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    A Visit With Powell Lord...

    Thursday, April 30 2009
    John makes another discovery, Starr leaves Cole at a very bad time, and Bo and Nora grow closer through their son...

    At the Sitwell Institute, just as John assures Marty that the fake ID’s will work, the woman reappears and says, “We’ve got a problem.” Though she says that they’ve been cleared to visit Powell, she worries about how he’ll react to visitors – and says that he may not know them. When the woman insists only one go in at a time, Marty steps up first and gives John no choice but to wait there. While Marty leaves with the woman, John hacks into Powell’s records. Suddenly, a man appears and asks John, “What do you think you’re doing?” John claims he was checking his email, with permission, then goes right back into Powell’s files after the man leaves…

    Entering Powell’s padded room, Marty insists on seeing Powell alone, walks through the door and says, “Hello Powell.” As Powell asks, “Do I know you,” Marty remembers him raping her then kneels next to him, as he talks about how no one visits him because he’s ‘hurt girls’, one specially! “I wish I could see her again,” Powell says. “To tell her how sorry I am. If I could ever get out of here for good, sometime…” Alarmed, Marty asks what he means – wondering if he ever has occasion to sneak out of there! Powell explains that he only gets out of his padded cell for the bathroom and food then asks Marty, “Are you sure that I don’t know you?” As Marty leaves, and tells the woman that she was right – that Powell didn’t remember anything – Powell whispers to himself, “You’re not my cousin.”

    Back in the woman’s office, though John wants a turn at Powell, she refuses to allow him to have any more visitors for today then Marty whispers to John that though Powell didn’t remember her, she remembered him.

    Later, in their motel room, Marty tells John about the waste of time it was going to see Powell – and John says, “That’s not true.” John informs Marty that he found out that a doctor has been signing Powell out for visits, around the times of the murders and Blair’s stabbing, then hands Marty a sign out sheet with the doctor’s name on it, leading Marty to say, “Oh, my, God, it’s me!”

    When Todd demands that Starr leave the mansion with him, Starr says, “No, I can’t leave here now!” Though Starr makes up a million reasons to stay at the mansion, Todd forces her to leave with him – now! Finally, Todd gives the kids five minutes to pack then listens as Dorian lashes out at him for forcing Starr to leave! Shortly after, Star texts Cole and tells him to hang on, saying she’ll be right back!

    Upstairs, Cole panics, hoping that Starr comes back soon, then repeats to himself, “I’ll be okay.” Once Starr returns, she gives Cole the news, makes him promise her that he eats, drinks and sleeps, which are all part of the detox, then informs him that she has to leave. Crying, Cole says, “I can’t do it alone. I’ll die,” then falls into Starr’s arms. As Todd knocks on the door, wondering why it’s locked, Starr screams that she’s sick then instructs Cole to head out the window with her! As Cole’s legs cramp up, Starr apologizes for this.

    Outside Starr’s room, as Todd threatens to kick Starr’s door in, Tea appears and convinces Todd to calm down and apologize to Starr. Suddenly, Starr emerges from her room with her things and leaves with Todd – and has no choice but to leave Cole alone inside!

    Sitting in Bo’s car outside of Matthew’s school, Bo and Nora worry about their son’s first day back to school. Not able to pull themselves away, Bo runs off to get them lunch at a nearby hotdog stand then they talk about Matthew’s situation – and how lucky they are to still have Matthew. Over talk of Rachel, Nora informs Bo that she’s Cole’s counselor then says that though Matthew is so forgiving, she is not! Bo explains that he blames Cole for Matthew’s condition too – and even says he doesn’t want to think about what he would do if he saw Cole! Staring at each other through their grief, Bo says to Nora, “None of this turned out the way we thought it would.” Nora agrees.

    Inside, Marcie tries to help Matthew get back into the swing of things then leaves him with Destiny. Once inside the classroom, Destiny wonders why things seem cool between Matthew, Justin and Becca then confesses that she thinks they are playing him. After Destiny admits the details surrounding her threats to Becca and Justin, Matthew defends Becca and suggests that Destiny is just jealous because Becca is popular and cool – and she’s not! Destiny stomps off to the front of the class.

    Out in the hall, though Becca promises Justin that she’ll continue to be nice to Matthew, Justin informs her that his dad said the Buchanans don’t have a case against them – therefore, they don’t have to pretend to like Matthew anymore!

    With class in session, Becca tells Marcie how lame the book they had to read was, and Justin shouts out, “Not as lame as Matthew Buchanan!” As Justin passes nasty notes and makes snide comments about Matthew, Marcie reprimands him and threatens to give Justin an F!

    After class, Matthew approaches Becca and asks if she was just being nice to him because of Destiny’s threats – and Becca shows her true colors, leaving Matthew saddened again.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Cole is forced to face his demons.

    Bo and Nora are faced with their feelings.

    John goes to Viki for answers surrounding the killer.

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    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:08 PM

    Excuse me, but is Becca somehow related to Stacey? They definitely seem to be cut from the same cloth. And you Todd fans can get mad at me all you want, but that man is going to pay someday, and when the payments start, they're going to be very heavy. He accepts no responsibility for anything he's ever done, manages to justify everything, and it's always someone else's fault. For those of you who watch AMC, doesn't that remind you of Ryan?

    Posted by Bailey9 at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:11 PM

    Who is Rachel's father?


    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:19 PM

    hiphop...ITA...can't wait for Todd to get his...he is so much like ryan treating people like crap and then hollering its someone else's fault.

    Posted by Soapyzest at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:24 PM

    Who is Powell Lord? And who would be impersonating Marty to sign him out of the facility? I don't know what kind of town would allow drug addicts and mental patients to leave the facilities--oh yeah, Soapland, LOL! And yeah, who is Rachel's father? Is it Hank? That RJ is a hunksicle!

    Posted by eegiedan at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:26 PM

    Hank is Rachel's dad. Nora and Hank were once married and yes RJ is Rachel's uncle.

    Posted by janjan03 at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:34 PM

    High fives to HipHopGrandma!!! I'm in total agreement.
    It's like the Todd lovers are watching a totally different show! I'm glad Matthew saw what kind of friend (or not) Becca is, and that Destiny is on his side.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:37 PM

    Powell Lord III is the third of the KAD frat brothers that raped Marty. After being convicted, he and Todd both met a young Christian missionary working prison outreach named Rebecca Lewis. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Apparently, it's Rebecca who has ben visiting Powell and using Marty's name. Speculation (not spoilers) has it that Rebecca is the mother of Kyle Lewis, the lab tech from He**, and if so, there's a good possibility that Powell is his father, since Powell raped Rebecca (and tried to set Todd up for it - like father, like son). Rachel's daddy is suppoed to be Hank, but there has been speculation in the past that she is really the result of an affair Nora had with RJ. I truly can't remember if it was ever settled, or if Rachel just said Hank's my daddy and that was the end of it. Seems Nora has a pattern; marry one brother, sleep with the other.

    Posted by marowood at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:40 PM

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time writing, I do read you comments daily. Always enjoyable. Does anyone remember that Michael is really not Michael. He is actually Al Holden, Max Holdens son and was in love with Marcie. When Al passed away he came back as a ghost and went in to Michaels body. Marcie hated Michael before this happend....and then the kiss came. I know this has nothing to do with the current story lines but anyway. I was thinking about it yesterday when I read some of the comments about Michael and Marcie kidnapping Sam.
    I think Miles is the best guess for the killings.
    Loving Todd and Tea..Love the comics by Todd yesterday in the court room.
    I am VERY impressed with the Cole and Starr S/L.
    Thanks for all your comments.

    Posted by Soapyzest at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:43 PM

    Thanks HipHopGrandma! Is this Lord guy raelated to THE Lord family, i.e. Vicki's father? Isn't Todd the actual son of Victor Lord as well? This is getting confusing!

    Posted by Soapyzest at Thursday, April 30 2009 12:50 PM

    to HipHopGrandma---marry one 'brotha', sleep with another---literally, LOL!

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