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    Unsettled Emotions...

    Tuesday, December 08 2009
    Natalie finally snaps, Kim overhears some interesting information, and Fish reassures Nick...

    Bo arrives at the Buchanan mansion and informs Nora and Clint that Mitch isn't facing any charges in Napa, because the evidence is conveniently missing, but promises they'll do everything they can to prosecute him in Llanview. Before Clint heads to break the news to Natalie, he asks Nigel to prepare for Nora to get to Seattle to be with Matthew. Once he's gone, Bo and Nora comment on how they hate hurting Clint, to which Nora admits when she's with Clint, she feels as though she's cheating on Bo. "I would want to know, now," Bo says, warning that they need to tell Clint the truth, and Nora agrees - before someone else tells him. Though they've been discreet, Bo and Nora list off the people who know they kissed - and are happy that none of them feel loyal enough to tell Clint! Nora and Bo decide to tell Clint the second they bring Matthew home from the hospital.

    Natalie arrives at Buchanan Enterprises and briefly stares at Jared's nameplate before heading into the office. Inside, Natalie sees Kim, who's on the phone with Stacy planning her next move, then says, "What the hell are you doing?" Kim explains that Jared hired her then tries to take the mail and leave, but Natalie stabs a letter opener into the desk and demands that Kim tell her what she's really up to! As Natalie threatens to beat the truth out of Kim, Clint appears and admits that he hired Kim then excuses Kim, sees the letter opener but still warns Natalie that Mitch could be set free. Clint explains that all the evidence now points to Jared then legally refutes the list of crimes Natalie rants off. Though Clint wants to take her home, Natalie insists on staying there to pack up Jared's thingsā€¦

    After Clint leaves, Natalie starts trashing the office, in tears, and accidently breaks a framed photo of her and Jared. When Natalie finds her Christmas gift labeled: "For Sparky on Christmas," she opens the card and reads about how much Jared loves her. Jared gives her the gift of a honeymoon in Hawaii and tells her the gift in the box is what he hopes she'll give him in Hawaii. Natalie opens the box and finds a book of baby names with a post-it on it reading: "Your Pick." In tears, Natalie throws the book then stares at the letter opener, which is still stuck in Jared's desk!

    Later, Clint returns to Jared's office, finds it in shambles, remembers seeing the stabbed letter opener in the desk then notices it's gone!

    Back at the Buchanan mansion, Nigel is shocked when Neval arrives, saying he has an urgent message for Clint! As Neval tells Nigel that he's there to tell Clint that his brother has been having an affair with his wife, Kim lurks behind a shrub - with a smile a mile long!

    As Marty is visiting John, Mitch is brought into his office. Mitch makes a comment, wondering what Marty sees in John, since he didn't even rape her, then John shoves him hard! After Mitch taunts Marty a bit more, John ushers her out then warns Mitch, who's brought up Natalie's name, never to mention Marty or Natalie again!

    Kyle, who's at the hospital, receives a call from Fish, who relays that Cris and Layla are going at it again! After talking about the night they missed, Fish promises that they'll make the guys who did this to Nick pay. After Kyle hangs up, he joins Marty, who is trying to help Nick's mental state. As Nick snaps that he's fine, Kyle goes to give him some time alone, but Nick grabs his hand and begs him to stay. Nick opens up to Marty and blames himself for the attack, for ranting gay pride all over Llanview, but Marty assures him that none of this is his fault - it's the men who attacked him - and reminds Nick he needs to be strong so he can help put those who did this to him behind bars.

    Cris and Layla wake up in bed, thinking they're dreaming, then the couple makes love again - just to be sure they aren't. Later, Layla and Cris appear in the living room, and after Cris ducks out quickly, Fish tells Layla how happy he is for her and Cris. Over talk of Nick, Layla remembers how Evangeline was attacked and says, "Make sure that you throw the book at them, please." Fish leaves, and when Cris reappears, Layla rushes into his arms, hoping that Nick passed out and didn't suffer through the beating like Evangeline suffered through.

    As Fish arrives outside of John's office door, he hears John warning Mitch that if he manages to weasel out of these charges, he'll kill him himself! Inside the office, Mitch starts ranting off his plans for his former bride, Natalie, causing John to pull Mitch backwards in his chair. Fish briefly checks in, wanting to be present while John questions Mitch, but John turns Fish away and closes the door! Shortly after, Natalie appears and demands to know how Mitch is going to get away with murder. As John calls for another cop to come in and take Mitch away, Natalie makes it clear to Mitch that she has nothing to live for - then stabs him with the letter opener!

    Fish heads to the hospital and asks Nick to look through a book of mug-shots, leaving Marty asking Nick, "What do you think? Feel like fighting back?" Nick looks through the photos and pinpoints the guys who attacked him!

    Over in Seattle, in Matthew's room, Rachel tries to assure Matthew that the police are doing everything they can to get Dani back. Suddenly, Mrs. Evans appears and demands that Destiny get her things - because they are leaving! After Destiny and Mrs. Evans leave, Matthew urges Rachel to head back to Llanview, to help one of her patients.

    Mrs. Evans drags Destiny out into the hallway and berates the Buchanans - and the bad influence they've had on Destiny and Greg! Destiny refuses to give up Matthew then stomps off, leaving Greg to warn his mother to give up 'the hate'. When his mother wonders if Greg would disown her for his new girlfriend, Rachel, who will not get a 'free pass' for hurting Shaun, Greg assures her that he loves his family, but credits Rachel for giving him the courage to operate again. Suddenly, Rachel, Matthew and Destiny appear, and after Destiny says goodbye to Matthew, Mrs. Evans insists that Rachel not take a cab - and ride to the airport with them.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John tries to protect Natalie.

    Stacy gives Schuyler a warning.

    Charlie's emotions get the best of him.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:03 PM

    What's wrong with Natalie's mouth. She was fussing at Kim and her mouth was all crooked.

    Then on the preview I saw where she stabs Mitch and John being the upstand cop he is, is going to say Mitch stabbed himself. John should be fired if someone finds out the truth. He is lying and covering up a crime.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:04 PM


    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:06 PM

    It's too bad that Kim over heard Neval. I still can't see Clint sleeping with that. Not without taking her to the doctor first to check her out for diseases.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:08 PM

    destiny mom was out of line today destiny can be friends with matthew if she wants to...its not matthew's fault that destiny almost got hurt and a gun to her head...she needs to go talk to ross like that its his fault not matthew's...matthew has been a good friend to her...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:11 PM

    clint going to have a fit when he finds out the truth...poor thing really loves nora but nora dont love him...nora should be the one to come clean to clint...i know clint will never sleep with that anyway unless she do something to him...i hope clint finds out kim lied to him...

    Posted by kyh4 at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:15 PM

    See this is what I'm talking about! Hell of a show today. everything was on point, there were not boring scenes! On these days I am usually proud to say OLTL was GREAT!!!! Mrs. Evans is off the Chain. That was just wrong she wants Des not to hand around Matt now? Come on Mom! Nat (MA) not a fan of hers but I am liking her lately. Bo and Nora don't worry your secert is about to be leaked give it some time!

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, December 08 2009 12:19 PM

    im glad natalie gave it to kim...she didnt care about natalie feelings...walking in there like she own the office or something...i dont blame her for bein upset about jared had no right touching his things without asking...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, December 08 2009 01:20 PM

    did u see natalie face when she stab mitch...she looked evil at him...i wonder if he going to live...i think he will and do some more dirty tricks of his...mitch dont care about nobody at all and also dont care who he hurt...he should of stayed in jail...

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, December 08 2009 01:20 PM

    I guess the Evans family had some
    issuess before Des was old enough to remember.
    Gregg was hinting at something.

    I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, December 08 2009 01:27 PM

    Because the station that airs OLTL at 1:00 has a special on today" Fallan Heros".. unable to watch so just read the recap and your comments. Natalie needs to see Marty right away as she is having a breakdown. Most people that have to go clean up do it when they know it is the right time and can look through everything and sort it what they need to keep etc. For one thing if this was Jared's office, Natalie should not have went through his things anyways. As Clint knows what is important he should have sorted through the things and put the Personal things in a box for Natalie to sort when ready.
    This police station is so differnt then the police stations we have because if you need to go to a certain room you need to go through another person first and are buzzed in. Natalie carried a weapon with her and should be charged. Maybe that room has a camera so John can not protect Natalie. She needs help not to be told she has done nothing wrong.
    Who let Destiny go to Seattle in the first place? Is she on winter break from school? I'm glad her mother came and got her. She will see Matthew once he goes back home.
    I think Clint already knows how Nora and Bo feel about each other and will not be to surprised by the news. I kinda like the idea of Kim and Clint for awhile as will add a bit of laughter around that place. Of course Clint better take Kim to the doctor to make sure she is clean.

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