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    Mitch Shoots Jared!

    Thursday, November 12 2009
    Jared's life is in danger, Elijah begs Tea to tell Todd about Dani, and Marcie goes into labor...

    After Mitch takes aim and fires a shot at the vineyard in Napa, Jessica screams, "No!" John manages to get his gun on Mitch, but Natalie screams when Jared falls to the floor - shot! As John cuffs Mitch, he instructs Brody, Natalie and Jessica how to take care of Jared - and Natalie flips out when Mitch continues to taunt her! John can't take it anymore - and slams Mitch's face into a beam and knocks him out, as Natalie begs Jared not to leave her.

    Charlie and Viki arrive in Napa and find Jessica's cell phone - and car. Suddenly, Jessica runs up to them and informs Charlie that Jared has been shot! When Charlie rushes to be with Jared, Jessica explains what happened - and how Mitch was behind it all! As Jessica explains Jared's part in it, she is forced to admit that Mitch said Charlie killed someone - and he blackmailed Jared, who wanted to keep it a secret! Viki is stunned, but Jessica doesn't have any more information then the women rush to direct the ambulance to where Jared is.

    Just as Jared opens his eyes, Charlie rushes to him. Jared struggles to talk and tells Charlie, "I'm sorry, I did it for you." Charlie has no idea what Jared is talking about, who again falls unconscious. When the EMTs enter, they rush to help Jared, as Mitch and Viki make eye contact! Jared is taken away, and Mitch yells, "Say goodbye to Jared, everyone!" John warns Mitch that he has more pain to inflict on him if he doesn't cool it! An EMT informs everyone that Jared was shot in the chest, which is very serious, then Natalie gets into the ambulance with her husband and begs him to fight!

    Back in Llanview, when Todd enters Blair's room, he pulls Ross off of Blair, makes sure she's all right then demands to know, from Ross, why Tea is in London with Elijah! As Ross starts to talk, Blair gets nervous, brings up her lie, about Ross and Tea trying to scam Todd, then claims Tea is with Elijah for money - but Ross snaps, "This has nothing to do with money!" When Todd steps out to take a call, finding out that Tea is in Seattle, Blair convinces Ross not to tell Todd that Tea has a daughter - because Todd, who still wants Tea, would try to keep her away from Ross! Todd rejoins them, and Ross reluctantly leaves, as Blair wonders why Todd came there in the first place. Todd wanted to bring the kids home early, so he could go find Tea - and find out what's really going on! Blair reminds Todd that Tea doesn't need him, but she and their kids do! Todd reluctantly says, "You're right. I won't go."

    Though Destiny goes to Shaun, who's staying at Todd's, for help, he vows, "I'm not talking to Greg ever again," then finds out about Destiny's trip to London! Shaun is furious, as Destiny explains what happened, and how Matthew took off for Seattle, then brings up Greg - and her wanting Greg to go to Seattle to help Matthew. Destiny thinks maybe Rachel could help, but Shaun explains that Rachel's the reason he can't talk to Greg. Destiny can't believe what Rachel did and thinks of Matthew, and Dani, when Shaun says that things change with people once a pretty face comes along. Shaun refuses to help Destiny get Greg to agree to go to Matthew then Destiny leaves.

    Rachel goes to Greg's room and announces that she's going back to Chicago - because she doesn't want to get between him and his brother. Greg wants to be with Rachel, but she reminds him that his family is much more important than she is.

    As Greg takes Rachel in a kiss, Destiny appears and says, "So, it's true," then doesn't waste time being mad - and demands that Greg get to Seattle to help Matthew! As Greg refuses to operate on Matthew, saying, "Des, I can't do this for you," Shaun appears and says, "Do it for me. You owe me."

    On their flight to Seattle, Nora and Bo talk about all that's going on, to which Nora suggests that it's as though fate stepped in to stop them from telling Clint about them. Over talk of Matthew, Nora is still optimistic that they'll get to Seattle in time, but Bo says, "Unless Nance lied." Bo explains his strange conversation with Dr. Nance, leaving Nora to say, "That means Matthew is already at the hospital… there's nothing we can do to save him." Bo has an idea and promises when this is all over the two of them will be together…

    Tea and Elijah are seated in the back of the plane, where Tea tries to explain why she's kept Dani from Todd. However, Elijah suggests that she not only tell Todd about his daughter but that Tea fight for Todd as well!

    In the Seattle hospital, Dani assures Matthew that she's there for him, even if no one else is. Just as Matthew and Dani leave with Dr. Nance to sign some paperwork, Marcie comes off the elevator and meets Michael, explaining she was experiencing some pains. Suddenly, Bo calls Michael and asks for a favor! Michael hangs up and explains the situation surrounding Matthew - and how he promised Bo he'd try to stall things until they got there. When Michael and Marcie spot Matthew, they approach him and chat about his surgery then Dr. Nance appears to take Matthew to surgery, as Dani pretends to be his girlfriend. Desperate to help Michael keep his promise to Bo, Marcie starts acting as though she's going into labor! Though Dr. Nance wants to get to Matthew, Marcie becomes obnoxious and screams in pain until Dr. Nance helps Michael get her to a room!

    Not able to stall any longer, Dr. Nance takes Matthew away for surgery, and Marcie continues trying to control her breathing. Michael laughs, and says she can stop faking now, but Marcie says, "I'm not faking, Mike!" Marcie's really in labor!

    On the elevator, Matthew promises Dani that after his surgery, he'll get her to Tahiti to see her father. Little does anyone know, as Matthew is taken into surgery, Nora, Bo, Tea and Elijah are just getting ready to get off their plane at the Seattle airport.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex faces off with Roxy.

    Bo and Nora are too late and can't stop Matthew's surgery.

    Charlie's past resurfaces.

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    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 12:07 PM

    poor natalie today...had to see jared go on the ground...she really loved jared she going to be a nervous wreck and she going to start blaming everybody for what happen to jared even blame herself for it...maybe natalie can be single for a while...but i think they going to put her with john...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 12:10 PM

    i wish ross could of told todd the sick of blair getting away with everything...she needs to stop telling todd what to do he can do what he wants...she needs to let todd go...when todd finds out blair knew all along he going to kick her to the curb and go back where he belongs tea...i just wish they can put her with ross already...

    Posted by arb17 at Thursday, November 12 2009 12:32 PM

    i am so glad that matthew is going to get his surgery and i hope he has a speedy recovery so he can run around like the kid he use to be. playing sports for him is going to be awesome.

    i feel for natalie she is going to really be hurting over jared. i hope she will let her family help and be there for her with out acting to crazy and blaming herself and everyone else. there is only one person to blame, Mitch. she is going to want to kill him. good for john for knocking him out so they could help jared and natalie could concentrate on her husband.

    i cant believe that destiny caught them kissing, rachel better watch out destiny is fiesty she just might slap

    gulla... i am with you on the blair thing i am so sick of her getting away with her lies, but it will be coming to an end soon enough and todd will hate her for it. there is no way they are going to put blair and todd back together. i think they put this child in his life so he and tea can be together.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 12:38 PM

    i hope viki dont lose charlie...i would hate for her to lose him...she loves him to death and is happy to have him in her life...please keep viki and charlie together...

    Posted by ScorpioGoddess at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:04 PM

    YAY Greg&Rachel!!!! I'm loving the Shaun/Destiny relationship too!!

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:06 PM

    i hope destiny parents dont find out she lied she could be grounded for a good long time...she better be lucky they dont know yet...soon they will find out...

    Posted by onancy61 at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:14 PM

    I had to snicker about Mitch taunting Natalie until John slams his face into a beam....No hints today as to who and if Charlie killed someone? Now to go home to watch....You all have a WONDERFUL evening.

    Posted by kyh4 at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:16 PM

    Today was pretty good all the people I watch were on today and that made me happy.. I liked little Dee lol and shaun today. I. Will b happy when matthew gets the surgery he and his parents can move forward my heart wish they could have been there happy with him! I loved seeing michael and marcie. I can't stand blair can't wait for. Todd to find our so he can b with tea delgado! Greg I wish he coul and would listen to destiny Shaun.lastly I am so ready to see the direction on mitch/and the others I like this s/l. John got mitch good. I will miss john botherton!

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:30 PM

    matthew surgery will go good i just know it...and also glad danielle is there for him...i know he will walk again and play sports...i know he miss hanging out...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, November 12 2009 01:39 PM

    wonder if marcie going to have a boy or girl...cant wait to see...

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