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    A Night To Remember...

    Wednesday, July 22 2009
    Starr and Cole share a night together, Rex asks Roxy about his father, and Stacy gets exciting news...

    After Starr asks Cole to spend the night with her, and talks about how perfect it'll be this time, Cole worries about her parents, to which Starr says, "We'll just have to be careful." Reminiscing about how Starr saved him, from jumping over the edge, Starr agrees he saved her too. Both wanting their night together to be perfect, Starr assures Cole that if he can work something out with Rachel, she'll make sure her parents won't interrupt them. Once Cole gets things straight with Rachel, he kisses Starr, but Hope wakes up crying. Cole manages to calm and feed Hope then Starr briefly leaves to put the baby to bed.

    Alone, Starr returns to the bedroom, where they start kissing until Cole says, "I don't have protection." Just as they think they won't be together, Starr smiles, rushes out for a minute then returns with a condom, courtesy of Langston and her secret stash! Things get serious, and after the couple professes their love for the other they make love! Later, though Hope fusses a bit, Starr grabs the baby monitor and continues to kiss Cole.

    Just as Markko gives Langston a kiss goodbye, Mr. Rivera arrives at Llanfair. After Markko invites him in, Langston offers to leave, but Mr. Rivera says, "That won't be necessary," then goes outside and brings in Markko boxed things! Mr. Rivera reminds Markko of all he's done then says, "You can never come home, again. You are no longer my son."

    Mr. Rivera leaves, and as Markko is looking through his stuff, things from when he was a little kid, Langston assures him that his dad didn't mean what he said. Feelings as though he doesn't belong anywhere now, Langston pulls Markko close and says, "You belong with me." Sadly, Markko says, "I can't believe that my dad would do this to me," then agrees that he belongs with Langston.

    Seeing Stacy lying at the bottom of the parking garage stairs, Gigi rushes down calling, "Stacy!" Realizing she's unconscious, Gigi calls for help then says, "Oh my God, I killed my little sister." Suddenly, Stacy starts moving, so Gigi runs for help!

    Upstairs in the hospital, Roxy admits that Rex's father was Shane's donor, and that she killed him after hearing he was brain-dead. Rex can't believe she killed a man in cold blood and wants to know who this monster she speaks of is. "Tell me who my father was," Rex asks, and just as Roxy is about to reveal his name, Gigi appears screaming, "I need help!" After some nurses rush off, Rex thinks Stacy hurt Gigi, but Gigi says, "No, but I really hurt her."

    Once everyone gets Stacy up to the emergency room, Roxy rushes off while Gigi and Rex, who is still holding the cooler of blood, wait to hear how Stacy's doing. Gigi goes over everything that happened, including how Stacy kept saying she slept with Rex, then a doctor comes out and says they're still waiting on tests but informs that Stacy's conscious now.

    Gigi enters the exam room, with Rex, and apologizes for what happened but kindly suggests that Stacy get professional help once she's back on her feet. However, Stacy reminds Gigi that she got want she wanted from her, the blood, then says, "We're done." After Rex and Gigi leave, the doctor comes in, tells Stacy that everything is fine then says, "And I'm happy to report that your baby is, too." After the doctor leaves, Stacy smiles and says, "My baby, Rex's baby."

    Later, at home, though Gigi admits she wanted Stacy out of their lives, for insisting that she slept with Rex, she never wanted to kill her. Rex holds her close and assures her that everything is going to be all right now. Rex and Gigi begin to make love.

    Still outside of Kyle's room, Cris finishes reading the letter from Fish then Kyle appears, asking, "What're you doing here?" Cris admits by reading the letter he thought he could get some answers then Kyle snatches the letter away, reads it, but refuses to give Cris answers, saying what happened between him and Fish was between them! However, when Cris threatens to find out what happened with Fish on his own, Kyle admits that Fish was with someone in college, someone he was crazy about, but that Fish made promises he couldn't keep - he couldn't go the distance. "Fish cared more about what people thought about, so he walked away," Kyle says, "acted like it never happened." Kyle refuses to give Cris anymore of an explanation, and Cris leaves, planning to get one on his own! Kyle's mood worsens when he realizes that he's locked out of his room…

    Just then, Roxy appears, who says she doesn't have an extra key to his room, then takes a sit on the floor with Kyle and asks if his mood has something to do with the cute guy who's in the picture with him - inside his room. After Kyle talks about how the guy refuses to tell the truth, Roxy tells him not to be so hard on this guy - as he may be lying to keep his world from spinning out of control. Roxy and Kyle share a bottle of booze.

    In their apartment, after Layla asks Fish if he's gay, Fish denies it and tries to throw himself on Layla, who pushes him away. "If you want proof that I'm not that way, ask Stacy Morasco," Fish snaps. Layla doesn't appreciate Fish throwing Stacy in her face, and when Fish accuses Layla of not taking his feelings for her seriously, Layla stops him from leaving and says, "I didn't mean to hurt you. I should've never questioned your honesty."

    Layla wants another chance, but before they can straighten things out, Cris arrives home, says he talked to Kyle, who had some choice things to say about Fish - things Layla ought to hear! Cris says that something went down between Fish and Kyle in college, something that Fish doesn't want anyone to know. However, Layla tells Cris that her relationship with Fish is none of his business then Cris heads to his room. Layla asks Fish if there's any truth to what Cris said, and asks if he'll forgive her, but Fish says he needs to think about it then leaves. Later, when Layla finds Cris in the kitchen, she turns around and goes back to her room.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:06 PM

    The title for today's show was stairway to heaven, should have been to hell.

    Poor Stacy, might have facial trauma and and a broken jaw how awful. Be we all know her jaw is not broken, because she is still flapping her gums to Gigi. Then the Dcotor said they didn't know if Stacy had a head injury. Won't know until they do a cat scan, I could tell the doctor, that she had a head injury when she came to town.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:07 PM

    poor markko his father was out of line today when he said u want to act like a animal...his father still bein a jerk...his father treats him like a little least he can stay at viki's house and i think he should stay there for a while longer...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:07 PM

    Oh, I forgot one more thing. I see my theory that I predicted months ago is coming true. Stacy would get pregnant, Gigi will find out Rex lied and slept with her sister. Gigi will leave Rex and hook up with Schuyller. Rex will be with Stacy and their baby.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:08 PM

    starr and cole love scene was so perfect today...cole look hot with no shirt...when they did it on the floor that was totally hot...go sole...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:10 PM

    stacey's pregnant now she going to cause more problems for rex and gigi...they cant even be happy cause of gigi going to be with schuyler and i think she should...

    Posted by dat76543girl at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:16 PM

    Why couldn't they put Stacey in a coma for a few weeks and give us a break..
    And if she's pregnant that's the fastest pregnacy comeupance in history they need to market that TEST.
    That girl has a strong uterus, that's the uterus from hell we need to pray for that baby can we say The Omen part 3
    Gigi should've just kiscked her a$$ the old fashioned way when she saw her car..was it me or was she looking a little bit scared...hmmm..

    Posted by Armygirl2757 at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:19 PM

    So Stanky is prego the ? is whose the Daddy she slept with Fish who even though he might be gay he still busted a nut...I dont think this is rex's kid as they just slept together 2 wks ago....I hope this story does not get boring and dumb with this story line wowwwwwwwwwwww

    Posted by dat76543girl at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:19 PM

    P.S. Someone do a psych evaluation on Stacey..can we say Crazy.Derange.Looney.
    Or as my grandmother would say, " She's a little touched in the head."

    Posted by LisaLezotte at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:19 PM

    Starr and Cole were so perfect can't wait to see it again at 6 on youtube. They are so perfect for each other and always will be my favorite couple on the show and always will be the reason I started watching in the first place.

    Posted by JGrzeca at Wednesday, July 22 2009 12:22 PM

    I bet Stacy's baby is Fishers!! I bet Gigi does find out and there will be drama but it won't be Rex's and Stacy will go nuts when she finds out!

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