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    A Cake Full Of Surprises!

    Tuesday, May 12 2009
    Jared finds out that Hope's body is set to be exhumed, Lola works to hurt Langston and Markko, and Bo and Clint have it out over Nora...

    At the loft, Stacy sees Rex in a towel, drops her robe then says, “Oh, my, God, don’t turn around!” When Rex does, Stacy makes herself decent, apologizes, saying that she thought he had left, then they briefly talk about Jared’s bachelor party – and how Gigi won’t be working there tonight – and about how Rex forgot to book the stripper! “Where am I going to find a stripper in a half an hour?” Rex asks, looking at Stacy. Though Stacy refuses his request to be the entertainment, and allows Rex to leave, when Gigi calls for Rex, and Stacy finds out that she’s at Rodi, working, Stacy hangs up and digs out her stripper garb!

    Over at Ultra Violet, as Viki is trying to convince Jessica to tell Natalie about her and Brody, Roxy arrives with Natalie for her bachelorette party! When Roxy says she wishes that Natalie was having a double wedding with Rex and Gigi, Natalie snaps, “Don’t say that tramp’s name here,” leaving Roxy to ask, “Who said anything about Stacy?” Marcie arrives and gushes about finding Bo and Nora in a car, looking as though they were about to kiss, leading Nora to privately confide the truth to Viki. Later, while Marcie is telling Jessica about the exhumation of Hope’s body, Jessica has a flashback of Chloe’s birth – and how she wondered why her baby wasn’t crying!

    Across the room, as ‘the entertainment’ arrives, Kyle approaches the hottie and says, “Want to make some real money?” Shortly after, the music starts playing, the women start screaming, and the cowboy stripper takes center stage, but when Natalie realizes that the man is Kyle, she’s mortified! After Kyle grinds on Roxy for a bit, he heads to the guest of honor – and lassos Natalie in, while making remarks about ‘donors’ and ‘switches’!

    When Jared and Charlie arrive at Rodi’s, for his bachelor party, Jared lashes out at Brody for being there then notices Gigi, who is covering for a sick employee! Bo arrives next, with Clint following behind, who wants to continue their conversation about Nora. At the bar, as Gigi is talking to Michael about Shane, Rex arrives and sees that Gigi and Brody are there. However, Rex assures Jared that he’ll be fine then he interrupts Charlie, Bo and Clint, who are still arguing about Nora. As Rex is about to explain the ‘entertainment problem’, a huge cake is rolled in – and Stacy pops out! After she strips for Rex, with Gigi watching, Stacy gives Jared a courtesy dance then the show is over.

    Near the bar, Bo accuses Clint of being jealous of his relationship with Nora because maybe he doesn’t love her enough to marry her! After Clint storms off, Michael talks to Bo briefly about John – and about Hope’s body being exhumed, tonight, with Jared listening on in horror! Across the room, Stan appears and demands his money from Stacy – until Rex comes to her rescue. After Stan leaves Stacy with a final warning look, Stacy hugs Rex in thanks, and glares at Gigi as she does so!

    Back at Ultra Violet, Jessica continues having flashes of the night she gave birth. Later, Kyle approaches Natalie and reminds her that she only has until tomorrow to get him the hundred grand – or else Jessica will know everything! Suddenly, Clint arrives, gets on one knee and asks Nora to become his wife! Jared is next to crash the party, as he calls Natalie to meet him outside, where he tells her that Hope’s body is going to be exhumed – tonight!

    Upstairs in Starr’s room, as Langston is getting ready for the prom, and hoping that Starr will go, Starr fills her in on having Hope’s body exhumed and all of the details surrounding the mystery of her baby’s death. Before Langston leaves, she tells Starr about how cool Dorian is being and shows her the fancy condoms, as Lola listens from outside the room.

    When they leave the room to do Langston’s hair, Lola enters, takes the condoms from Langston’s purse then goes into her room to show everyone viewing her webcast – and to tell them that merely stealing the condoms won’t do ! Lola starts poking holes in the condoms, wanting Markko and Langston to pay for the rest of their lives! Lola then sneaks the condoms back into Langston’s purse!

    Markko arrives at the mansion, with a corsage in his hand, and Dorian invites him in then asks, “Can I take deflower?” After Dorian covers, she continues to make Markko nervous by asking if there will be virgins there – Virgin Mary’s – then finally snaps about his plans to sleep with Langston! When Markko professes his love for Langston, Dorian begs him not to let Langston down then warns that he’ll have to answer to her if he does.

    Out in the foyer, Lola leaves for the prom – with Asher!

    Suddenly, Starr and Langston appear, and Dorian insists on taking photos. Before they leave, Dorian hugs Langston then Starr tries to cheer up Dorian, who is upset about Langston, and about Blair having left the hospital. On their way out, Langston checks to make sure that the condoms are in her purse. Back inside, while Dorian is getting a drink, Starr gets a call from Marcie, saying that Hope’s body is going to be exhumed – tonight!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    The Pussycat Dolls perform at Llanview High's prom!

    Natalie and Jared worry the truth about Chloe will surface.

    Nora wonders about Clint's motives.

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    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:06 PM

    lola need her but kick...why did she go in langston purse like that...and i still cant believe she stuck holes in the condoms...and i hope dorian gets there in time to stop them before its too late...i dont want her to end up pregnant...

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:07 PM

    omg! Lola is starting to get on my last nerve!!! I saw what she did to the condoms that Dorian gave Langston to sleep with Markko, and it's only a matter of time before she gets exposed when she is high on LSD and starts telling the truth to the point it would upset Ray, and he will be disappointed in her. As for Natalie, she needs to tell the truth about the baby switch. . . I mean, that baby belongs to Starr and Cole.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:10 PM

    I knew Lola was going to poke holes in those condoms. She is such a little witch.

    I can't believe that Clint proposed to Nora. I guess she will tell him a big fat no.

    I think Viki turned 5 shades of red when the stripper was all over Natalie. That was funny.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:14 PM

    i knew gigi was upset stacey was stipping for rex...gigi know stacey was doing that to get her mad...rex had no right asking her that...

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:15 PM

    OK, I've had just about all of the little twit from South America or wherever that I can stand. She actually reminds me of Stacey. To Stacey it's all Gigi's fault that she never made anything of herself but a common tramp little stripper; to Lola it's Langston's fault that "no one loves me". Thank goodness I take my Nexium every day or I'd be throwing up all over the place.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:19 PM

    langston looked pretty today in her dress and her hair looked goregous...and markko all i have to say he looked sexy today in his tuxs...

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:19 PM

    Don't worry, hiphopgrandma. . .lol. I have a feeling that Ms. Lola will be exposed and I can't wait to see the whole plan backfire and blow up in her face!! and Stacey will get exposed too!!!

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:28 PM

    natalie was shock it was kyle...will she pay up or tell the truth...i hope she tells the need to come out now...kyle was so funny as natalie stripper...

    Posted by msbbrensinger at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:32 PM

    This show had me so tweeked today that I almost turned it off. I cant believe Lola!!! You cant tell me after everything shes been up to someone isnt keeping an eye on her!! Stacy I would like to smack up side the head. Doesnt she see that Rex dont want her slutty butt. He keeps looking to Gigi and I wish Jess would go to Rex and tell him what she knows instead of hiding...then everyone would know and could tell stacy where to go.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:37 PM

    i like the markko and dorian scene today...she really likes markko...and im happy she does...

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