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    Fraternity Brothers No More...

    Monday, April 06 2009
    Todd’s past resurfaces, Rex thinks Gigi is lying to him, and Schuyler doesn't feel the same as Starr...

    Todd is shocked to see Zach appear at The Sun, and after Zach taunts his old friend a bit, Todd asks, "What do you want?" Zach continues to rant about spending the best years of his life behind bars while Powell was sent to a nuthouse and Todd was let off! Bringing up the rape, and how Zach only did what Todd wanted, he says, "You owe me." Though he hasn't figured out what he wants from Todd, Zach asks about Marty - and how she didn't remember who Todd was! Wondering if the cops think Todd is the killer, Todd wonders if Zach knows anything about the killings. However, Zach claims he was never a killer then asks Todd for a million dollars to disappear! "Go to hell," Todd says. "I'm giving you nothing!" Todd claims he's paid, and is still paying, for what they did then screams, "I owe you nothing!" Zach leaves, but once in the hallway says, "This isn't over, Manning."

    Still at the diner, once Fish informs Marty and John that Zach bought a ticket to Llanview, they wonder if he could be the killer. John asks Fish to notify anyone close to Zach then worries that the killer will be out for more blood. John admits that it's possible that Zach could be back to set Todd up, but Marty says, "You don't believe that, do you?" John assures Marty that no one will be ruled out as a suspect, asks her to keep her eyes open then leaves to get Sam from school.

    At the Angels Square Hotel, Cole roams the halls, finds Schuyler's room and bangs on the door, screaming, "Mr. J, open up!"

    Inside, just when Starr asks Schuyler if he wants her, they hear Cole and scramble to figure out what to do! As Cole threatens to kick in the door, Starr hides, and Schuyler answers it. Once Schuyler lets Cole in, he begins searching the apartment then asks, "Are you sleeping with her?" As Schuyler denies it, Cole screams how he took advantage of Starr's need to be touched then accuses him and his mother of ruining their lives! After Schuyler promises Cole that he's never slept with Starr - and never will - Cole warns him to stay away from Starr then leaves.

    When Starr comes out, she accuses Schuyler of lying - and claims that he must want her too - but Schuyler denies it and says, "There's nothing between us, there can't be. We're not going to be involved!" No matter how much Starr continues throwing herself at Schuyler, he screams, "You've got to face reality… I don't want you! Can I make that anymore clearer?"

    As Starr rushes out of Schuyler's room, Cole sees her from the shadows of the hallway!

    Knelling near Hope's gravesite, Natalie talks about how the wrong name is on the headstone until she hears… "Natalie?" Startled, Natalie apologizes to Marcie for being there then listens as Marcie talks about how things are getting better for her in regards to Hope's death - but how it was a long road, one that will never be healed. Over talk of Michael, Marcie says, "Losing her brought us together again… When I saw Jessica with that baby… It's brought her back to life." When asking about Jessica, Marcie wonders if Natalie is going to be Chloe's Godmother, but Natalie isn't so sure. "I know you'd do right by that child," Marcie says, and Natalie replies, "I'm trying to."

    At Llanfair, as Charlie boasts about Chloe's presence in the house, Jared says, "Please don't." After Charlie asks Jared to confide in him, Jared asks what he would do if he knew something that could change everyone's life, leaving Charlie to ask, "Do you have another secret?" Jared assures his father that this is something major, and though Charlie doesn't want to know what the secret is he advises that Jared deal with it - before it eats him alive!

    Just as Charlie runs off to get a crying Chloe, Natalie arrives home, tells Jared about her visit with Marcie - and about how she appears to have made peace over losing Hope. Knowing Jessica would never get over the loss of losing Chloe, Natalie wonders what good it would do to tell the truth.

    Later, sitting at Hope's gravesite, Cole pops another pill, knowing everything's gone too far - and that there's no chance for any of them now.

    At the diner, Starr starts writing a letter to Schuyler…

    By the hospital lab, Kyle insists to Stacy that she is not a match for Shane, but Stacy assures him that she got tested at another lab then walks away.

    Down the hallway, Roxy appears just as Gigi is turning down Rex's wedding proposal. When Roxy hears about Shane getting another donor, Stacy appears to announce that she's it - and Roxy figures out what Rex and Gigi's breakup is all about! After Rex and Gigi leave to tell Shane the news, Roxy slaps Stacy hard across the face! However, Stacy blames Roxy for this whole mess - for not telling Rex the truth - but continues to go forward with her plan. "How could you do this to your sister?" Roxy asks, but Stacy promises that she'll make Rex fall in love with her.

    Just as Roxy asks how she plans to get the bone marrow, Kyle appears, again tells Stacy that she's not a match - but that John Doe is! "Is there something you two want to tell me?" Kyle asks, and Stacy replies, "You're going to help save my nephew's life." Stacy and Roxy give Kyle the story that the donor is someone who Shane's parents hate, and though Kyle talks about anonymous donors donating all the time, Stacy begs him to do this privately - so Rex, the PI, doesn't find out who the person is - and to go to the clinic, get the marrow then pretend it came from her! Reluctantly, Kyle assures them if John Doe passes some more tests, he's on board - in order to save Shane.

    Before Rex and Gigi enter Shane's room, Rex agrees not to tell their son that she cheated on him - for Shane, not Gigi! Though the two act happy in front of Shane, he says, "You can drop the act… I know." Shane talks about how his Aunt Stacy told him that his donor fell through, leading Gigi and Rex to name Stacy as Shane's new donor. Shane is excited, especially when Gigi says, "And she's not going anywhere." Though Shane asks why Gigi is crying, she replies, "Happy tears." At Shane's persistence, they all share a tension-filled group hug.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Hank wants to help Nora.

    Natalie and Jared plan to keep the truth from Jessica.

    David appears to be more trouble than he's worth to Dorian.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 06 2009 12:13 PM

    I wished Roxy had slapped Stacey again. Trust me Stacey wouldn't have said a word because it would have blown her cover. The doctor helping Stacey is so stupid to think that Rex would delay the surgery on his son to try to track down the donor.

    As for Zack, if he wants to be a Doctor then go be one. He's out of jail. It's not up to Todd to take care of him. Todd didn't make him rape Marty. He did because he wanted too. And at the rate he's going he will be back in jail.

    Posted by zphib_96 at Monday, April 06 2009 12:24 PM

    I'm REALLY upset with Roxy! She's the reason Stacy even has any leverage over Gigi! Why, oh WHY won't Roxy just tell the truth?? But no, she's going to keep this whole thing a secret which will blow up in her face in the end! I'm tired of Stacy ~ poof BE GONE!!!

    Natalie, just tell the truth! If not now, why wait later when it'll REALLY be a bigger mess to deal with! You can tell it's KILLING Natalie and Jared...just tell the truth ALREADY!!!

    The case of the serial killer Frat boy ~ wanna bet it's Fish or Kyle?? I bet it's either of them...for some reason I'm thinking it's them but not Zach. Zach is showing his true colors now by ***spoiler*** demanding money from Todd and kidnapping Starr. He'll be back in jail in no time. Nope, it's either Kyle the doctor or Fish the police officer who is the KAD serial killer.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 06 2009 01:12 PM

    good slap u give stacey roxy...u should of did it again...she deserve it...she got slap twice...

    Posted by Arabella at Monday, April 06 2009 01:12 PM

    OMG! Starr has turned into a little tart just like her mother. How sad! Apparently, she's not going to be happy until Schuyler is sitting his butt in jail for statutory rape...losing his job wasn't enough for her? She is seriously delusional if she thinks he's going to jeopardize his entire career and freedom to get into bed with her.

    Have Jared and Natalie learned nothing about keeping secrets? How are they going to stand at the Christening and pretend not to know how wrong it all is to keep silent.

    And Roxy needs to step up and help Gigi put Stacey the skank out of her misery. You can see how angry at Gigi Rex is becoming; soon it will be too late for them to reconcile. He's going to be mad as hell no matter how Gigi tries to explain it and he may NEVER talk to Roxy again for letting it all happen.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 06 2009 01:14 PM

    im so glad schuyler told starr he didnt want her...she needs to reliaze she cant be with her teacher...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 06 2009 01:16 PM

    im so glad cole caught starr leaving schuyler room...she better be lucky he didnt see her...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, April 06 2009 01:18 PM

    i cant believe cole took another pill...he needs to leave those pills alone and change his life around before its too late...

    Posted by jumps at Monday, April 06 2009 01:20 PM

    I agree that Todd owes Zach nothing, but you can't blame the guy for being angry. Todd was the LEADER of Marty's gang rape and he is really the only one who basically got away with it.

    Posted by loveOLTL at Monday, April 06 2009 01:24 PM

    It was funny that Zach blames Todd for involving of rapping Marty and he said he would be a Doctor. What's NUT! I was glad he wasn't graduate for MD b/c if he was an idiot who couldn't take control of his life and wanted to blame someone else for doing wrong things.

    Starr, I had no words for her....but sad sad sad....I hope Skyer throw her out soon.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 06 2009 01:44 PM

    Todd wasn't the leader of some rape gang. You rape somebody because you want to, not because somebody tells you to. How weak are you? Now he's black mailing Todd. Seems to have a mind of his own now.

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