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    A Grave Discovery...

    Monday, November 09 2009
    Jessica comes across a shocking discovery, Jared vows he's innocent, and Gigi confesses all to Schuyler...

    While walking through the Llanview cemetery, Viki sees that Nash's grave has been robbed - and that his casket is empty! Charlie arrives shortly after, calls the cops then holds Viki, who is thankful that Jessica isn't in Llanview to see this now…

    Outside Kyle's room at the Angels Square Hotel, Roxy is happy to see that Kyle has the good luck charm she gave him and wishes him the best for his first official date with Fish.

    When Gigi tries to seduce Schuyler, in his apartment, Schuyler admits that he wants her but reminds Gigi that she doesn't want to be with him - she wants Rex! Gigi stills tries to convince Schuyler to sleep with her, but he helps her put her shirt back on then advises that she forget about what she wants now and to think about how she'll feel later. Schuyler upsets Gigi when he reminds her that she's only using him - and that she loves Rex - but Gigi suggests that maybe Rex isn't who she's supposed to be with. Gigi backtracks and assures Schuyler that she doesn't sleep around - and that she stayed faithful to Rex all of these years. Over talk of her past, after finding out that Rex wasn't coming back to Michigan, Gigi admits that she still feels alone at times, even while she's with Rex. Schuyler finally convinces Gigi to let him take her home, but after Gigi gets news that Noelle is going to keep Shane for the night, she asks Schuyler to hold her - then falls asleep on his bed.

    Fish appears from his bedroom and asks Layla how he looks, for his date with Kyle, to which Layla calls him a dork! After Layla points out Fish's choice of a shirt, she says all that matters is that Fish is happy, which causes Fish to bring up how unhappy she's been. Just as Layla denies being in love with Cris, Kyle knocks at the door - and Layla rushes Fish to change then sends the happy couple off on their date. However, before they can leave, Fish gets called in to work, and Kyle agrees to wait there for him to return.

    After Fish leaves, Kyle talks about getting back together with Fish, but wishes he didn't have to hurt Nick in the process, then questions Layla about her situation. Layla talks about Evangeline, and her issues, leading Kyle to urge Layla to put the past behind her - like he's done with Fish. Layla asks Kyle to stay there alone then leaves to get some air…

    Fish arrives at the cemetery and hopes to find out who robbed Nash's grave, as Viki tells Charlie she hopes that they do - before Jessica finds out or sees Nash's body. Fish and his crew manage to pull a set of partial prints from the crime scene then promise they'll do everything they can to find Viki's son-in-law's body.

    At the diner, Carlotta notices how down in the dumps Cris has been then hands him a phone and says, "Call her." Cris says he can't then brings up Evangeline - and how Layla feels - but Carlotta reminds him that Evangeline wouldn't want Cris and Layla to be alone and urges him to try to tell Layla that again.

    Later, while Fish arrives back home, happy to see that Kyle is still there, Layla arrives at the diner to find Cris, who is surprised to see her.

    On a plane to Napa, as Brody wonders what's happening in Napa, and why Jessica would think that Nash was alive, John isn’t shocked to hear that Brody's sister would sell her soul for a ticket to Vegas. However, both wonder why Rex's aunt would sell her nephew out - and who she's afraid of! As John brings up how Walter Balsom delivered Jessica and Natalie, and switched them at birth, because someone else told him to, John gets a text from Fish. Brody hopes it's not about Nash coming back from the dead, and after John sees the text, he says, "Apparently someone else is." John begins to tell Brody about the devil himself, Mitch Laurence…

    In Napa, Jessica sees a man sitting in a chair and calls out, "Nash?" As she moves around to face him, Jessica is utterly shocked to see Nash's skeleton! As Jessica is trying to leave, in hysterics, she sees Jared on the other side of the door. Jessica hears a noise, coming from another part of the room, and rushes toward it, with Jared screaming for her not to - saying it could be a trap - then Natalie falls into the room and lays unconscious on the floor!

    Natalie wakes up, she sees Jared outside the window, and though Jessica begs Natalie not to let him in, Natalie opens the door and flies into Jared's arms - as Jessica grabs a shovel! Jared screams that he's innocent, and when Jessica asks if Jared was the one who dug up and brought Nash's body to Napa someone comes out of the shadows and says, "That would be me." It's Mitch Laurence!

    Over in Michigan, after Corrine reminds Rex that she knows who his father is, Rex demands that the cops take her in - until she says, "I have proof!" Once the cops give them some time, Rex demands to see the proof, and Corrine hands him an envelope from the clinic in Llanview. Rex recognizes the clinic as being the one where Roxy got the stem cells, and Corrine relays that the man who sent it said she could give it to him once 'this' was all over - and warns Rex he can never look back once he looks inside! Rex empties the envelope's contents, as Corrine explains that they are his father's things. Rex sees a ring, holds it up and sees that it's monogrammed then reads the name of his parents on his birth certificate… Roxy is his mother, and Rex's father is Mitch Laurence!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Natalie, Jessica and Jared face Mitch.

    Rex can't believe who his father is.

    Bo, Nora and Tea find out Matthew and Dani took off together.

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    Posted by girl41260 at Monday, November 09 2009 12:42 PM

    OMG we are finally there. Mitch Lawrence had made a grand appearance. This about to move real fast. Maybe we will be lucky and the rest of the s/l will begin to fall in place or be tied together. Now we are about the see some good writings, hopefully. Please tie up all these loose ends. Thank God. Hello to all. Let us keep OLTL on and pray they don't disappoint us.

    Posted by nanawatchingsoaps at Monday, November 09 2009 12:46 PM

    I hate this show when they bring Mitch Lawerence back. I would rather see Carlos Hesser. I won't watch again until Mitch is gone AGAIN!!!

    Posted by jumps at Monday, November 09 2009 12:48 PM

    Gigi and Rex are both idiots and they deserve each other.

    Posted by arb17 at Monday, November 09 2009 01:01 PM

    OMG!! i cant believe that mitch had nash's body dug up, that was cold. poor jessica. that would be aweful. what is mitch's plan now that he has them there? i am so glad that schuyler is such a gentleman any other guy would have taken advantage of the situaton. he is a good guy. roxy better look out mitch is going to kill her for pulling the plug on him. todays show was great!!!!!

    Posted by natalie24fan at Monday, November 09 2009 01:07 PM

    weren't we told in the spoilers some time back that someone else was going to be Rex's dad? I am remembering David's brother being named - am I confused ??

    Posted by Melissia at Monday, November 09 2009 01:17 PM

    I really cant stand Stacey that little girl gets on my last nerve I cant wait until the truth come out I will be so happy, Clint and Nora dont know what they wanna do its funny to me..... I wonder who is really playing with Jessica, Cant wait to see whats going to happen this week

    Posted by kyh4 at Monday, November 09 2009 01:27 PM

    Just gut wrenching. This show today was crazy! I dont really know Mitch Lawrence that well but that was just cruel! I am lost for words and yes girl41260 this show is getting great! I would be a shame if it is pulled off the air! I am so loving OLTL right now.

    Posted by jorie at Monday, November 09 2009 01:32 PM

    I'd rather it had been Peter Manning However Mitch is alot better then That baffoon Carl and that blank Spenser.!
    I ck passed shos Gigi was really looking dowdy there for awhile
    but No more with this do! I dont care who she ends up with.
    Although I like Skye And I havent liked
    Rex for the past three years.
    It's funny that Mitch is his his his father.
    Anyway I'm looking forward to Todd meeting Dani two years after getting SAM. Hopes 1ST BD ***Spoiler Alert***
    And when Marcie has her baby.In Seattle.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Monday, November 09 2009 01:34 PM

    Mitch Laurence may very well be the scummiest villain on daytime TV, but man - he makes it entertaining. I can't remember when I've enjoyed hating someone so much. That sick little smirk he has, and that way he has of getting under EVERYONE's skinn - true evil. If you've got to have a bad guy, then let him actually be BAD - not just pathetic like Skanky Stacy.

    Posted by jorie at Monday, November 09 2009 01:42 PM

    That was a computer error when David was declared Rexs father.
    David would have been about 14. when Rex was concieved
    Roxy is alot of things but shes not a pediphil.

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