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    Caught With A Stash!

    Monday, April 27 2009
    Starr finds drugs and confronts Cole, Brody tries to close the rift between him and Jessica, and Roxy thinks she has nothing to worry about...

    While listening to the breaking news about John's escape, Marty and John drive away from Llanview. John wonders if Marty should stay behind, somewhere safe, but Marty insists on helping him. John urges Marty to at least call Cole, to which she does - and explains the situation, begging him to stay clean and promising to return home to him soon.

    Still at the diner, as Cole panics about what they'll find out about their daughter, Starr asks if he's okay? After Cole admits that he's still trying to get used to living without drugs, Starr heads to the counter to pay the check - and Cole takes a brief call from Marty. As Cole steps outside, Starr goes to grab his coat and finds the pills! When he returns, Starr demands to know how he could have stolen those while they were at the hospital. "It's over," Starr rants. "I'm so done with you!"

    After Starr rushes off, Cole follows her to the docks and begs her not to be mad at him, but Starr brings up the domino effect that resulted in their daughter's death - due to Schuyler's very own drug problem that happened years ago, which led to Todd's blackmail of Schuyler's mother, in order to try to steal their baby. Cole admits that he's never stopped using since the accident then screams, "I can't stop!"

    David pays Viki a visit at Llanfair to thank her for encouraging him to follow his dreams. After David tells Viki about being a spokesperson for the hemorrhoid cream, Viki can't stop laughing - until he informs her about his breakup with Dorian, to which she tries to be sympathetic. Though Viki urges David to visit Bo, he needs to get back to Hollywood for another 'Have a Seat' commercial, a before and after promo.

    Although Gigi urges Brody to tell Jessica the truth about them, she says she can never tell Rex because she gave her word to God - and in case they need anything more from Stacy. Brody promises that he'll keep her secret - and that he'll make Jessica understand it as well.

    Once alone with Jessica, Brody begins with vowing that he never slept with Gigi then explains how he and Gigi staged their loving making in order to save Shane. After Brody fills her in on Stacy's blackmail, Jessica is shocked and understands why Brody did what he did. Brody then apologizes for lying to her and asks, "So what now?"

    Roxy heads back to the special care facility to tell Rex's father that she's done with him - and refuses to fear for her life anymore! "I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago," Roxy says. "I'm going to pull your plug. I already told Rex that I killed his father. I'm just finishing the job." After Roxy pulls the plug, by overriding the machines, she pulls the covers over Rex's father's face then rushes out of the room and tosses the overriding instructions in the trash on her way out of the facility!

    Later, as a nurse enters the room, the person in the bed sits up! Slowly, the nurse starts to pull the blanket off of their face!

    When Roxy arrives at the diner, she adds some booze to her coffee, thinking she no longer has anything to worry about. Suddenly, Roxy gets a call from the special care facility, saying that the patient who she frequently visits died this evening of natural causes.

    Once the nurse hangs up, she assures Rex's father that she did what was asked then says, "She believes that she killed you."

    Outside of Schuyler's room, he tells Rex how he found Stacy throwing away her blood at the hospital. As Stacy tries to stop Schuyler, Schuyler warns Rex that there's something off about Stacy's donation to Shane! "I think, somehow, these cells did not make it to your son, and some other cells did," Schuyler says. "And maybe this is how these ended up in the trash." However, Rex defends Stacy then starts to leave - but not before he warns Stacy to be careful around the guy who's carrying around a bag of blood!

    As Rex leaves, he runs into Gigi outside of Brody's room, who is explaining to Shane that she is on her way, and that she was just visiting Brody. Once she hangs up, Rex tries to correct her and asks, "Don't you mean you were getting busy with Brody?" As painful as it is, Gigi doesn't deny it and says, "You caught me, Balsom. That's exactly what I was doing."

    Back inside Schuyler's, Stacy rants at him for throwing around the bag of blood at Rex! Schuyler reminds Stacy how obsessed she is over Rex but wonders why he even cares - then kicks Stacy out of his apartment! Though Stacy says she has nowhere else to go, Schuyler opens the door and sends her on her way!

    Later, when Gigi heads to the hospital, she runs into Rex, who is happy to inform that Shane is doing much better - even though they are growing further apart by the second.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jessica and Brody kick things up a notch!

    Todd continues to get to Tea.

    Starr listens to Cole's confession.

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    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 27 2009 12:07 PM

    im glad schuyler kick stacey she has nowhere to go now...maybe she will learn to grow up which wont happen...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 27 2009 12:08 PM

    im glad brody told jessica the truth he can be with jessica...they are a hot couple...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 27 2009 12:09 PM

    starr had a right to be upset with cole...he needs to stop before its too late...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 27 2009 12:10 PM

    Rex is so dumb. Why would blood be in a trash bin. Even a doctor wouldn't do something like that. That's unsanitary.
    I'm glad that Schuyller threw her out. I guess she will go and stay with dumb Rex.

    Once Blair finds out that Marty is on the run with John she is going to pitch a hissy fit.

    When that figure sat up in that bed when Roxy was in that room, scared the living daylights out of me. I knew that nurse was covering for him, her or whomever.

    Posted by Soapyzest at Monday, April 27 2009 12:15 PM

    Maybe Jessica will expose Stacy's deception...
    Darn it! Just tell us who Rex's father is already!!!
    It would only be worth waiting for if it was Mitch...

    Posted by msbbrensinger at Monday, April 27 2009 12:18 PM

    I want to slap Rex over the head. If I were Rex I would start wonder why people like his mom, Gigi and Schy are so bent on telling him shes no good...maybe because that is the truth. Schy has no reason to wave blood in his face and tell Rex theres something amiss considering he doesnt even know the guy. Hello time to wake up Rex!! Gigi tell him the truth!!!

    Posted by Praizehm at Monday, April 27 2009 12:18 PM

    Well, well, well. Looks like Stacy has no where to go. Such a shame. Here's an idea sweetheart, why don't you head on over to the old stripper's home, you might can find a bed there! You might have to fight the other old strippers for the use of the pole every now and then, but there might be some free meals in it for you. Ha,ha,ha!! Serves her right the dirty skank!

    Posted by OLTLmanfan1 at Monday, April 27 2009 12:20 PM

    It was great to see Schuyler kick Stacy out! Jessica now knows the story, too. Stacy's plot is beginning to unravel, but not fast enough. END THIS STUPID STORYLINE,ALREADY!!!

    Posted by sharonski at Monday, April 27 2009 12:39 PM

    Praizehm, old strippers home!! LOL that's the best line yet!! anyway, i hope Rex wakes up soon to the fact that Stacey is a garden tool and Gigi lied only to save their child.

    As to Rex"s real father- writers you have dragged this storyline out for far too long- reveal who is it already! you're not building up suspense- you're just pissing the viewers off!!

    yeah, Marty you love Cole more than anything!? so why are you leaving town when he needs you the most huh? i saw the look on Cole's face when you said you were leaving with John and he looked sad, pitiful, and betrayed all at the same time. your place should be with your child as he battles his addiction not with your former boyfriend who is now married to someone else!

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 27 2009 01:00 PM

    i cant believe rex is been this way...he needs to find out about this fast...and he and gigi need to get back together...i thought rex was better than that...

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