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    Goodbye Jared...

    Monday, November 16 2009
    Everyone says goodbye to Jared, Rex demands answers from Roxy, and Bo and Nora get details about Matthew's surgery...

    At the Napa Hospital, after the family is told that Jared is dead, Natalie becomes hysterical, as Clint holds her close, saying, "He's gone. Jared has left us." In tears, Charlie looks into the examination room at Jared's lifeless body. While Viki comforts Charlie, Clint sits with Jessica, as Brody briefly calls John, and Natalie runs to Jared's side. Brody rejoins Jessica and listens as she talks about Mitch, who Brody doesn't trust to be alone with John. Jessica urges Brody to go be with John, and Brody promises he'll return for her soon.

    Standing above Jared, Natalie begs him to wake up and starts talking about them having children. Charlie joins her and says, "He's gone," then takes Natalie in his arms, as they both explode with devastation. After Clint comes in to take Natalie away, Viki tells Charlie she's going to see him through this then Charlie asks for a moment alone with his son.

    By Jared's side, Charlie takes all of the blame for Jared being dead and says, "I killed you, as if I'd pulled the trigger myself." Charlie vows not to let Jared down again and says that if he did kill Jared's stepfather then it only means that he's capable of doing it again! Before Charlie leaves, he promises that Mitch is going to pay for this! Later, Clint tells Viki that he can't find Charlie anywhere - and Viki rushes off with worry!

    Natalie goes back into Jared's room and starts cleaning him up, as she talks about how they fell in love. Natalie admits that she made a wish that night in Texas - that she wished to die before Jared because she knew she'd never be able to handle losing him. Natalie holds Jared close and sobs. When Jessica and Clint appear, Natalie kisses Jared goodbye then they all watch as his body is taken away.

    Still at the vineyard, Mitch warns John that once he's cleared, he plans to be a more hands-on father! After John takes a call from Brody, he informs Mitch that Jared is dead - and that Mitch is going down! However, Mitch claims that John is to blame for Jared's death - not him! Mitch explains how John wanted to believe that Jared was guilty and says, "Natalie will never forgive you for that, and neither will you." As Mitch taunts him, John looks at his gun then slowly sets it down.

    John then puts on some plastic gloves, as Mitch talks about all of the people who have died in vain, including Caitlin, then John uncuffs Mitch, throws him face down and holds a gun to his head! "John, no," Brody shouts. "He's not worth it!" Once John pulls away, Mitch asks for Brody's permission to spend some time with Jessica, but Charlie appears and asks, "What about my son!" Charlie rushes in, with Viki close behind, and starts strangling Mitch!

    Over in Seattle, Dr. Nance approaches Bo and Nora with news about Matthew's surgery, apologizes for getting Matthew's hopes up then suggests that Bo and Nora convince Matthew that life in a wheelchair is better than no life at all. Bo flips out, pushes the doctor and screams, "How the hell could you do this to him… Get his hopes up!" Just then Greg and Rachel arrive, and Dr. Nance explains what happened in surgery - that there was too much scar tissue. With Bo and Nora's consent, Greg goes to scrub in to see if he can help Matthew! Later, Greg reappears and happily explains that he removed the tissue and is optimistic that Matthew will walk again! Nora throws herself into Greg's arms with thanks then Bo expresses his with a handshake.

    After Nora and Bo rush off to Matthew's room, Rachel thanks Greg for helping her brother - and Greg credits Rachel, as well as Destiny and Shaun, for urging him to operate again. Greg wants to be like Shaun, a man who put his hurt aside to help someone else.

    In Matthew's room, Nora and Bo explain how Greg flew out there and removed all the damaged tissue - and inform that Matthew should be able to walk again! Bo, Nora and Matthew are all happy to be together again. Though Bo and Nora want to stay at the hospital, Greg and Rachel convince them to go to a hotel to get some rest.

    Later, in Nora's hotel room, Bo gets ready to head to his room, but Nora can't stop saying, "He's going to be okay." Bo happily asks Nora to dance then they fall into a passionate kiss - and Nora doesn't realize that Clint is trying to call her!

    Back in Llanview, at the Angels Square Hotel, Rex demands to know if Mitch Laurence is his father! Though Roxy denies it, Rex shows her his birth certificate then Roxy finally admits that Mitch was his father - but she pulled the plug on him! Roxy begs Rex to let it go, but Rex can't - because Jessica is his sister! Finally, Roxy agrees that it's time - and that she owes him the truth. Again, Roxy admits that Mitch has been the secret she's kept from him, which leads Rex to storm off.

    As Dorian tries to leave the diner, to see what's holding up the elections committee, Markko stops her, warning that they won't tell Dorian anyway. Suddenly, Amelia gets a call and explains that it came down to one vote - and Viki is the new mayor! Cole smirks at Markko, who apparently was the deciding vote! Though Starr is excited for Viki, she backtracks and sympathizes for Dorian. Amelia explains the committee recounted the votes three times then says, "It's over." Dorian rants about making the deciding person who voted for Viki pay - and glares at Cole and Markko, who Starr claims both voted for Dorian. Though Markko says that whoever had the deciding vote had a right to make their choice, Dorian stomps away, as Cole warns Markko to come clean with Langston - now!

    At the counter, Destiny rants to Shaun about going to London then sees Dorian - and brings up how much David loves her, even though she chose Amelia. Over talk of relationships, Destiny says how sorry she is for what happened with Rachel. Suddenly, Dorian approaches, rants about the votes then Destiny confesses to her that David still loves her! Destiny urges Dorian to call David, but she heads off on her quest to find out who voted against her - after promising to vote for her.

    Markko confesses to Langston that he voted for Viki - and is the reason Dorian lost - and Dorian tells Amelia that David still loves her, as Destiny gets a picture text from Greg, showing that Matthew is okay!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Blair prevents Todd from telling Tea his true feelings.

    Rachel urges Tea to tell Todd the truth.

    Clint's phone call fills Nora and Bo with guilt.

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    Posted by gulla at Monday, November 16 2009 12:22 PM

    im glad markko was man enough to tell his girl the glad he went for viki...viki took good care of markko when he was staying at her langston going to have to get over it...she should be grateful that her man had a place to stay for a while...i hope they dont break up over this stupid mess...larkko forever...

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, November 16 2009 12:24 PM

    Okay, I'm sorry, but how do they figure that Markko is the "deciding vote" for Vicki? Any one of the people who voted for Vicki would have been the "deciding vote" if they had voted the other way, so how can anyone say it was definitely Markko? Also, if just one of those people who voted for Vicki didn't vote at all, it would have been a tie. This just makes no sense.

    I really don't know how they are going to get Mitch off on killing Jared. He shot at an unarmed man in a room full of witnesses who will be more than happy to testify against him. I feel another unbelievable legal storyline coming up that will make my blood pressure go through the roof.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, November 16 2009 12:25 PM

    go charlie i know he wanted to kill mitch bad when he chocked him...that was too funny...i dont blame charlie for bein upset with mitch talking about he sorry yeah right u not sorry mitch...

    Posted by jul21 at Monday, November 16 2009 12:28 PM

    I'm with you Gulla. However, Langston's probably going to explode. She's too tied to Dorian if you ask me. Markko will love her forever.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, November 16 2009 12:28 PM

    poor natalie she is heartbroking over jared she really love and cared for him...i hope she let her family help her get over the pain she has...i feel for her...maybe she will find someone soon...

    Posted by onancy61 at Monday, November 16 2009 12:29 PM

    Ringleader, the comment you made about the deciding took the words right out of my mind....I was also thinking was Markko the very last person to vote that day in Llanview?

    Posted by gulla at Monday, November 16 2009 12:33 PM

    i cant wait to see matthew walk again and also cant wait to see him walk in those sneakers destiny brought him...i know he going to be happy to walk again...i know he miss playing sports and hanging out...

    Posted by jumps at Monday, November 16 2009 12:55 PM

    Ringleader....this is a soap opera election. They can do whatever they want. I do wonder how Mitch will get off of murder charges for killing Jared, with all the witnessess.

    BUT, if you ask me, Markko and Cole are becoming Cramer women pussycats(if you get my drift).

    But I think Marcie was the one, deciding vote for Viki. She got to town just in time to vote for her.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, November 16 2009 12:56 PM

    bo and nora should confess to clint they love each other before its too late...i know its going to break his and nora dont need to keep this sercet from clint...clint really love nora but nora dont really love clint like she loves bo...maybe clint will find soneone new i hope...

    Posted by gonnabeasoapstar at Monday, November 16 2009 12:57 PM

    Today was sad....Im feelin for Natalie and Charlie...I LOVED her relationship with Jared...I hope this wont turn Charlie back to drinkin??...Im with Ringleader is it Markko?? Bo and Nora lookd soooo good together today....Im glad that pair is getting back together.....

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