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Reassessing The Future...

Thursday, April 23 2009
David and Dorian are forced to look at their feelings, Nora finds out that Rachel is Cole's counselor, and John makes plans to go on the run...

When David appears outside the mansion, Dorian rushes into his arms, but David wants to know what the deal was with her and Ray's kiss. Before Ray leaves them alone, he comments on David's commercial, then, once alone, David demands to know if there's something going on with Dorian and Don Juan! Dorian comments that Ray is available, and David isn't, and David lashes out at her for not respecting his dream! "You are the poster boy for a hemorrhoid remedy!" Dorian screams, but David wants to know, "Do you want to stay married to me, or not?"

Inside, sitting on the stairs, Langston gushes to Starr over Markko and the prom, while Lola listens from upstairs. After Starr makes a quick retreat, not wanting to talk about prom, Lola appears and warns Langston that Markko is going to jail - for helping Cole pass the drug test! As Lola and Langston argue, Ray appears and demands to know what's going on.

Lola tries to talk her way out of the situation, but Ray drags her outside and rants about her actions, saying that's not the way he raised her. Though Lola reminds Ray that he didn't raise her, Ray demands that they let go of the past. As Langston appears, on her way out, Lola puts on a show and apologizes. After Langston storms off, Lola tells her father that she wants to make things up to Langston and Markko. Proud of her decision, Ray goes back inside then Lola says to herself, "You have no idea what I'm capable of."

With Ray listening, David realizes that Dorian has feelings for Ray, and they both agree that they've grown apart. After they sadly admit that their timing is always off, Dorian weeps about having to face the end of their relationship, so David makes it easy for her by saying, "I'm dumping you." David and Dorian walk out into the foyer and hug. As Ray tries to excuse himself, David stops him, tells him to take care of Dorian - or he'll break his legs - then David leaves. Ray doesn't waste time asking Dorian out to dinner, and she accepts.

Outside, David says goodbye to the mansion and Llanview, again.

In the courtroom, RJ wants to know why Tea's getting dressed in a courtroom - and why Todd just left all disheveled, to which Tea blows off the subject of Todd and talks about a man she went on a date with, Ray, who is now interested in Dorian. RJ reminds her that the worst place to be is in-between Dorian and her men!

Todd arrives at the hospital to talk to Blair about custody of their kids and brings up the fact that John's in jail for murder. After Blair calls for the guard, Todd informs her that she had her chance to talk to him, rationally, but now he's going to the judge! Todd storms out…

John startles Michael in the hospital hallway, tells him that he escaped then asks for his help! Michael leaves John hidden in a room while he goes to get what John wants.

At the station, Bo looks at the wall of fallen officers, which now contains Talia's picture, then he and Fish run through the night of her murder. Just then, a cop appears to announce, "McBain escaped!" The officer explains that Antonio was there then John was gone then Bo gets a call from John, who says this is the only way for them to catch the killer. After Bo calls Michael, who claims he hasn't heard from John, Bo says to himself, "He's already heard from him," then rushes off.

Later, Michael sneaks John into Blair's room, to which John fills her in on his escape then says, "I don't have much time. I need to say goodbye." John plans to go on the run in order to track down the killer. "I need to get this psycho off the streets," John says, and Blair kisses John and tells him to go clear his good name.

When Todd arrives back at the courthouse, Tea and RJ are catching up, remembering old times, and how she still has Todd under her skin. Todd sits next to Tea, who is sitting next to RJ and laughs that it's just like old times - hinting at when he stole her away from RJ! After RJ leaves, Todd tells Tea about John's escape and laughs that he'll have his kids back in no time.

Bo arrives at the hospital, busts into Blair's room and turns the man around who is dressed in doctor garb, thinking it's John - but it's Michael!

Back at the Angels Square Hotel, John sneaks into his room, grabs his gun then goes to grab something from the closet - and sees that the killer has been there… There's a picture of Marty pinned on the door with a knife stabbed into it!

Nora arrives at the drug rehab, shocked to see Rachel - and to hear that she's Cole's new counselor! Though Nora tries to talk Rachel out of her new case, she finally calms down and accepts Rachel's attempt to help Cole. Suddenly, Lola storms in, demanding to know why Rachel didn't do anything about Markko helping out with Cole's drug test! After Rachel dismisses Lola, Nora reminds Rachel of her legal obligation to report Cole then says, "Next time, he could kill someone. Think about that." Nora leaves…

When Cole finds Marrko at the dinner, he demands to know why he ratted him out to Lola! After Markko fills Cole in on how Lola must have overheard him talking to Langston, Cole assures him his counselor is not going to turn them in. Markko takes a call from Langston about Lola knowing about the drug test, but Markko assures her that Cole's counselor is giving Cole another chance.

Once Starr appears, Cole joins her, and the two agree to find out how their baby died, but first Starr wants to know how Cole's recovery is going. After Starr shows signs of wanting to help him through this, Cole lies that he's been doing fine - and even passed his last drug test. As they come up with a plan to get the answers about Hope's death, Cole appears to be going through withdrawal symptoms, as Starr touches her locket and suggests that they start there.

Langston arrives and tells Markko about her latest run-in with Lola and assures him that she doesn't believe that Lola feels sorry for what she did - not even one bit! Wanting to forget about Lola, Markko hands Langston two prom tickets, never realizing that Lola is plotting to ruin their night!

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Schuyler wonders what Stacy is up to!

Kyle confronts Roxy about John Doe!

Marty still wants to help John find the killer.

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