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    Thursday, October 29 2009
    Bo and Nora kiss, Ross sets out for what he's after and Blair manipulates Todd...

    At the Buchanan Compound, Bo and Nora talk about how Matthew hates them. Bo assures Nora that Matthew will get through this but quickly follows Nora when she suggests they go to see Matthew now!

    In London, Dani barges into Tom and Matthew's room and argues with Tom a bit before she says, "Get lost!" After Tom leaves, Matthew and Dani talk about their parents then Dani remembers why she stopped by - to tell him about the message she received for him, from Destiny! Matthew listens to Destiny's message, smiles then tells Dani about their friendship. Though Matthew resigns to being trapped in London, Dani tells him to do something about it!

    Suddenly, the headmistress arrives, asks Dani to go back to her room then announces Matthew's visitors - Bo and Nora! As Matthew expresses his unhappiness to his parents, Dani listens from outside the room. Matthew tells Bo and Nora that if they love him, they better take him to have the operation - or get out! Bo and Nora give Matthew his cell phone back, express their love for him then leave. Dani comes back in, and Matthew gives her his internationally enabled cell phone to call her dad! Though Dani finds her dad's number out of service, she suggests that Matthew call Destiny - or his lawyer!

    When Bo and Nora arrive back at the Buchanan Compound, they rant about Matthew then start throwing things - until they fall into a kiss!

    Back in Llanview, Schuyler, Gigi and Shane arrive at the Halloween Party and get into an argument with Todd, Blair and Jack over who's going to win the best costume contest. "The only prize sex offenders get is an ankle bracelet!" Todd tells Schuyler. When it's time to start the judging, The Mannings and Gigi's clan exchange barbs then they're both called up as finalists - with the judge announcing Todd as Blair's husband, and Schuyler as Gigi's! After each team takes the runway, taking jabs at each other along the way, Schuyler, Gigi and Shane are crowned the winners! Regardless of their loss, Todd tells Blair he's enjoyed hanging out with her and the kids then they go bob for apples!

    In Tea's room, she tells Rachel all about Ross' bad temper, and though Rachel wants to report him for abuse, Tea stops her - and says she can't risk Ross getting to Dani. Over talk of Todd, Rachel suggests that Tea fight for him, but Tea replies, "I don't think I can take that chance. There are other things more important." Later, after Rachel leaves, Tea gets a call from Matthew who says, "I'm in trouble, and a friend of mine thought you could help."

    Ross goes to Elijah's room and demands to know if Elijah's PI found his daughter, and after a bit of stalling, Elijah says, "I found Danielle." After Elijah shows Ross all of the information on where Dani is in London, Ross starts to head out after her - but Elijah stops him. Elijah reminds Ross he can't leave the country but says he'll go in his place. However, Ross punches Elijah to the ground and screams, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Ross takes an unconscious Elijah's money, apologizes to him then heads to leave for London!

    Destiny goes to Dorian's and tells David, who is looking at the rally wedding invitation, "We have to save Matthew." Though David doesn't know what he could do, Destiny reminds him that he's a Buchanan - and says they always know what to do! Destiny hands David the plane tickets she bought them and admits that she loves Matthew, causing David to think about Dorian. However, David agrees to go to London, pushes Destiny away when she grabs him in a hug then says, "We've got a plane to catch, sister!"

    In the living room, Amelia suggests that Dorian legalize all of the gay marriages taking place at the rally today! Dorian reminds her of the law, but that doesn't stop Amelia, as she pushes Dorian to sign off on the marriages, promising her she'd be free to be with David - even if she becomes Amelia's wife! Dorian denies having a relationship with David, but Amelia wonders if Dorian wants to cancel their wedding - just as David appears!

    After Amelia leaves, Dorian shares Amelia's plan with David, about legally becoming Amelia's wife, but David wonders, "How do you feel?" Dorian still feels obligated to her community - so David quits, announcing he's leaving for London to help someone who can't be with the person she loves. "Someone like you," David says.

    Greg goes to see Shaun, to have him sign his release papers, and they both wonder where Destiny is. After Shaun talks about Rachel, he rushes off to 'get fly' for her, then Mr. Evans confronts Greg and says, "If you want Rachel, and Rachel wants you, you should be together." Greg's dad doesn't agree with his wife, and promises to talk to her, but insists to Greg that the decision to be with him is up to Rachel now.

    Later, Destiny shows up at the hospital and makes up a story to her dad about going on a school trip then squeals with excitement when he gives her the final okay to go - after Destiny claims that her mother said it was up to him!

    Back in his room, Shaun appears all dressed up and tells Greg that tonight's his big date with Rachel! Shortly after, Rachel appears, and Shaun asks her out - tonight - with Greg and Mr. Evans standing by watching.

    Destiny arrives back at the mansion to pick up David, but before he leaves, Dorian stops him, dressed in her wedding gown that was meant for her wedding to David. Though Dorian asks him to stay, and to give her away, David says, "I already gave you away. I have a date with Destiny and so do you." David and Destiny leave!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Dorian gets the wedding jitters!

    Tea finds out that Ross has left to find her daughter.

    Bo confesses to Nora.

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    Posted by gulla at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:07 PM

    i had to laugh at todd,jack,and blair the way they was dancing on stage....they did good today...gigi,shane and schuyler were good on stage...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:10 PM

    im glad destiny is going to she can get a chance to tell matthew shaun is awake and tell him she loves him she better before its too looks like hes into danielle...i hope destiny and danielle dont get into a fight over matthew...i just hope him and danielle can be friends...

    Posted by kyh4 at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:22 PM

    Omg Bo and Nora well looks like it happening the reuniting.. Where in the world is Clint? Funny how they were throwing things. I loved Destiny today yahhhh! She and David are good and she'd better hurry I saw Matt he is totally crushing on Danielle.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:25 PM

    ross had no right to punch his brother like that he could at least help him up or something...all i have to say tea better get there before he does...

    Posted by Ringleader at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:26 PM

    Sorry, but Todd calling anyone a "sex offender" is truly the pot calling the kettle black. Ummm, hello Todd, you're a rapist...

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:27 PM

    Todd, the convicted rapist, calling Schuyler a sex that is HILARIOUS!!

    And Tea talking about Ross's temper...uh, she is the one who cracked his head with a vase and she is the one who pushed Blair out of a window. And OMG, look at who she is in love with...the man with the biggest temper in town!

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:28 PM

    wonder if clint going to find out about nora and bo kissing for the second time...he probably be upset...clint and nora should just be friends...

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:30 PM

    So, Dani's phone could not make international calls, yet she could call Tea? Makes no sense to me.
    And it seems she loves her father(Ross) and wants to be with him. Hope Ross gets there long before Tea does!

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:33 PM

    dont blame david for saying he dont feel like home at dorian's she the one mess this up this time pretending to marry someone she dont want to marry...i know she still have feelings for david...

    Posted by ScorpioGoddess at Thursday, October 29 2009 12:36 PM

    I actually had no idea Greg/Rachel and Destiny were gonna be on today. I wasn't planning to watch but I am now!! What a nice surprise for me LOL! YAY to Mr. Evans for encouraging Greg to go after Rachel if they both want each other. YAY Destiny's on her way to Matthew!! Thanks for the recaps, can't wait to see the show!

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