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    The Past Comes Creeping Back...

    Friday, May 15 2009
    Jessica starts to remember her baby's birth, Brody and Jessica are unaware of a threat, and Todd, Tea, Blair and Marty continue to be tormented by Powell...

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    Posted by Starlett at Friday, May 15 2009 05:19 PM

    jumps-This is the second time you made me faint. LOL

    Posted by Starlett at Friday, May 15 2009 05:31 PM

    I think you guys are right about Bess, not Tess, coming out again. I'm looking forward to that. Bess is rather entertaining. We all think that Rebecca is going to kidnap Chloe. I wonder if Bess is going to kidnap her back. At any rate, it looks like the cat is out of the bag about Chloe being Hope. Won't be long before everyone knows.

    Even though Jess is having these flashes of memory of Chloe's birth and will eventually remember everything, I think she will have relapse. Thank goodness she'll have Brody, along with her family to help her recover.

    Posted by Starlett at Friday, May 15 2009 05:34 PM

    I made my post about Lola before reading the other posts. It looks like a lot of you enjoyed her scenes today. Has anyone enjoyed ANY of Stacey's scenes?

    Posted by msbbrensinger at Friday, May 15 2009 06:52 PM

    I like the actress for Stacy but I cant stand the way the writers are making this s/l. I believe Stacy would have been likable if some where along the lines she showed some kind of feelings other then hatred, revenge and spite but no such luck there...I blame the writers on my dislike for Stacy not the actress she does a wonderful job making me hate her!

    Posted by pidget at Friday, May 15 2009 06:57 PM

    Dear regular watchers - I have a question. I used to watch OLTL sometime back when Marcie was a main character and she and Michael were a hot couple. Then I remember her "adopting" a baby boy that turned out to be Todd's son - but missed all that. I apologize for being so brief, but that is all I remember. Then a few years passed. Now I am watching again - came in when Hope was born and Marcie was going to adopt her, then Hope died (supposedly) and now we're uptodate. My question is why Marcie is not a fan favorite anymore - why is she not liked? Why is she leaving the show? (as I've read). She was very popular on the show for so long, but I get the impression that no one likes her anymore. Why? Thanks for any response.

    Posted by msbbrensinger at Friday, May 15 2009 07:06 PM

    Marcie isnt a bad character but for me she isnt a stand out character anymore. I dont what she was like so long ago but I blame the writers for a lot the decline in Marcies likeness...but I do dislike Marcie for the fact that she was and Micheal split up because she choose to adopt Todds granddaughter over her marriage to me it was a stupid s/l but I really didnt like that she would go threw a seperation for an adoption...not saying that kids are less important but he is the love of her life so I dont know my opion take or leave it...its really up to you whether you agree with the s/l or not

    Posted by jorie at Friday, May 15 2009 08:34 PM

    Kathy liked Marcie's s/l she even hoped the writers would really wack Marcie out,and she'd kill Todd she said in her interview in one of the Soap MAGS. OLTL NEEDS TREVOR/TODD but,They don't need Marcie&Michael! msbbrensenges: I agree with all you said about Marcie ,I also dislike her for her hypocrisy,she Mike,Rex,Adrianna did everything Todd changed his mind about and John& Gigi helped them kidnap Sam.but they weren't charged, I won't miss them!

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, May 15 2009 08:49 PM

    Starlett, I agree, I liked Lola today too. No comparison to the acting skills of Stacy!!!

    Posted by hay waz up lolololol at Saturday, May 16 2009 06:21 AM

    hay waz up i whack your show all the time

    Posted by Nay1 at Saturday, May 16 2009 06:28 AM

    SPOILER ALERT I DID READ SOMEWHERE TIA IS GOING TO DIE.Oh and so glad they didn't drag out the Lola storyline. Great Job with that. Dorian did the right thing. I'm glad next wk the kids will finally find out the baby is theirs. That Kyle is a mess. Now can we get on with the Gi Gi sl and her dumb sis pretending to be a donor. They are making Rex look like a dummy for sure.If he is so in love how can he turn on GiGi so quick. Oh and I bet u Tia tells Blair she has a baby by Todd. Blair will keep it a secret of course, and Tia will die. Then of course as usually Todd will be on the search for this child. I wouldn't be surprised.

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