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    Romance Is In The Air!

    Monday, December 07 2009
    Cris shows Layla a romantic time, Fish and John go after those who wronged Nick, and Blair is taken hostage by Ross...

    At their apartment, Cris toasts Layla to a great first date then announces, "Tonight's the night. I'll go tell the chef we're ready." Layla is confused and watches in amazement as Cris serves them up a special dinner. When Layla admits she's worried that their relationship will end in more pain for her, Cris makes it clear how much he cares for her. Cris expresses how much Layla means to him, kisses her passionately then says, "I want you," and Layla replies, "I want you too." Cris and Layla begin to make love!

    Still at Ultraviolet, Markko, Langston, Cole and Starr look over the video that Markko took of the All-American Rejects. Starr and Langston check in with Hope and Dorian then Starr rants about Blair leaving town. The All-American Rejects get ready to start, but Langston can't manage to get Markko to put aside the filming for the Ultraviolet website in order to share one dance. As the band starts, Cole notices Langston's upset, as a guy asks her to dance, then takes over the camera for Markko, allowing him to go dance with Langston, as the band sings their hit song, "I Wanna." Later, while Starr thinks about her father, Cole assures her that they will never put Hope through the drama that she's been through. Cole and Starr prepare to leave, as Langston agrees to help Markko finish up work.

    Marty calls John from the hospital to make plans for the evening then is stunned to see a bloodied Nick stumble in! Marty screams into the phone, "I have to go," then rushes to help Nick, who's collapsed. Later, with Nick admitted, Nick explains he was attacked because he's gay. Marty places a call to John - to report the hate crime - then asks Nick if there's anyone she can call for him…

    When Fish and Kyle arrive at Kyle's apartment, Fish appears nervous, but Kyle assures him they will make love only when he's ready. They kiss, notice a note from Roxy, hoping they have a good time, then Kyle lights some candles. As they start to undress, and go to the bed, Fish and Kyle's cells ring - It's John calling Fish asking him to meet him at the ER, and Marty calling Kyle to report that his friend was attacked.

    Shortly after, Kyle and Fish arrive in Nick's room, where Marty explains his injuries. John arrives, and Nick explains the night's events - and Fish remembers seeing the men in Angels Square. Kyle agrees to stay with Nick while John and Fish rush out to look for Nick's attackers, leaving Nick to apologize for ruining Kyle and Fish's date. Kyle comforts Nick, telling him not to worry about it.

    John and Fish find the men and bring them into the station, where Fish grabs the head guy, slams him into a wall and screams at him for what he did to Nick! John pulls Fish off the man and instructs a cop to put them in a cell - and to put the big-mouthed one in with Mitch Laurence! Alone, Fish admits to John that he grew up with haters like this, and John says, "It's not going to be like this forever," but Fish doesn't think things will change any time soon - and wishes he would've came out a long time ago. John commends Fish for helping to get the haters off the streets.

    Fish goes back to the hospital to let Nick and Kyle know that they arrested the guys who attacked him, and Nick, who is holding Kyle's hand, thanks Fish. Fish smiles, leaves the room then turns to stare back into the window, as Kyle stays by Nick's bedside.

    Marty arrives at the station and falls into John's arms, with thanks for arresting the guys who attacked Nick.

    Over in the Seattle hospital, Todd and Tea try to rush down the stairwell, in order to stop Ross, but they're stopped by guards. However, Todd and Tea refuse to be held back, and with Elijah's help, they are allowed through!

    Blair arrives in Seattle and says, "Hang on Todd, I'm almost there."

    Downstairs in the parking garage, Dani tries to stop Ross, who says he refuses to give up his daughter! Ross tries to explain how Tea and Todd will take her away, and Dani assures her father that he's not the loser he thinks he is. Suddenly, Ross sees Blair walking through the parking garage and introduces her to his daughter. Blair heard that Todd and Tea were released, and are at the hospital, but Blair doesn't believe Ross when he says Todd and Tea are planning a romantic getaway - and Tea has allowed Ross to watch Dani. Blair questions Dani, who explains that everything her dad said is true. Suspicious, Blair suggests that they all go out to eat, but Ross wants to get to the airport and asks Blair to drive them there. Blair agrees but wants to call Todd first then Ross pulls a gun on Blair and demands she give him her keys! Blair can't let Ross take Dani away, but Ross warns if she doesn't let them go, Blair will never see her own daughter again!

    Suddenly, the cops appear, as do Todd and Tea, and Ross pushes Blair and Dani behind him, takes aim and screams, "Don't come any closer or she's dead!" With his gun to Blair's head, Todd and Tea scream for Dani to come to them, as Ross warns Dani not to - and Blair assures Dani that it's okay to go to her mom! Ross pleads with Dani to get in the car - and she does - then Ross pushes Blair in as well, and Todd and Tea are forced to watch them drive away, as Tea screams, "No!"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Natalie finally snaps.

    Fish reassures Nick.

    Kim overhears some interesting information.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, December 07 2009 12:02 PM

    I hope this is the last time we have to listen to this god awful band.

    Ross is going around waving guns in fron of his so called daughter. She just looks horrified. He is such a jerk. I hope his time on the show is winding down.

    Dang, they beat the mess out of Nick.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, December 07 2009 12:03 PM


    Posted by gulla at Monday, December 07 2009 12:09 PM

    poor langston she was feeling down today when markko was doing his work...i just hope there relationship dont go to waste i would hate to see these two break it off...thats why she danced with that guy she felt lonely...but im glad cole and starr pointed markko to the end they were dancing and having a good time...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, December 07 2009 12:13 PM

    In the news room, it's a story about the possibility of Stacy Morasco (Crystal Hunt) might be leaving the show. If this is true, I guess we won't have to put up with the fake pregnancy too much longer.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, December 07 2009 12:13 PM

    fish felt down today when kyle was paying more attention to nick...i hope nick dont come between them...i just love fish and kyle together let nick find someone else to be with...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, December 07 2009 12:16 PM

    danielle should of went with her real parents...i would of not went with him...i just cant wait till danielle finds out about him...danielle going to need todd once she finds out the truth...i hope tea,todd,and danielle be a family i think they will...

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Monday, December 07 2009 12:17 PM

    I know I'm old and haven't been to a concert in years, but even back in my day, they didn't allow anyone to videotape concerts. A big, big no no. Even if Rex allowed it, the band's manager never would have.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, December 07 2009 12:21 PM

    i like cristian and layla scene today...i know they were having a good time together...i like layla dress today...

    Posted by jorie at Monday, December 07 2009 12:38 PM

    I doubt Oliver was feeling down about Kyle being kind to Nick. It was b/c of what happened to Nick.This happens somewhere everyday.
    I can see why my daughter likeS the band.I know what I'll get her for xmas

    I don't think we'll see Ross too much longer Thank goodness. however We'll see Stacy until Olivers baby is born Hopefully it wll be early but not too earl
    y for the babys sake. Then I hope Mitch flips on her when he finds out the babys not Rexs
    By the way Blair needs a toy boy..!

    Posted by jorie at Monday, December 07 2009 12:46 PM

    HIPHOP Markko was working for the band. Thy he was showing what he had already shot is with the band.Markko was working.

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