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    Stirring Up The Past...

    Tuesday, April 14 2009
    The Todd and Zach situation comes to a head, Marty has a memory, Roxy gives Gigi some advice about Stacy, and Clint confides to Viki his troubles with Nora...

    With John wrestling Zach on the bed at Todd's house, Todd aims the gun their way and shoots! As Zach and John fall to the floor, John tells Todd, "Nice shot," but Todd appears disappointed that he missed John. Suddenly, Talia and the other cops come in and take over the situation.

    Shortly after, when Talia goes downstairs, she lets them know that Zach was shot then pulls Marty aside, while Cole holds Starr close, glad that everything is over. Starr remembers that Cole wanted to tell her something, and though Cole thinks back to admitting to Marty that he still loves Starr, he doesn't go any further to tell her - and is saved from having to when John comes downstairs. Marty runs to John and holds him close, in relief, as John assures Starr that Todd is fine.

    While Cole runs upstairs to get some aspirin, asking Starr to cover for him, Zach, who is still in the bedroom, provokes Todd by saying how hot Starr is! Once Todd is brought under control, Zach rants about how Todd is going to get away with everything - like always! After Zach is taken away and the bedroom is cleared, Cole slips into the bathroom and takes some pills from Todd's medicine cabinet!

    Back downstairs, Starr rushes into Todd's arms, who says he would have died for her. As Todd watches Marty and John, Zach is brought down, and Marty approaches Zach, who says, "Hey Marty, remember me?" Suddenly, Marty has a memory of Zach raping her, but she claims, through gritted teeth, that she doesn't remember him at all! As Zach is taken away, Cole rejoins Starr and John voices to Marty that he hopes that they have the right guy - the killer… No one realizes that Todd is back upstairs, touching his finger to the blood on his carpet!

    When Schuyler interrupts Kyle and Stacy back at his apartment, he thinks Kyle is Rex, takes offense that Stacy would have a secret rendezvous at his apartment then demands that Stacy get the hell out of his place! After Stacy sets the record straight, Schuyler still wants to know what Kyle is doing there - and what they are both planning to pull off! Though Stacy claims Kyle came by to sooth her fear of needles, Schuyler recognizes the look in Stacy's eyes - the one she has when she lies. Stacy reminds Schuyler that she's changed, like he has, then walks Kyle out - where Kyle privately informs Stacy that she needs to go through with the stem cell harvest in order to keep anyone from finding out the truth. Back inside with Schuyler, Stacy listens as he voices his disappointment that she choose the guy who doesn't love her over the guy who does.

    Still in Shane's room, Rex acts as though everything is fine between him and Gigi, but Shane pushes for the truth. Finally, Rex agrees to go get Gigi and talk it over with Shane.

    Outside Shane's room, after Roxy tells Gigi that they need to figure out a way to get Stacy back to Vegas, while getting Shane better at the same time, Gigi wants to know how Roxy knows any of this! As Roxy rambles, and slips by saying that Stacy's not even 'a match' anyway, she changes her wording and says that Stacy's not a match for Rex - and they need to find a way to rat Stacy out! Suddenly, Rex emerges from Shane's room, says he doesn't want to hear any more excuses for Gigi's behavior then informs her that they need to tell Shane the truth! Reluctantly, Gigi agrees to tell Shane the bare minimum then promises that after tomorrow, after the transplant, she'll tell everyone everything! After Rex and Gigi walk away, Kyle stops by Roxy and whispers that everything is all set for tomorrow - at the special care facility.

    Inside Shane's room, Rex and Shane listen as Gigi claims that though she and Rex have been a bit snappy lately, after the transplant, everything is going to be okay.

    While talking to Rachel at the Buchanan mansion, Clint peeks into the living room then leaves undetected, seeing that Nora doesn't have time for him - again. Just as Rachel tries to talk to her mom about her troubles with Clint, Bo appears with Matthew, who is happy to see that Rachel is home. After Rachel convinces Matthew to go shoot some hoops, Bo wonders where Clint is, which starts a conversation about Clint's place in Nora's life, and Bo's lack of having someone in his.

    Over at Llanfair, Viki and Charlie are about to take advantage of some quiet time. As Charlie heads upstairs first, Viki grabs some strawberries from the fridge and goes to follow - but there's a knock at the door. It's Clint, who immediately gets into his troubles about Matthew's surprise party and his faltering relationship with Nora. After Viki admits that he may have gone overboard with the party, Clint is furious that she didn't forewarn him, but Viki refuses to get in-between whatever is going on with Clint, Nora and Bo. Clint understands, and says he expected some awkwardness between him and his brother, then listens as Viki reminds him that Nora and Bo have to work together as parents - and to stop trying to compete with Bo and Rachel. "She'll lean on you when she can," Viki advises, leaving Clint to hug Viki with thanks - just as Charlie comes back downstairs to see what's keeping Viki! Clint quickly apologizes for interrupting their night then leaves - and Viki has to ease Charlie's jealousy where Clint is concerned, by leading him upstairs to play doctor!

    Later, Clint arrives home just in time to catch Nora assure Bo, during a close moment, that Matthew will be fine, never hearing the part where Nora wished that Bo had someone special in his life, like she does with Clint!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John still wonders who the killer is.

    Cole goes to Markko for a favor.

    Todd uses Tea's feelings to further his plan.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:08 PM

    It was nice to see Starr so concerned for Todd. They even hugged. My Todd is a hero.

    As for Gigi, I hope she takes Roxi's advice and tell Rex as soon as the surgery is over about what Stacey tried to do.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:08 PM

    i like the todd and starr scene also...i hope they can be father and daughter will happen soon...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:09 PM

    I think that the only way that Cole will stop using drugs is when he finds out that his baby is alive. I believe he will want to be a better father for the baby. At least I hope.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:11 PM

    i meant to say i like the cole and starr scene today...all he had to do is tell starr how he feels about her...i know he still cares for her so much...please earse the first one i wrote...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:13 PM

    roxy gave gigi good advice today...i hope they track stacey down and stacey get what she deserves...and after that i hope gigi and rex get back together...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:14 PM

    i also like the matthew and rachel scene...matthew was so happy to see her...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:16 PM

    schuyler should of kick stacey out...she always trying her best to lie to him...schuyler knows she is up to something...

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, April 14 2009 12:51 PM

    Hi everyone..great show today...
    Highlight...Todd ..need I say more

    Cole looks bad he is still taking the pills. He knows he can not be with Starr when he is that way. Go back to treatment center and get the much needed help you need.
    On Soaps Up today learned we will not know who the killer is until May Sweeps....but we will see Todd and John working together which I'm happy to watch.
    I still think Nora and Bo look great together.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, April 14 2009 01:27 PM

    bo and nora will get together...i hope clint find someone to love...they need to bring somebody for clint...

    Posted by Gotta Luv the Soaps at Tuesday, April 14 2009 01:29 PM

    Stacy is a sleazy manipulator and an absolute idiot. She is living with a man who adores her and wants to have a real relationship with her, and she turns her back on him over her ridiculous Rex fantasies. She is so dense! Once Shane has the bone marrow transplant, there will be no reason for Gigi to keep quiet about what Stacy pulled with her. There is no way Rex will forgive Stacy for risking his son's life because of her stupid infantile crush. The girl is a psychopath!

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