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    Unexpected Kisses...

    Thursday, August 06 2009
    Kyle and Fish kiss, Schuyler carries out his feelings for Gigi and Cole finds himself in a bad situation...

    Before they head to work, Cris overhears as Layla apologizes to Fish for thinking he was gay. Fish accepts her apology, kisses Layla then they decide to catch up later at work.

    Once Fish is gone, Cris appears and asks, "So that's the big secret? Fish is gay?" Layla warns Cris to mind his business then Cris thinks back to all the strange occurrences surrounding Fish and Kyle. Layla admits she's looked for a guy like Fish her whole life - and hopes she hasn't blown things with him - then takes off for work.

    Roxy joins Kyle at the diner, who is looking for a job. "I heard the Llanview PD is looking for a few good men," Roxy says. Kyle explains how hard it is for Fish to admit his feelings, since his dad is a cop, then says, "He made his choice." As Roxy goes to leave, she runs into Fish and tells him to go easy on Kyle.

    Heading outside of the diner, Fish snaps at Kyle for confiding in Roxy then Kyle blurts out that Fish is scared to hear the facts - that they were lovers and that he still loves Fish! Though Fish tries to deny being gay, saying he's with Layla now, Kyle keeps badgering him. As Kyle begs Fish to admit that they meant something to each other, they end up in a passionate kiss!

    In the diner, John and Marty share breakfast, where he promises that he'll get Cole through his undercover work. Once John leaves, Starr and Hope arrive, join Marty and discuss Cole's safety.

    When Cris arrives at the diner looking for his mom, Roxy says she hasn't seen her - then tells Cris that Fish and Kyle are having a heated meeting out in the ally!

    Now at the station, Layla is happy when a flower delivery comes from Fish.

    At Cole's Brody gives him instructions and marked money, and as Brody is leaving, Asher and his boss, Serge, appear outside the door! Brody acts as though he's a buyer then tries to leave, but Serge stops him by saying, "Not so fast." After Cole asks them to stop harassing his best customer, Serge lets Brody go, who leaves, then Cole is introduced to his new boss - by being smashed down on a table!

    Cole is frisked and checked for a wire then Serge makes it clear that he heard Cole's friend talking about John - John McBain! Cole talks about Brody working for John, but says that John doesn't know about his drug use, then admits John was seeing his mom - but that he didn't lift a finger to help Cole! When Serge opens a briefcase on Cole's table, Asher informs Cole that he's scanning for bugs then asks, "Did you think we were playing, Cole?" Satisfied that there are no bugs, Serge nods and Asher hands Cole some more drugs then Serge tells him he's off to a good start - and to contact Asher when he needs more supply.

    Outside the apartment, Serge tells Asher that he planted a bug of his own - and that if Cole isn't who he says he is, he'll find out!

    Back inside the apartment, Cole takes a call from Starr.

    Brody meets with John at the station and fills him in on what happened at Cole's then impresses John with cell phone pictures that he took of the guys at Cole's! After John looks up the criminal, Serge, he admits he bugged the outside of Cole's apartment. John instructs Brody to head back to Rodi's.

    Suddenly, a cop comes in and informs John that they just detected trouble at Cole's apartment!

    Over at the carriage house, Rex makes sure he and Gigi are okay, who says, "I still can't believe that my sister is having your baby." However, Gigi offers to go apologize to Stacy for suggesting she have an abortion, but Rex asks her to just stay out of it - for her own sake. Wondering if Rex can forgive her for suggesting the abortion, Rex tries to make her understand that there's room for her, Shane and the baby. Gigi isn't so convinced but kisses Rex before he leaves to smooth out some ground rules with Stacy - alone.

    Shortly after, Schuyler arrives, saying he waited for Rex to leave since Rex ordered him to stop being her friend. Gigi explains the latest developments surrounding Stacy and Rex, and Schuyler tries to talk her through everything - but Gigi still thinks that Stacy could get her hooks into Rex, like she did Schuyler all those years ago. As Gigi thanks Schuyler for being such a good friend, Schuyler admits that his thoughts about her are anything but pure - then kisses Gigi!

    Lying in bed at the loft, Stacy dreams about Rex bringing her and the baby home - then proposing to her! When Stacy wakes up, she remembers and cries, "It's true, my baby's dead." Stacy starts blaming Gigi, for wanting her to have an abortion.

    As Stacy gets out of bed, she cramps, and Rex rushes in and asks, "What's wrong?" Stacy admits to cramping, leading Rex to ask, "You had the abortion?" Stacy replies, "I could never do that. Our baby is fine." Over talk of Gigi's offer, Rex claims both he and Gigi are very sorry for what happened yesterday. Stacy apologies for her morning sickness then asks if Rex wants her to have the baby, to which he replies, "Yes," but makes it clear that he is with Gigi now.

    In bed at Llanfair, Charlie and Viki talk about the drama at their wedding, savor the morning after as husband and wife then start to plan their honeymoon. Though Viki wants to take a long honeymoon around the world, Charlie wishes he had spent his whole life, kids and all, with Viki. Suddenly, Bree knocks at the door, who wants Charlie to join her and grandma at the zoo. Viki watches as Charlie plays with Bree then after Bree heads down to finish her breakfast, Charlie kisses Viki.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Cris wants Fish to tell Layla the truth.

    Tea finds out what Bo and Nora did.

    John saves Cole from making a mistake.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:08 PM

    Poor Layla she has a gay boyfriend. Cris will find out and tell her, then Layla and Cris can get together. I wish somebody would have warned be about that kiss. Didn't see that one coming.

    How did Brody take a picture of that guy. I must have missed that somehow.

    Who didn't know that Stacy would not tell Rex she lost the baby.

    That guy is going to plant a bug on Cole. I hope Cole sees it before he gets himself into trouble.

    I'm already sick of Viki and Charlie.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:09 PM

    liar liar pants on fire stacey...i hope rex finds out u lying to him...he will find out and go back to gigi and shane...and glad he told stacey he loves gigi...he will never love stacey...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:10 PM

    If Kyle and Fish keep kissing in public and having loud convesations about their past relationship, everybody is going to know. That Kyle is in love. Fish must be the man.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:10 PM


    Posted by gulla at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:11 PM

    im glad starr didnt call while the boss was there...

    Posted by Armygirl2757 at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:12 PM

    Poor Layla you mean another man is beating her time...yes Cole will get caught and of course John McBain to the rescue as for Skanty well she will try to pull off the bun in the oven drama but all things will come to light

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:12 PM

    that was nice of cris to be concerned about layla...i hope she finds out before its too late...i want layla and cris together...

    Posted by gracie5 at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:15 PM

    I may be the only one who feels this way but I am not that into Kyle and Fish. I don't think that they are that hot. They are not as hot as GL Otalia. I just don't see the big build up to them. Well Gigi just got the a big fat kiss from Sky. Sorry I'm starting to root for Gigi and Sky. Rex you are a nit wit you couldn't tell there was something seriously wrong w\ her. She is just a lying Skanky tramp. And Gigi didn't owe that Skanky Tramp an apology. If anything Gigi should have run over Skanky and Rex w\ a Mac truck.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:19 PM

    gracie5 i agree not into fish and kyle either...i just wish fish liked women insead of men..

    Posted by tigger1135 at Thursday, August 06 2009 12:20 PM

    Well I do like Schuyler and Gigi together, I think they make a cute couple, besides I think Schuyler is one sexy man, Rex is only ok, but no matter what Rex should have never had sex with Stacy, so it's his fault if he loses Gigi!!

    Starr's baby is so cute, lets just hope nothing happens to her or the baby with what Cole is doing.

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