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    Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?

    Thursday, December 17 2009
    Nora comes across something disturbing, Dani's rejection destroys Tea, and Mitch continues to taunt Dorian...

    At the airport, Nora worries to Bo that she hasn't been able to tell Clint that Dani will be coming home with her, as Dani lashes out at Tea - and Todd - for Ross' death. When Todd scolds Dani, saying not to talk to her mother like that, Dani tells him to shut up, calls her mother Tea then screams, "I wish you were the one who died!" Dani tells everyone that Tea doesn't want her - she wants Todd - then leaves with Nora, Bo and Matthew after telling Tea, "Go to hell!" Elijah and Blair try to comfort Tea, saying Dani will come around, then Tea apologizes to Todd for keeping her from him and hands him a photo of Dani - thanking Todd for saving Dani's life.

    Tea leaves the airport, and Blair tries to reassure Todd that things will be better with Dani in time. Todd isn't so optimistic that time will heal Dani's pain then wonders if Blair is ready to leave. Blair convinces him to go home with her - to see his children, who have been waiting for his return.

    Clint's at home, thinking back on his wedding to Nora, badgering himself that he didn't see what was going on sooner. Kim arrives and again pushes past Nigel and enters the living room, to which Clint says, "Miss Andrews and I have things to deal with before my wife gets home." Kim asks Nigel to bring her and Clint some dinner then listens to Clint rant about Nora - and his plan. Over dinner, and after Kim gives Nigel a few more orders, she assures Clint that she doesn't mind helping him one bit with his plan! Just then, Kim peeks into the foyer, tells Clint they are there then reminds him that Bo and Nora are going to get exactly what they deserve!

    Out in the foyer, Nigel welcomes, Nora, Bo, Matthew and Dani home then Nora asks Bo to take the kids out to eat while she talks to Clint, who Nigel says is in the living room. In private, Nora tells Bo she has no plans to tell Clint the truth tonight - not after she promised Tea she'd take care of her daughter.

    When Nora doesn't find Clint in the living room, only a photo of her, Clint and Bo faced down on the desk, she heads to their bedroom - and is shocked to find Clint in bed with Kim, his new assistant!

    At the diner, Dani apologizes to Matthew for intruding on his family, but Matthew assures her that his Uncle Clint would do anything for his mom - and he'll be fine with Dani staying there.

    Elijah brings Tea back to her room at The Palace and tries to convince her that she's not to blame for what's happened - and that Ross was the one who set everything in motion. After Elijah leaves, Tea opens her briefcase and sadly looks at her mementos of Dani.

    Still at the mansion, when Delphina wants to rip up Dorian and Amelia's marriage certificate, Dorian stops her, claims she made promises to the community then says, "Divorce is out of the question!" Dorian says she went to jail for the cause, and over talk of Mitch, Dorian vows to handle him and wants to settle this matter now! Finally, Amelia and Delphina convince Dorian to let them take over in the quest to legalize same sex marriages, and Dorian rips up the certificate. As Dorian gives them her blessing, Delphina begins to sense evil, all around, then says, "The Cramer women are in danger." Delphina apologizes for her real prediction but tells Dorian that she will be receiving a special package - from Satan himself!

    Amelia, Delphina, Cole, Langston and Markko leave, and Starr tries to preoccupy Dorian, who just wants to be alone. After Starr goes upstairs, a messenger comes to the door and gives Dorian a package. She's relieved to see that it appears to be a proof for her holiday greeting card then opens the envelope and becomes horrified to see its contents!

    Later, Starr is ecstatic when Blair and Todd arrive home. When Blair goes up to check on the boys, Todd takes his coat off and the photo of Dani falls out. Starr picks it up and asks, "Who's this?"

    Blair slips out and heads over to Tea's hotel room, who is surprised to see her.

    As Natalie walks into Mitch's hospital room, Mitch pinpoints John as his attacker then taunts John with how he used to make Natalie squeal - claiming to Brody that that's the reason why John tried to kill him, because John still has a thing for Natalie! When Brody has to stop John from rushing toward Mitch's bed, Mitch smiles then demands that John be arrested! Brody asks John what to do next, as Mitch screams for Brody to take charge. Suddenly, Natalie blurts out, "John didn't stab Mitch, I did." Mitch then accuses Brody of knowing the truth all along then tells him that John just brought the other letter opener to his room to put his prints on it. "Go ahead," Mitch violently screams. "Search him!" Though John warns that no one will believe Mitch, and Brody doesn't move to search John, Mitch finally gives them all a resolution - and tells John to save Natalie and take the rap! However, John refuses to back down to Mitch's demands then leaves with Brody and Natalie.

    Outside Mitch's room, John assures them that no one is going to prison - and tells Brody that the evidence will be where it's supposed to be, but warns him to tell Internal Affairs everything that Mitch told him. "I do not want to make this your problem," John tells Brody. Once Natalie is gone, Brody tells him, "I hope you know what you're doing."

    Later, Dorian shows up in Mitch's room, pulls out the proof of her holiday card, with everyone's faces marked off in red, then demands to know what he's getting at!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Mitch incorporates Dorian into his plans.

    Dani wants revenge on Todd.

    Clint and Nora argue.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:03 PM

    Mitch got Natalie to confess. He is one smart crazy man. Told all the dirt on John too.

    Looking at the flashbacks, it looks like Tea was there for Dani when she was small. Didn't see Ross anywhere in the picture.

    Why is it different when John commits a crime then when someone else does it. John should be arrested and forced to take a leave. He is no better than anyone else. I am so disappointed in Brody. They can fire him too for all I care.

    Norah just got an eyeful.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:08 PM

    dani had no right to yell at tea and todd...she did whats best for her doing all mom i wish u were dead and go to h was not nesscary to say...i know she angry at todd but when the truth comes out she going to need the both of mom would slap the taste out my mouth if i ever curse her out...but i love my mom...tea and her daughter will connect again...and so will her and todd...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:12 PM

    i know nora looked shock what she saw...she was thinking clint what are u doing in bed with her anyway...i think it was gross for him to be in bed with its going to be problems for her and clint now...they going to get in a fight about it...if nora came clean to clint about her and bo he would not be acting like he is...

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:13 PM

    Do you honestly think that Tea would have flashbacks with Ross in it? TIIC totally ruined the character of Ross. I was watching the 1st time he was on and he was NOTHING like he is or was now.

    And I totally disagree with Elijah. Tea brought all of this on by LYING to everyone. If she had only told the TRUTH!

    Yes, John and Brody and Natalie and Jessica should all go to jail. They all committed crimes. BUT if Mitch can murder someone in cold blood, I think I will let the coverup crimes slide.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:14 PM

    Dani is angry right now. She has every right to yell at Tea and Todd. I mean, give her a break. She father just died right in front of her.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:15 PM

    that was sweet of markko and cole to worry about starr and langston today when they heard they in danger...they will never let nothing happen to there girls...i wish i had men like them...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:17 PM

    i like the elijah and tea scene today...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:33 PM

    Yes, I do think Tea would have a flashback if Ross was in the picture. It ain't like she can take him out. If he was there, he was there. BUT HE WASN'T!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:34 PM

    Hey Jumps, why you are in a good mood and letting everybody's crime slide, do the same for Todd.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, December 17 2009 12:34 PM

    OMG! Can't wait to see Nora's face when Kim pops up out of her and Clint's bed........LOL!

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