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    You Are Formally Invited To The KAD Spring Fling!

    Thursday, May 07 2009
    An invitation is sent, Jared and Natalie are blackmailed, and John visits Powell...

    When Tea arrives at Todd’s, she opens her trench coat, to expose some lingerie, and Jack appears and says, “Well hello!” Blair quickly covers Jack’s eyes, gets him out of the room then Blair teases Tea about how she ‘spent the night’ with Todd. As the women argue over Todd, with Blair claiming that Todd doesn’t want Tea, Tea laughs and looks at Todd! Jack briefly reappears and asks if he can take Tea to show and tell then Blair demands that Todd take out the trash!

    Tea walks out the door, warning Todd that she is done! When Tea walks away and claims she’s going to sleep with RJ, while Todd continues to sleep with Blair, Todd stops her and admits that he didn’t sleep with Blair. Tea opens her coat again, and the two start getting it on until a man appears with an envelope for Todd! “I got one of those this morning,” Tea says as she takes hers out, and they open them together. Blair reappears, and Todd hands her an invitation with her name on it – and they are all shocked to see that they’ve been invited to the KAD’s Spring Fling!

    In the motel room, John calls the Sitwell Institute, as Kevin Buchanan, and says that he’d like to visit his cousin Powell – as well as speak to his doctor, Marty Saybrooke! Though the woman agrees to let John see Powell, she claims not to know the doctor in question. John hangs up, and he and Marty talk about Rebecca – and wonder if her brother, Kyle Lewis, has any answers for them. John then calls Blair, saying he thinks he knows who the killer is, and warns her to be careful! When John finds out that Blair is with Todd, she reminds him that he’s with Marty, and they leave it at that. Across the motel room, Marty briefly calls to check in with Cole. Later, John instructs Marty on how to use his gun, warns her to keep the door locked then says if he’s not back in an hour she’s to call Bo and tell him everything!

    After the woman hangs up, Rebecca apologizes to the woman for asking her to lie then claims Powell’s family doesn’t want him to get better – but says that she plans to help him get his life back!

    Now inside the padded room with Powell, Rebecca kisses her man then fills him in on John’s call. Powell suggests that they just ‘wait’ – and savors the anticipation of John’s visit! Powell urges her to stick to the plan, to which Rebecca informs him that she already sent the invitations out then professes her love to Powell!

    Over at the bar at Rodi’s, Gigi fills Marcie in on her troubles with Shane then Marcie assures her that Rex only wants what’s best for his son – and Gigi shouldn’t have anything to worry about, even with Stacy living with Rex.

    Across the room, Cole explains why he wants to have Hope’s body exhumed, and Starr finally agrees. When they see Michael, they tell him they need to talk to him about something then Michael goes to get Marcie, who joins them – and is shocked to hear that Cole and Starr want to have Hope’s body exhumed. After they explain why they need to do this, Marcie finally agrees.

    As Rex kisses Stacy at his loft, he ignores his ringing cell, where Gigi is leaving a message warning him that Shane is on his way to his place. Rex pushes Stacy to the couch then suddenly pulls away saying, “What am I doing?” Just as he’s apologizing, Shane arrives and declares that he’s moving in - putting a damper on Stacy’s plans! Rex demands to know who told Shane about Brody and his mom, and Shane lies and says Gigi did – then Stacy thanks him for not ratting her out, as Rex takes a call from Gigi. Though Gigi begs Rex not to turn Shane against her, Rex agrees he would never do that but insists that Shane live with him, until he calms down, then hangs up on Gigi. While Shane is unpacking, Stacy tries to convince Rex to send Shane home, so he can accept Gigi’s relationship with Brody, but Rex insists that he can take care of Shane right now. Later, Stacy imagines that she’s in the family photo with Rex and Shane then she covers Shane’s face, saying, “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want.”

    At the lab, after Kyle informs Natalie and Jared that he knows the truth, he asks if they plan to continue the lie or tell the truth! Though Natalie and Jared deny it, Kyle threatens to call Cole and Starr – and Jessica – then Natalie and Jared try to explain Jessica’s condition. “If my sister loses that child,” Natalie says. “She’ll never recovery.” Jared then asks Kyle if he would protect his sister – if he had one – then Natalie begs him to ‘forget he found this out’! “How much,” Jared asks, to which Kyle replies, “$100,000… You want to save your sister, you’ll make it worth my while.” Kyle gives them twenty-four hours to get the money – or he’ll call the police! “I hope no one ever threatens your sister,” Natalie says.

    Once they leave, Kyle calls Rebecca to let her know that he doesn’t need that loan he was asking about. When he starts talking about Todd Manning’s daughter, Rebecca cuts him off, saying, “I’ll call you back.”

    Just then, John appears behind Rebecca at the Sitwell Institute and says, “Dr. Saybrooke?” John takes her keys, goes into Kyle’s padded room and finds the woman he talked to on the phone in his place – dead! Suddenly, Rebecca locks the door behind John – and leaves him screaming inside the padded room!

    Back at the motel, Marty hears a noise outside the door, sees an envelope appear from underneath, opens it then drops the invitation to the KAD’s Spring Fling!

    When Natalie and Jared arrive back at Rodi’s they see Marcie, Michael, Cole and Starr and pray that their secret stays buried!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Tea, Todd and Blair find themselves pulled into the killer's plans.

    Lola goes to Dorian with the goods on Langston and Markko!

    Marty finds herself in danger.

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    Posted by gulla at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:13 PM

    all i have to say about natalie and jared u guys better come up with the money...or u guys are toasted...kyle will tell them the truth....

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:14 PM

    Jack was really funny today.

    If I were Natalie and Jared, I wouldn't pay him a dime. I would just have to tell Jessica.

    As for Shane, if it didn't matter who told him about his mother and Brody why did he lie.

    Well John has messed up now. He's stuck in that room unable to help anybody.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:15 PM

    the look on stacey's face was bad when shane said he was moving in...she thought she was going to get her paws on rex think again stacey...and she has no right telling rex what to do with his kid...u not his girlfriend or thats not your kid...get over yourself stacey...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:17 PM

    cowboysfan jack was real funny today...he really cracks me up...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:21 PM

    shane should of told rex who really told him...maybe he didnt want to tell the real truth...shane should know lying isnt the answer...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:45 PM

    wonder whats going to happen to john once he locked in the room...

    Posted by msbbrensinger at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:53 PM

    I feel so bad for Shane and Gigi...they went threw some much as mother and son and to have a sl** of a sister tear there love apart is just wrong!! Shane needs to hear the truth and Rex since he is a PI should already know it by now but the writers seem to have forgotten that part. I hope Schylur figures it out...though the way Rex is acting I have no idea if he would even believe him! Rex open your d*** eyes!

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, May 07 2009 12:57 PM

    I love Jack, he is funny,I also like the way he listens to his Dad and that Todd let Tea know shes the one. Well here we go ,we'll finally find out the agenda of those two pychos Rebecca &Powell,IF THIS BRINGS CLOSURE FOR TODD&MARTY IT WILL BE GREAT ,STARR KEEPING THE BABY WILL BE THE CAKE! I KNEW KYLE WAS REBECCA'S BRO. I don't kmow how Rex can be so stupid. Shane just thinks shes his hero,but Rex knows that evil imatation Barbie doll drugged how can he trust thatpsychotic slag?

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, May 07 2009 01:47 PM

    LOVE IT that Shane has ruined Stacy's plan and she is the cause of it herself!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, May 07 2009 01:49 PM

    People use your brains. How in the heck would anyone know that Blair was at Todd's? Why send her an invitation there? They should know that something weird is afoot!

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