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    Deathbed Confessions...

    Friday, November 13 2009
    Charlie's past resurfaces, Bo and Nora are too late, and Rex faces off with Roxy...

    Still at the vineyard, Mitch suggests to John that they say a prayer for Jared, as Nash's corpse is taken away in a body bag. Mitch reminds John that everyone dies - some sooner than others! John takes a call then informs Mitch that he's taking him back to Llanview - for the murder of Pamela Stuart. However, Mitch denies having killed her, claims that Jared did and warns that John better ask Jared why he did it - while he still can! "Admit it John, you can't touch me," Mitch says, but John has no doubt that many people will line up to testify against him. Mitch looks forward to going home - and seeing many of Llanview's residents.

    Jared is brought to a Napa hospital, with Natalie holding a rag to his wound. As Charlie and Viki arrive, Natalie screams, "Don't you leave me!" Jared is taken away, and Viki remembers Jessica telling her about Charlie being a murderer. Jared's vitals start dropping, and Natalie screams for him to fight! As Clint arrives, the doctor comes out to tell the family that Jared is alive but the bullet damaged his lung. Before he's taken in to surgery, Natalie and Charlie are allowed to see him…

    Natalie rushes into the examination room, while Viki pulls Charlie aside and tells him that Jared was lured into Mitch's plan - because Mitch was threatening to expose that Charlie killed someone! Charlie is stunned…

    At Jared's bedside, Natalie leans down, kisses Jared and explains that he's going to be fine, but Jared begs to talk to Charlie! Natalie rushes back out into the waiting area and informs Charlie that Jared needs to see him - now.

    When Charlie goes in to see Jared, Jared confesses what Charlie did - Charlie killed Jared's stepfather during one drunken night - but Charlie doesn't remember any of it! As Jared tries to get their stories straight, for the cops, Charlie denies doing it, but Jared says, "I saw you, Dad." Jared apologizes for hating him for so long and explains that he told another inmate what happened that night, Wayne Landers, who ended up blackmailing him. "I didn't want to lose you again," Jared says. "I'd finally gotten you back."

    After Charlie goes back out into the waiting area, Natalie rushes back to Jared's side - leaving Charlie to tell Viki that he's the reason why his son almost died!

    Natalie goes to Jared, who apologizes for lying to her. When Natalie asks him to promise to come to her, next time, Jared says, "I don't think there's going to be a next time. I'm so cold." Suddenly, Jared flatlines, and Natalie screams, "Jared! Somebody help me!" Later, after the doctor has tended to Jared, he joins the family, outside of the room, and says, "I'm sorry… Jared is dead."

    In Seattle, Marcie is preparing for the birth of her child and cries as she begins going through heavy labor, saying, "It's too soon!" As Marcie's labor persists, with Michael by her side, the baby starts crowning then Marcie delivers a healthy baby boy! Over talk of names, Michael says, "We thought you were going to be called Gabrielle," leaving Marcie to suggest that they name their son Gabriel. Michael calls John to tell him the news, and John promises to come to see his nephew - after he takes care of something...

    Nora and Bo rush into the hospital to hear that Matthew's surgery has already begun - and a nurse reminds them that they have no legal rights to stop the surgery! Nora and Bo are threatened to be thrown out then Nora falls into Bo's arms with worry. Nora eyes Tea, who has found Dani across the waiting room, and blames her for Matthew being in surgery. Though Tea rants at her daughter, demanding that she come with her, Dani calls her 'Tea' then warns that if she keeps it up, she might lose her - like the Buchanans might lose Matthew! Tea walks away to apologize to Nora, for taking Matthew's case - who doesn't accept Tea's late apology - while Elijah tells Dani to take it easy on Tea. Tea doesn't give up on Nora and offers to be there for her - since she now knows how it feels to possibly lose her child. Nora turns her down, claiming Tea can't suddenly become someone she's not, then Dani gives Bo and Nora Matthew's sneakers. Suddenly, Dr. Nance appears and says to Nora and Bo, "I have some bad news."

    Back in Llanview, Gigi wakes up with a hangover in Schuyler's bed and asks Schuyler what happened, who admits that nothing did - he slept on the couch. Gigi starts flipping out, thinking she left Shane home alone, but Schuyler assures her that Noelle is still with Shane. Gigi hugs him, for taking care of her, then says, "I won't forget this." Gigi gives Schuyler back his sweatshirt then leaves.

    After Roxy spies Gigi leaving Schuyler's room, she bangs on his door then biffs Schuyler on the head and snaps, "You're trying to snag my son's girl!" Roxy continues to slap Schuyler, as he explains what happened - and advises that she ask her son why Gigi felt the need to get drunk! Roxy accuses Schuyler, saying that he wants Gigi, but Schuyler finally throws her out!

    Rex arrives home to the carriage house and stares at his birth certificate. When Shane appears, he wonders if Rex's case is over. Rex says no but promises to be there for him and his mom. Shane fills Rex in on everything that's gone on in Llanview since he left then admits that Schuyler was a great fill-in for him - and that they won the best Halloween costume! Rex is startled to see Noelle and wonders where Gigi is. Noelle lies that Gigi went to Rodi's, to make a delivery, but Rex is suspicious.

    Suddenly, Gigi arrives home, and Noelle and Shane make a quick getaway. As Rex hugs Gigi, saying how much he missed her, Rex smells tequila! Gigi claims she broke a bottle at Rodi's this morning then rants about what Corrine told her. Rex explains that Corrine lied then covers Gigi up, who he sees isn't feeling well. When Rex asks if it's okay if he goes to take care of something, promising to tell her everything when he returns, Gigi lets him go. Once alone, Gigi calls Schuyler to thank him again - and Schuyler warns her that Roxy saw her leaving his room!

    Later, when Rex finds Roxy at the Angels Square Hotel, she says, "There's something I've got to tell you," but Rex screams, "Save it! I know who my father is… Mitch Laurence!"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Bo and Nora get details about Matthew's surgery.

    Rex demands answers from Roxy.

    Natalie is devastated.

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    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 12:09 PM

    rex going to have a fit when he finds out gigi slept over at schuyler's...she shouldnt have stay at schuyler's now shane going to have a fit too...wonder if roxy going to tell rex about her and schuyler she probably keep quiet...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 12:21 PM

    i hope matthew surgery go well...look like bo and nora was too late today...i hope nothing bad happens to him...i think bo and nora will get good news...i hope they do...i want matthew to walk and play sports and i know he miss hanging out...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 12:23 PM

    marcie and michael baby was too cute...both of them seem glad they finally got what they wanted...

    Posted by NancyKaye at Friday, November 13 2009 12:35 PM

    Hi All,
    This is my first time posting although I have been reading these comments for over a year!! I just had to finally jump in. OMG... those two Buchanan girls, what loss they have experienced over the years! Geez, time for them to have some happiness, but now that Mitch is back, probably not going to happen anytime soon. And poor Rex... boy was Mitch ever potent in his day !! lol
    So happy that the TPTB showed us the birth of Marcie & Mike's baby.. TOO CUTE !!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 12:40 PM

    poor natalie cant have no happiness maybe she be ok...she wont cause she loved jared so much and now he's gone she going to be a nevrous wreck...i feel for her...keep your head up natalie...

    Posted by arb17 at Friday, November 13 2009 12:50 PM

    ooh gigi is going to be in trouble when rex finds out about her staying at schuylers place last night. i cant blame him even though nothing happened, it still wasn't right. i wonder if roxy will remember to tell him after rex yells at her about mitch being his father..

    dr nance said he has bad news i wonder what it could be, i will be hoping that greg will come in a save the day if the news means he still cant walk. he is the best surgeon ever, right.. thats all we have heard since he made his appearance on the show..

    i cant believe that charlie dont remember killing anyone. i guess if he was trunk enough its possible but you would think deep down somewhere he would know that he did it. i wonder what jareds death will mean for charlie and natalie. poor natalie i really feel for her and i am glad that she never gave up her faith on him.

    Posted by kyh4 at Friday, November 13 2009 12:57 PM

    Today was good! Yay Mike and Marcie! I wish someone would put a sock in Dani's mouth. Lol yep she's Todds . Damn I sure thought Bo and Nora would b their to at least talk to Matt. I wanted him to get the surgery though. I pray they get good news. I don't know though bc I read Greg is suppose to save the day bc the surgery was botched! We shall see. Have a great weekend!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 12:59 PM

    have a good weekend all going to get my shoes off layway and go shopping see yall monday...

    Posted by jorie at Friday, November 13 2009 01:17 PM

    I believe Gregg will be there to fix up what Dr Nance couldnt He and Rachel are probab
    on the way after Shaun talked to him I guess we just needed some dram
    a eh?Ross
    must some looser for Eli to tell Dani what he did.
    That was the cutest baby.!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, November 13 2009 01:20 PM

    i hope viki dont lose charlie she going to be in pain if she loses him...i would hate to see viki lose the man she loves most...viki seem happy with charlie and they care about each writers please do this one thing for me keep viki and charlie together...they are soulmates...dont mess them up...

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