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    Not Your Normal Frat Party!

    Thursday, May 14 2009
    Todd, Blair, Marty and Tea find themselves at Powell’s mercy, John wants to get to Marty, and Markko can't wait to be alone with Langston...

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    Posted by Soapyzest at Thursday, May 14 2009 07:15 PM

    Oops, Dorian...or maybe they will use the condoms and have a close call having to use the morning after pill. I think they just passed some legislation saying that teenagers can use it without their parent's consent or something...just my opinion...then they'll run some PSA about teen sex, etc.

    Posted by SoapLover3 at Thursday, May 14 2009 09:14 PM

    I am so happy to see the Powell and Rebecca charachters back on the show! I was disappointed when they left the show as I loved the actor who played Powell and always thought Rebecca was one of Todd's true loves. It was disappointing how abruptly she was written off. I'm sure their stints won't be very long so I can't get too excited. I missed the episode of Powell and Rebecca's return. Did they explain how they got together after he attacked her all those years ago?

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, May 14 2009 09:31 PM

    They haven't explained how they met up again, We just know Rebecca quit the hospital she was working at 6 months ago. Shes the one whoe's letting Powell out of his cell so he can kill those he thinks hurt Marty She must have lost her mind too!Starlette : I HOPE YOUR FEELINGS ARE WRONG ABOUT HOPE GOING TO MARCIE!

    Posted by Syndel at Thursday, May 14 2009 10:32 PM

    My husband is a police officer and I have never seen anyone, ex-cop or still on the force pull any of the stunts that John does. It's insane, and so unreal. Bo is the Comissinor and has a whole troop of officers but is seems that John is the only person that ever does anything, be it legal or illegal. And he wonders why the mayor wants him out on his butt. Him and his brother are both bonkers. They needed to keep him in th straight jacket and locked up wile they had him, yet Bo will still vouch for him when he finds out hwat he pulled this time.
    Tea has a plan, she won't stab Todd. Ray needs to run not walk to the nearest cracker factory and leave Lola off there never to be released, that child is wayyyyyyy gone.

    Posted by Larry_Wolek at Thursday, May 14 2009 10:54 PM

    I may be a 43 year old woman but tell ya what: Seeing Todd tied in that bed--loved picturing myself in that bed with Todd!!

    Powell is such an idiot: He's killed/injured people who's been mean to Marty but yet I guess he thinks what he's doing to her is sooooooo sweet!!! Not to mention making it look like she killed Wes was also a sweet thing to do to Marty! Why didn't he kill that judge who let Todd escape justice? How's about the car who cut her off in traffic; Nora for yelling at her when Cole paralysed Matthew; the bank teller who didn't cash her check because she didn't have an account there? Hey Powell: Heard Stacy and Lola call Marty a bad name so PLEASE, pretty please KILL STACY AND LOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still want Victor Lord to be Rex's Daddy!! Since quite a few of his other off-springs have major issues and Jessica's about to lose Chloe thanks to alter-Bess and Powell has a taste for blood, it's time for Ol' Vic to appear and have to deal with all this mess as well as Vicki's wrath and Natalie thinking she's God!!!

    Speaking of Natalie: she really irks me!! Jessica deserves Chloe because Starr was going to give her to Marcie! What kind of crap thinking is that? Does she really believe that Starr would be like oh well dead baby so what!? Because of Natalie's lies--Matthew is paralysed! Cole took drugs because of Hope's death and Mommy's rejecting of him! He told Bo and Nora that part of the reason he did pills is because he was devestated over Hope's demise! Also Marcie can't have kids so she doesn't deserve the baby promised her because Jessica would go off the deep end! Jess has a child--BREE--and Marcie and Starr have NO baby thanks to Natalie's cover-up!! But yet God-Natalie who's lies about Jared ended with Nash's DEATH thinks she should decide who gets to keep Hope--never mind that Starr and Cole created her; Starr gave birth to her; and Starr wanted Marcie to have her BUT Natalie doesn't think that's fair!!!!!! Hey Gnat: Who died and left you GOD!!!!

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, May 15 2009 12:08 AM

    Larry_wolek, your post kept my quite entertained. Great summary of all the happenings on oltl!!!!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, May 15 2009 06:18 AM

    Good morning everyone..I was to busy to get on the computer after watching the show yesterday..I read all your comments..Some had great points. I'm very surprised that all of you think it is ok to have sex before marriage and to have it when your only 17 years old. I also think that Langston and Markko look great together, but does that mean they have to have sex? I was watching the show this week and Langston said a comment..yeah it really looks like they are pressured into this by there peers..This is very sad and I was hoping the writers would change this for the young viewers watching that it is ok to wait. I do think Markko will tell Langston that since he made the effort to buy the condoms he will be using the one he bought.
    I think the Powell storyline is great and we will soon find about about his and Todd's past. Love the comment about Tea may have had Todd;s baby..
    Not feeling sorry for Natlie at all
    I like John talking to the ghost Pete today..was good..Ok I like John

    Posted by jumps at Friday, May 15 2009 11:42 AM

    cowboys fan ...I am becoming too predictable. I must change!

    Posted by caliope janes at Friday, May 15 2009 11:42 AM

    yes the Pow & Bec characters are old bu it seems to me to be written having them come on as an "after thought" like writers changed their minds as the s/l dragged on & on & on.... Not really in etersted in the outcome anymore--just hurry it up! I'd relly not like to see John w/ Marty--i'd like him to stay w/ Blair deep frienship bloom into more and Todd be w. Tea who has always had his number. Marty-- find her a new guy please--only my opinion though!!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, May 15 2009 11:50 AM

    Larry_Wolek ......hold your horses there. Now it is Natalie's fault that Matthew is paralyzed? Oh please! Cole had already started with drugs way before Natalie and Jared found out the truth. Plus, his mother not remembering him helped that along too. Plus, Todd keeping Marty locked away from him helped too. IF I remember correctly Bess switched the babies because of an idea she got from Todd. So, if you ask me, this is all Todd's fault!

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