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    Wanted: A New Baby Daddy!

    Monday, August 17 2009
    Stacy weighs her options, Rex finds Gigi and Schuyler in an embrace, Bo and Nora rehash their feelings, and things between Rachel and Greg get heated...

    At the loft, Kim lays out her plan for Stacy - and demands that she get dolled up, head out and get pregnant, ASAP! Kim suggests that she get pregnant by Rex again, but Stacy knows that's highly unlikely - then Kim excitedly grabs a notebook and asks Stacy about possible baby daddy candidates! Stacy brings up Schuyler, and how he's hooked on Gigi now, then remembers the guy she did it with all over her sister's living room and says, "Tuna? Salmon?" Next, Stacy thinks about Kyle, the hottie who deals with stem cells, but remembers he didn't take her offer to repay him in trade - when she practically pushed 'the girls' in his face. Kim tells her not to count Kyle out and thinks maybe he's just a butt man.

    Schuyler goes to the rehab center, and as Rachel begins ranting about the night before - about her argument with Greg - Greg appears and asks for a moment with her. Schuyler leaves, and Greg immediately apologizes for his actions last night, but Rachel only takes his comments as goading her. "You think you know me so well, "Rachel screams, and Greg replies, "I'd like to." Wondering why they always end up arguing, both admit that Greg's date said it was because they are attracted to each other!

    Over at Rodi's, Rex approaches Gigi and Roxy, who wonders if Rex will ever forgive her. Gigi gives them some time alone, and Rex rants about how Roxy didn't think twice about hurting his family. When Roxy still refuses to tell Rex who his father is, she cries how much she loves him then promises to run Stacy out of town. However, Rex warns Roxy to stay away from Stacy - and him - then vows to make this situation, surrounding the baby, work.

    Outside of the bar, Schuyler approaches Gigi, to which she admits she told Rex that he kissed her - and how Rex doesn't want her hanging around him anymore. When Schuyler promises to back off, saying, "I can't be your friend anymore," neither wants to lose the other as a friend, but they agree to do so - for her family's sake. Schuyler and Gigi share a hug, but Rex appears, pulls him off and screams, "Get the hell off of my girlfriend!"

    Back inside, Jack is still drilling Todd about Tea, but Todd assures Jack that he'll handle it - including the ramifications from Blair.

    As Cris rants about catching Fish kissing 'someone', Blair guesses it was a guy then is shocked to hear that now Fish has slept with Layla! Cris wonders if maybe Fish isn't gay then asks Blair if he should let it go - or if she could let it go if she knew some girl was hurting Todd. Over talk of Tea, Cris accuses Blair of having feelings for Todd, but Blair replies, "Tea shouldn't be a problem much longer."

    Suddenly, Todd walks into Capricorn and hears her! Cris leaves the room then Todd badgers Blair about how she hasn't moved on from them - and informs her that he's taking her to court for joint custody. When Blair brings up Tea, Todd notices her eying the papers on the bar, and the two start struggling over them! Todd wins the struggle, sees all of the information on Tea then asks, "What the hell are you up to?"

    Fish runs into Kyle at the gym and announces that he and Layla are 'together, together'! Kyle can't believe that Fish is trying to act as though their relationship was an experiment for him then rehashes all of the times he was there when Fish was afraid his parents would find out he was gay -and all of the times Fish used to tell him that he loved him. Seeing how upset Fish is, Kyle asks him to meet him somewhere - so they can talk. "I hate seeing you like this," Kyle says, as he puts his hand and head on Fish's shoulder, and though Fish replies, "Don't," he takes Kyle's hand and closes his eyes.

    Just then, Cris appears, and Fish immediately pulls away from Kyle and says, "Don't touch me!" When Cris demands to know what's going on, Kyle covers for Fish, claims Fish is in love with Layla and says that Fish was just trying to let him down easy! As Kyle walks off, Cris warns Fish to be good to Layla, but Fish becomes distracted as he watches Kyle talking to another guy.

    In the courtroom, after Elijah threatens Tea with the secret she's keeping from Todd, he reminds her that if it came out, there may be no Tea Delgado left in existence! As Elijah brings up what a jealous sociopath Todd is, Tea takes a brief call from Todd then Elijah asks, "So, what do you say… ready to play ball?" However, Tea replies, "You're bluffing, you don't know a damn thing about me." Elijah calmly takes a paper from his briefcase, shows Tea then asks, "What do you think now?"

    Outside the courtroom, as Bo and Nora are talking about how they almost stopped the wedding, Clint calls. Nora briefly takes the call then Nora and Bo tiptoe around their feelings about whether or not they should tell Clint about their kiss. Just then, Matthew appears, and Bo and Nora bring up how he told Tea about their kiss - and about how he asked Tea not to use the information. His parents thank him, and Matthew apologizes too, saying he only wants his legs back - not to hurt anyone. As Bo and Nora head into the courtroom, Destiny shows up to support Matthew.

    When court is called to session, Tea stutters as she stares at the paper that Elijah gave her then gives up the opportunity to present an opening statement! Shocking Matthew, and everyone else, Tea doesn't think she can win the case with her words - but calls Matthew to the stand!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Todd confronts Blair about being jealous.

    Stacy gets help from Kim on her baby daddy dilemma.

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    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:06 PM

    i like the blair and cristian scene...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 17 2009 12:08 PM

    If Bo and Nora keep talking about their kiss, Tea will not have to bring it up.

    Blair is just lying about checking on Tea because she could possibly be her kids step-mother. And Todd is right they should have joint custody. Blair doesn't want that because then she can't be in Todd's face 24/7. The way it is now, Todd will continue to have to live with her.

    Stacy can't remember Fish's name. She called him Tuna and Salmon, you have to admit that was funny.

    Looks like Nora's lawyer really does have the goods on Tea. I was scared when she said she didn't have an opening statement. Then she put Matthew on the stand. I was almost worried about my girl.

    That sure was a long hug Gigi and Schuyller had. But Rex had a lot of nerve being so jealous after what he's done.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:08 PM

    kim and stacey were taking names now kyle and fish are not going to do she going to try to get schuyler to do it...i just hope he dont do it...but we know stacey got a spam and a plan for schuyler...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:10 PM

    rex had no right to push schuyler against the wall...gigi can be friends with anybody she wants to...schuyler can remain her friend if he wants to...rex is not the boss of schuyler...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 17 2009 12:12 PM

    I think Schuyller will agree to father Stacy's baby if only to get back at Rex. Rex is so mean to Schuyller. Then it will clear the way for Shuyller to be with Gigi.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:12 PM

    shaun going to be mad when he finds rachel and greg are a thing...and shaun isnt going to be please with them...shaun deserves rachel not greg all he going to do is hurt her and cheat...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:14 PM

    i like matthew and destiny today...i like when she said i would not rather be nowhere else...i like them together...i hope they put them together

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:17 PM

    blair needs to back off of todd and tea...we all know she is jealous of todd and tea...blair wants todd for herself...she needs to get over todd not wanting her...she needs to find someone new and leave todd alone...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:19 PM

    fish needs to confess to layla before its too late...wonder if kyle going to go with the new will be so jealous of them...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 17 2009 12:24 PM

    i also was happy when rex didnt forgive roxy...she should of told him the truth from the beginning insead of lying to him...

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