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    A Not So Welcome Homecoming!

    Wednesday, August 19 2009
    David faces his family, Jessica seeks out answers, and Elijah makes Tea nervous...

    Nigel is shocked when David arrives at the Buchanan mansion and immediately puts him on camera, announcing, "I'm here to stay!" As Nigel protests, David lays his 'coming-to-be a Buchanan' story out for the audience - and Ford becomes nervous when Nigel threatens to have them thrown out. However, one of David's crew tickles Nigel then David and his crew, including Markko, push past him!

    In the living room, Jared and Natalie show Clint the DVD of Nash's death that they received - and an unrecognizable surveillance picture taken at Buchanan Enterprises at the time. Clint warns that this could put Jessica over the edge!

    Just as Natalie brings up Tess, David barges in and says hello to 'Uncle Clint', who takes Nigel aside to find out what's going on, then David introduces his trailer trash niece - and her husband, who caused her sister's husband's death! At the mention of Nash's death, Natalie, Jared and Clint accuse David of sending the DVD, but David is just anticipating his first ratings hike! As Jared tries to kick David out, all hell breaks loose - and Clint punches David! Once things get in order, Clint whispers for Jared and Natalie to break the news to Jessica, about the DVD, as carefully as possible, then they leave - with Natalie giving Markko a warning to be careful!

    Alone with David, and his crew, Clint becomes infuriated as David says into the camera, "Clint Buchanan stole the love of my father's life away from him!" Clint almost chokes David until Ford asks him to sign a release form, which Clint does, then tells everyone to stay there - so they can get everything on tape when he kills David! Clint briefly leaves then returns with a gun!

    Jessica goes to Rodi's and tells Brody that she talked to her doctor about her very real problem - that she's seeing her dead husband! When Brody tells her about the heart on the window, Jessica is disturbed to learn that someone really is following her. Jessica explains the significance of the heart, saying it was the last thing Nash did before he died, drew a heart on her palm, and that no one knew that was how they said 'I love you' - no one expect for Nash! Brody thinks someone is just messing with Jessica, to which Jessica calmly agrees then leaves him with a promise to call if she feels as though she's being followed.

    Later, Jessica goes to visit Madame Delphina and is shocked to hear that she has met Bess and Tess. After Jessica explains that her grandmother, Renee, recommended her, Delphina knows that Jessica is there because of the 'other presence' she felt the night she connected with Asa. Delphina mentions wine, leading Jessica to think of Nash then she explains what's been happening to her - and Delphina suggests they call Nash! As Delphina summons Nash, saying Jessica needs him - and he needs her - the doors fly open and Jessica cries, "Nash, is that you?"

    When Jared and Natalie head to Rodi's to look for Jessica, they leave word for Brody to have Jessica call them. Before they can leave, Brody mentions that someone may be stalking Jessica - and Natalie and Jared fill him in on the DVD they received! After showing Brody the surveillance picture, Brody asks, "Do you think this could be Nash?"

    Elijah approaches the stand to cross-examine Matthew about how his own carelessness resulted in his situation. Though Tea protests, Matthew is forced to admit, "I wasn't wearing my seatbelt." Matthew explains why he left the dance in a hurry, but Elijah badgers him - until Destiny stands up and blames Matthew's parents, Becca and Justin for the situation in question! Destiny is asked to take her seat then Elijah continues to discredit Matthew's decision-making abilities. Matthew snaps, saying everyone makes mistakes, even his parents, then tempts Elijah to ask Bo and Nora if they've ever done anything that they regret! Matthew is reminded that this is about his mistakes then Elijah says, "No further questions," just as Tea screams, "Objection!"

    Tea questions Matthew again, trying to fix the damage Elijah has done, and helps to show that Matthew has thought this decision through thoroughly. Once the judge ends the testimony for today, Tea praises Matthew, while Bo and Nora remind Elijah to go easy on their son! Bo and Nora head to the car, while Matthew says goodbye to Destiny. After Tea rips up the file that Elijah gave her, Elijah says, "So, that's how you want to play…"

    Outside the Buchanan mansion, Bo and Nora ask Matthew if he plans to bring their kiss out in court - because they'd like the chance to tell Clint first.

    As Matthew barges into the mansion, Clint is forcing David out with a gun - and Bo wants to know what David is doing there! David puts his arm around Bo, smiles into the camera and says, "This is my dad."

    Starr and Langston are at the pool with Hope when Starr informs Langston that she's not going back to school. After Starr voices her concerns for leaving Hope, and the anticipation for Cole to be done with his community service, Langston asks, "Is Cole doing something dangerous?" Starr covers then changes the subject to her and Markko - and how he's now making money working on a camera crew. Langston calls Markko to find out how his day is going then is stunned when Markko says, "I gotta go, Clint Buchanan has a gun!"

    Serge meets Cole at the rehab center, wondering why he's there, asking, "Don't you work for me now?" Cole explains that he's putting on a show for his mother, leading Serge to wonder why Cole cares why he's following him - if he has nothing to hide. When Serge sees Cole's GED application, he's impressed with Cole's suggestion to hit up the college kids for drugs then listens when Cole counters that his life is far from perfect! Though Serge agrees to talk to his boss about Cole's future projects, he reminds him of those Cole has to protect Starr and Hope - then Cole hears Serge take a call about a shipment that's arriving tonight!

    Once alone, Cole calls Starr to catch him up on how she and Hope are doing then promises they'll be together soon.

    Meanwhile, Serge calls his boss, says Cole is very eager to 'move up the ranks' then admits something's not right about him!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jessica gets a warning from Madame Delphina.

    Fish further confuses Cris.

    Natalie and Jared wonder who's tormenting them.

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    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:13 PM

    clint was funny today when he punched david and put a gun on him...i had to laugh so hard...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:13 PM

    I love David's expose on his family. I hope Clint doesn't shoot his nephew. David said he and Nataile both came into the family late in life. That man is a hoot. Then Clint hit him and the said that's the way the real Buchanon's roll in Llanview.

    If Elijah wants to make a case on people making sound judgement, that doesn't bolster well for Bo and Nora either.

    It was good to see Delphina. I wish she could be on more often. That's another crazy one. She told Jessica she was having a special recession price on seances.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:15 PM

    Oh, and if Elijah keeps pushing, that kiss Bo and Nora had is going to come out. Looks like Tea doesn't care what he has on her. That's my Tea.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:15 PM

    langston was right starr needs to go back to school and make something of herself...she cant stay home doing nothing...she needs to put hope in a daycare...if i was starr i would put her in daycare...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:16 PM

    i like hope red hat and swimsuit looked pretty on her...and starr and langston swimsuits looked pretty also...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:18 PM

    it was funny when tea rip up that paper in elijah's face...i was like u go girl...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:21 PM

    im glad starr didnt tell langston about cole's undercover...langston dont need to know about that...thats personal and starr dont want noone to glad she hasnt told noone...

    Posted by WHOA at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:51 PM

    I loved it yesterday when Sleazy...I mean Stacy was talking about her and Fish and how after they did it he went all
    "candy and flowers" on her. At that point she and Kim decided he was a loser because of that. Todays skanks...I tell ya!

    Posted by WHOA at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:52 PM

    Why did Clint sign the release!

    Posted by Cordeliaval at Wednesday, August 19 2009 12:53 PM

    Yeah Delphina's back! I love her! Where's Todd? I loved when he and Jack was having their father son talk, he's a chip off the old block isn't he? I think if Tea does have Todd's child, he shouldn't be too mad,afterall he did desert her and leave her on that island for Blair, that would've pissed me off too!

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