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    Matthew's Day In Court Begins!

    Monday, August 10 2009
    Tea is faced with a new opponent, Dorian receives a visitor, and Blair wants to find out Tea's secret...

    Nora and Bo enter the courtroom and ask for a moment alone with Matthew. Bo and Nora promise to always love Matthew, no matter what happens, to which Matthew replies, "I love you too."

    Across the room, Tea introduces herself to Nora and Bo's new lawyer, Elijah, and demands that he withdrawal his appeal - unless he wants her to reveal Nora and Bo's secret. As Tea asks Elijah to give Nora and Bo a cryptic message, to hint to their secret, Elijah suggests she drop her suit - because he just might have some secret information about her as well! Though Tea says, "You're bluffing, you don't know me," Elijah wonders if she's sure enough to take that chance!

    Once court is called to order, Elijah stares at Tea then makes his opening statement, requesting that the case be thrown out! Tea states her case, and almost implies that Bo and Nora are too distracted with each other to make the right decision, but stops herself. While the judge takes a moment to determine if they'll go to trial, Tea nervously looks at Elijah. The judge returns and announces that they'll move forward with a trial. Though Clint worries about Tea's tactics, Elijah promises that he has a few tricks up his sleeve!

    After everyone leaves, Tea demands to know who Elijah is working for, but he simply states, "Bo and Nora Buchanan."

    Dorian arrives home and screams at Blair, who's hung-over from the wedding, about leaving her at the rectory to sleep it off! Over coffee, Blair fills Dorian in on how she and Tea caught the wedding bouquets and how Todd went overboard to prove that he wants Tea - not Blair. Though Blair claims not to want Todd, she admits, "I don't want Tea to have him either!" Blair thinks back to Tea's mysterious secret then vows to use it against her, but Dorian wonders if Blair wants to expose Tea's big secret just to get Todd back!

    Later, Dorian screams at whoever is obnoxiously ringing the doorbell then is shocked to see David on the other side!

    When Charlie and Viki show up at the diner, Todd gives them a hard time about not being on a honeymoon then apologizes for Blair's actions at their wedding. Over lunch, Todd talks about his plans to woo Tea then receives advice from Charlie on how to make it work, as Todd laughs about almost screwing it up by having sex with Blair the other day. "I don't want her anymore, I want Tea," Todd says. Viki advises that Todd give Tea time to see that he has changed, and Todd agrees, knowing there's nothing standing in his and Tea's way.

    Later, when Todd sneaks up on Tea outside the courtroom, she practically jumps out of her skin - never realizing that Elijah is in possession of a file on her!

    Still at the carriage house, after Gigi tells Rex that Schuyler kissed her, Rex asks, "What were you doing encouraging him?" Gigi says she didn't want any secrets between them, that's why she told him the truth, then defends Schuyler, saying he was confused - but Rex suggests that she stay away from Schuyler. "He's my friend, he's not trying to break us up," Gigi says, but Rex replies, "Promise me you won't have anything to do with him." Gigi brings up Stacy, all she's done and how Rex is going to be with her for the baby then says, "If I have to tolerate Stacy in your life, you better find a way to deal with Schuyler in mine." Once Gigi makes Rex see that she needs a friend, and that she wants him, not Schuyler, Rex agrees 'they are good' then Gigi heads out to work. Shortly after, Blair appears to ask Rex for help - with Tea!

    Schuyler arrives at the rehab center ranting about his kiss with Gigi and admits to Rachel that he might have had a chance - if Rex wasn't in the picture. Schuyler doesn't want to break Gigi and Rex up but doesn't know if he can stand to be just friends. Rachel begins a rant of her own, about Greg, leaving Schuyler to pick on her about 'chatting' with her boyfriend's bother - then question Rachel, asking if what Greg said to her was right. Rachel vows to loosen up and see if there's something there with Shaun. Even though Gigi works at Rodi's, Schuyler and Rachel head out to loosen up together!

    Over a game of pool at Rodi's, Greg and Shaun discuss Matthew's case - and Shaun gets mad when Greg mentions his talk with Rachel. Greg picks on Shaun for not having any game then suggests maybe he likes Rachel too much. While Shaun talks about going into this with both eyes open, Greg thinks back to Rachel throwing her wine at him then claims he just wants Shaun to be happy. Shaun is happy that Greg is looking out for him but says, "Don't worry about me and Rachel, we are cool like that."

    Suddenly, Rachel and Schuyler arrive, but Schuyler chickens out when he sees Gigi and leaves, and while Rachel goes to Shaun and Greg, Greg reminds Shaun it's time for him to pay up on his pool loses - then makes it clear to Rachel that the Evans boys are very competitive - about everything! Later, Greg watches on while Shaun asks Rachel out to dinner then agrees to ask his doctor friend if she wants to join them.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Bo and Nora deny their feelings.

    Dorian kicks David to the curb!

    Rex is hired by Blair to investigate Tea.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 10 2009 12:04 PM

    Dorian looked like an old gypsy today in that outfit she had on. Viki needs to hush up, Todd can bring anybody he wants to the wedding. And Charlie can shut up to with his lying butt. Viki trying to give Todd relationship advice is really funny. She's admitted that she has been married 8 times.

    I knew my Tea would try to use the information Matthew gave her about Nora and Bo. I bet Mr. Clark is bluffing when he says he has some dirt on Tea. But I wonder what that piece of paper he had in his hand was.

    Blair knows that she still has a thing for my sweet Todd.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 10 2009 12:05 PM

    Oh, one more thing. It was good to see David again. I wonder how long he will stick around and what is he here for this time.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 10 2009 12:06 PM

    im glad david was back wonder who all going to be in his show...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 10 2009 12:07 PM

    blair needs to stay out of tea's business and intead hers...blair sometimes get on my nerves...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 10 2009 12:09 PM

    rex had no right to tell gigi to stop bein friends with schuyler...gigi can hang with anybody she wants to...and schuyler has been a good friend to her...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 10 2009 12:12 PM

    i like the schuyler and rachel scene...

    Posted by WHOA at Monday, August 10 2009 12:16 PM

    I have always thought that David is sooo sexy!

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 10 2009 12:42 PM

    i liked blair's shirt today...i got that same shirt...

    Posted by jumps at Monday, August 10 2009 01:03 PM

    Just like Tea...can't win a case on its own merits. She has to stoop to blackmail or other illegal activities. I can't wait to find out what the new lawyer has on Tea. I am silly with glee....

    Posted by Ringleader at Monday, August 10 2009 01:06 PM

    Yes, Viki should "hush up" about who Todd brings to HER wedding. Of course, why should the bride have any say in who attends (or disrupts) her own wedding? I don't know how I've been so misguided all my life to think otherwise. cowboys fan, sometimes this "Todd can do NOTHING wrong" perspective of yours is really mind-boggling. LOL

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