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Another Shot At Love?

Tuesday, April 28 2009
Jessica and Brody kick things up a notch, Todd continues to get to Tea, and Starr listens to Cole's confession...

At Brody’s, when Jessica asks Brody where they go from here, Brody begs her to stay with him tonight then says, “I want to make love with you.” Jessica comments on not having been with anyone since Nash, leading Brody to admit that he wants her – only if it feels right to her. Slowly, Jessica and Brody make love… Afterward, Brody promises her that he’s not going anywhere then Jessica reminds him that they can’t tell anyone about their newfound relationship – for Gigi’s sake. Before Jessica has to leave, they make love again!

Still at the docks, after Cole admits that he can’t stop getting high, he pulls the pills out then says, “I don’t care anymore! That’s how bad I want to take one of these right now!” Cole further admits that he had Markko take his drug test for him then screams in disgust about how he’s hurt everyone he loves. Though Cole suggests that Starr go to Mr. J, and says, “I’m not worth it,” Starr refuses to leave him – and Cole begs her to please help him! “Yes,” Starr cries, “Yes, Cole, I’ll help you.” Cole hands over the pills to Starr, admits that he has a problem then Starr pulls him close. Cole doesn’t want to go back to the rehab, so Starr promises that she’ll take care of him. Cole takes the pills from Starr’s hand and dumps them in the Llantano River.

Though Gigi wants Rex to wait, Rex insists on telling Shane about their breakup. Just as Gigi is ready to tell Rex the truth, a priest appears and congratulates them on Shane’s recovery, saying that God must have heard Gigi’s prayers. Once he leaves, Gigi agrees with Rex, and the two head in to tell Shane the truth.

When Rex and Gigi enter Shane’s room, Gigi informs that when Shane goes home tomorrow, it’ll just be her and him again – because Rex will be going back to his loft, as they’re breaking up! Shane wonders if their breakup is his fault, because he got sick, but Gigi and Rex assure him that it’s not, breaking Shane’s heart. Shane cries himself to sleep.

As Ray looks in the mirror at the mansion, Langston comments on how hot he looks, even though he’s her uncle, then Dorian appears ready for their date. Markko arrives as Dorian and Ray are leaving, and the couple immediately takes advantage of being alone – with a kiss!

Alone in the living room, though things get hot and heavy by the fire, Langston stops things from going any further, to which they both decide to wait until prom night to have sex, as a way to celebrate the anniversary of their first date.

Undetected, Starr sneaks Cole into the mansion, and the two quietly head upstairs.

Todd arrives at Tea’s room at The Palace to tell her that the judge has granted his request for an emergency custody hearing! Tea is aware of the hearing then ignores Todd, who suggests that they spend the evening not talking – and when RJ appears, Tea gladly leaves on her date with him!

Downstairs in the dining room, Tea briefly stops by Viki’s table to tell her about turning Todd down then heads to a private table – after seeing that Todd has walked in. Next, Dorian and Ray appear at Viki’s table, to which Dorian gets catty by showing off her date. “I wouldn’t turn my back on her if I were you,” Charlie warns Ray before they are shown to their table. However, before Ray can get an explanation out of Dorian, about what Charlie meant, Dorian spots RJ and reunites with her old friend. Todd shoots down everyone’s hopes for a relaxing night when he becomes obnoxious while making martinis at the bar.

As Todd walks over to his date, Dorian and Ray carry on with theirs, leaving Tea to claim to RJ that she’s over Todd. “No, you’re not,” RJ replies, and Tea can’t help but glance at Todd. After RJ assures Tea that he doesn’t mind that she’s using him to make Todd jealous, he says, “You can do better than Todd Manning,” and Tea remembers once upon a time when she did then kisses RJ and leaves for the night – and Todd follows her!

Later, Todd’s date joins RJ.

Seated at their table, Ray asks Dorian about Charlie’s remark, to which she explains, “Sometimes, I do bad things.” However, Ray doesn’t see that as a turnoff!

Todd goes upstairs to Tea’s room, and the two fall into each other’s arms.

Next on One Life to Live:

Starr helps Cole as he experiences withdrawal.

John looks into his hunch regarding the killer

Todd and Tea go head to head in court!

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