one for him then pulls Fish out of the bar…

Kyle takes Fish back to his room, finds Nick gone, sets the stage for romance then Kyle and Fish take the next step - they make love!

Up at the cabin, after Gigi tells Schuyler she wants him to stay the night, he wants to know if she's doing this because he doesn't have anywhere else to stay - but Gigi shows him the real reason why she wants him to stay by kissing him! Schuyler wants to be sure Gigi is ready for this, but she simply answers, "Make love to me." Schuyler lays a blanket down, by the fire, and they slowly make love. Afterward, Schuyler tells Gigi that he loves her, saying he didn't want the year to end without her knowing this was the happiest night of his life.

Across Llanview, many ring in the New Year!

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