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    Cole's Secret Is Out!

    Tuesday, April 21 2009
    Lola plans to get back at Markko and Langston, Viki knows Todd has feelings for Tea, and Todd uses John's situation to his advantage...

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    Posted by Ringleader at Tuesday, April 21 2009 12:48 PM

    OLTLmanfan1 and Soapyzest - I couldn't agree with you more about the lack of attention to "real world" detail in the storylines lately. It's really annoying. Maybe if the writers paid more attention to these types of things, they wouldn't keep losing fans. I know for me, I only watch if something major happens - otherwise, I just read the recaps.

    HipHopGrandma - I agree with you about wanting to tranq. the Mayor. What a flippin' moron - although, comparing to some of the performances of "real world" policitians lately, maybe he's the most genuine character on the show!!

    As far as Lola telling on Cole and Markko, I don't agree with her motivation (revenge) but I am glad that someone said something. Cole should not be allowed to leave the treatment facility at all until he's completely detoxed. I mean really, who gets to "sign out" of court ordered rehab?? That just doesn't happen (see above comment on attention to "real world" details).

    Posted by texas skies at Tuesday, April 21 2009 01:43 PM

    I thought it was quite obvious that Roxy didn't go through proper channels. and everything was off the books. no real details to pay attention to if what your doing is illegal

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, April 21 2009 03:38 PM

    I'M glad Lola went to Rachel even if it was for the wrong reason,She may have saved Cole's life.Markko was not being a good friend when he took the test for Cole.Dorian was calling the kettle black when she called Lola a skanky ho! SHE NEEDS TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND AT BLAIR! Looking at the vedio last night about the serial killer, because of the pants&shoes I think it could me a woman(Not TEA!)BUT DOING IT FOR TODD,Although Todd doesn't have a clue she is doing it. *****Spoiler Alert***** Apparently someone is going to blackmail NAT&JARED ABOUT THEIR SECRET.I guess someone over heard then. I AM SO LOOKING FORWORD TO TOMORROWS EPISODE WITH TODD&TEA!

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, April 21 2009 04:01 PM

    Viki should run for mayor again!Because Lowell made Ramsay police commish ,the serial killer Todd&Marty StarrCOLE&HOPEectra, ARE ALL HIS FAULT!

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 21 2009 04:08 PM

    lola is not a good cousin to langston...all she done is cause trouble for langston...after what langston did for her...

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, April 21 2009 04:17 PM

    I agree with the other posters, what Lola did going to Rachel regarding the drug test was the best thing for Cole. Even though we all know what a sleezy person she is this will help Cole and I am confident that with Rachel's help Cole will be drug free soon. Marty needs to be close to Cole to help him through this,but no, she keeps clinging to John. I no longer like this character.

    As far as Christin being there for Layla, was sweet. I see an affair coming on between them, just in time for Evangline to wake up from her coma.

    I hope Tod will regain custody of his children since John has been set up and arrested for murder. Although I can't understand why Sam is not with him at this moment, since Blair is in the hospital and is not the biological mother.

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, April 21 2009 05:34 PM

    LUCETTA: I HOPE you are right and Todd gains temp custody ,them later joint custody of Jack & full custody of Sam.he would never have lost custody if the accident hadn't been with Adrianna one of Sam's kidnappers and Marcie hadn't tried to take advantage of the situation, to steal Sam again so I guess I'm glad he was with his sibs just as I'm glad Hope was at Viki's rather then Marcie's. untel Starr realizes her DAD WAS RIGHT ABOUT HER CHANGEING HER MIND!But TODD SHOULD HAVE THE KIDS!John shouldn't be anywhere near Sam ,he helped Kidnap him.I'M looking forward to the look on everyones face when they realize it was Jess's alter who did the kidnapping after Todd changed his mind,Bess probably watched Todd for years and knew he would never be able go through with it. The only reason I like the Sam&Blair relationship is because she'll have real empathy when he finds out he was the product of rape because so was she,but I still don't want her to be his mother,because she did marry John,I can only forgive Tea because she doesn't know what John did!...... Marty is a terrible mother ,she is acting like a teenager with a crush at least lola&Starr are teenagers I BET STARR WILL BE A BETTER MOTHER THEN SHE IS!ZACH IS RIGHT SHE HASN'T CHANGED!

    Posted by Starlett at Tuesday, April 21 2009 08:45 PM

    I kinda liked Zack today. The way he was all over John. I wouldn't be surprised if the mayor knew who the real killer is. I am still wondering if the killer could be Bess. What if these people saw her around the hospital when she switched the babies, and she feels she needs to get rid of them so Jess won't find out about the switch.

    I am glad that Lola told Rachel about the faked drug test. But I am happier, that it won't have the outcome that she was hoping for. Now Cole will come clean with Rachel and she will still help him, instead of sending him to jail. I wonder what the demon seed will do next to make Markko and Langston pay.

    I don't understand why Todd is not allowed to talk to his kids. He met the court requirements and the restraining order has expired. Just because Blair and John got custody, doesn't mean he cann't have any contact.*****And Tea is going to prevent him from getting to court to try again to get custody.

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, April 21 2009 08:56 PM

    I still think Lola is the killer. Doesn't anyone agree with me?

    Posted by Grish at Tuesday, April 21 2009 09:43 PM

    I posted this in another area. But smart money is going to be on Tea being the killer.

    Lee Halpern: She freely admitted to killing her

    Wes Granger: Fought With Todd

    Blair Cramer: Tea Hates Blair & Wants Todd For Herself

    Talia: Was Gunning For John, But Talia was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Tea has been conveniently defending, not defending, sleeping with, leading on Todd when it suits her. She has been placating him to cover her motives with characters, such as Marty, John, Bo & Nora and hell even Vicki!

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