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    New Year's Eve In Llanview!

    Wednesday, December 30 2009
    Many celebrate New Year's Eve, Tea makes a promise to Dani, and Markko isn't happy to see Ford...

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    Posted by TnTisExplosive at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:10 PM

    The Dani/Todd/Tea stuff was emotional today. That actress who plays Dani was really good IMO. She did look like a traumatized kid while holding Todd at gunpoint. I am glad she is speaking to Tea again and cannot wait until she gets a bit more understanding and finds out that Todd is her father. Everything Blair said to her when she was holding Todd at gunpoint was true, and Dani will someday realize that Todd really did save her, even if it is hard to accept. I wonder if Ross will be back to help her come to that realization...

    Obviously, I like Todd and Tea together. Todd appeared hurt by what Tea said about being done with him, but he seemed to agree that what she said was what Dani needed. I hope everything works out for them. I think it will.

    I am sure Destiny and Matthew will be able to continue being friends. It always hurts to be rejected in that way, but she knows that Matthew not having romantic feelings for her is not a rejection of her friendship...they'll work through this. Matthew should have just admitted his feelings for Dani, but maybe he thought that would be hard for her to hear right then. Still, Destiny isn't blind. We can all see that Matt likes Dani, which I am glad of because I think they make a good pair.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:16 PM

    loved what tea had on today...

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:18 PM

    Didn't see today's epi. But I hope Des can
    settle w/being fiends w/Matt. They have been
    through so much together. STAY FRIENDS!!
    Oh GiGi!!! WHY???!!! Go home to your family.
    Enjoy it while it last Sky. Cuz when the truth
    comes out GiGi will be gone.
    Ford = bad news for Marco.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:26 PM

    jorie and lucetta thanks for telling me to watch today's show its was the greatest show today...i really hate this langston/ford storyline so going to hurt markko so much if langston cheats on him with this troublemaker...markko is a fine grown man and dont need this happening to him...

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:31 PM

    I forgot...

    Posted by tomsmo at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:34 PM

    I saw that Ross is returning I that Dani finds out about Todd being her Father

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, December 30 2009 02:40 PM

    happy new year jorie,lucetta and others what yall plans for new years...

    Posted by TnTisExplosive at Wednesday, December 30 2009 03:09 PM

    I didn't watch the scenes with Matthew until just now, so I did not know exactly what was said until now. I know Destiny was upset, but I have to say that I thought she was unfair to Matthew, especially with the comparison to what Rachel did regarding Sean and Greg. I don't think Matthew led Destiny on like Rachel did with Sean, and I don't think Destiny has a right to be angry with Matthew because he may have feelings for someone who is not her. She isn't entitled to Matthew's affections just because she has been a good friend. She is smart enough to understand that, so I am sure they will remain friends when she gets over her hurt.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, December 30 2009 03:42 PM

    Gigi and Schuyler, I'm not happy with both of their actions. If I didn't know better that Stacey is leaving oltl in early 2010, I'd say Rex has eyes for her. The way he looked at her. These people don't know what they want.

    Clint and Kim kissing - eeeeh. Grow up Clint, you knew your brother and your wife had an attraction for each other, why are you rebounding with her?

    I'm happy Fish forgave Kyle for allowing Nick to stay with him, particularly since Nick was trying to get him back. I can see Nick's point of view, Kyle did dump him for Fish and he feels alone during this holiday season.

    I think the end result will be Destiny will forgive Matthew, and they will remain friends. However, that will take plenty of time for her to accept. Her brother Shaun gave her some pretty good advice.

    Tea telling Dani she will not see Todd anymore, is her way of dealing with what happened at the moment, however in reality we know what will happen gradually.

    Langston and Ford, here comes trouble. Poor Marrko, he will be hurt, but will survive.

    Posted by aqua23 at Wednesday, December 30 2009 03:46 PM

    This sicko show will be the next one canceled, as it should be.

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