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    Hank Returns To Llanview!

    Wednesday, April 01 2009
    Hank comes home, someone watches Todd, Tea goes on a date with Ray, and Nora and Clint's relationship pays the price...

    While Matthew is in therapy, Clint and Bo head to the diner, where Clint tries to get Bo to take a step back. After a quick dinner, Bo confides his worries for Matthew, to which Clint reminds him that Bo needs to lean on his friends and family, now more than ever.

    Nora's having a hard time on the phone with someone about getting the mansion wheelchair accessible, when Hank arrives at the Buchanan mansion! Nora rushes into his arms! Over talk of Matthew's paralysis, Nora breaks down because there's nothing she can do to help her son, and Hank holds her close. Nora then talks about Cole, and how she wanted to make him pay, but she blamed herself for not realizing that Cole was doing drugs - and how Cole reminded her of Rachel, and how their daughter could have hurt someone while she was on drugs.

    Suddenly, Clint and Bo appear, and Bo rushes to greet his best friend. As they all get reacquainted, Clint offers to take Hank to see Matthew, but Nora nixes the idea and heads off to get a room ready for Hank, who asks Bo about Clint and Nora's relationship!

    In the foyer, Clint stops Nora and asks, "What am I doing wrong?" Though Clint wants Nora to open up to him, he appears hurt to hear that Nora has opened up to Bo and Hank! Nora reminds Clint that she's being pulled in numerous directions then Clint wonders if she wants him to fall by the wayside. Though Nora doesn't know how to answer that, Clint says, "You just did."

    Sitting in a steam room, Todd is joined by Jackie and asks him how much it'd cost to have someone whacked-off - particularly his kids' new step-dad, John McBain! Though Jackie shuns the deal, Todd tries to remind Jackie that he owes him - but Jackie doesn't back down and refuses Todd's job offer, saying, "In this town, murder doesn't solve squat!"

    Over at the mansion, after Jack lashes out at Dorian about rules, John arrives, and Dorian says, "Oh, Jack, Daddy's here!" John goes into the living room, alone, and tries to reason with Jack, who relays what Todd told him about John - that he spends all of his money on beer and black clothes! After Jack goes over some more of Todd's claims, he blames John for letting Blair get stabbed! Though John promises to be there for Jack, Jack reminds him of all of the broken promises in his life then runs off.

    Back out in the foyer, Dorian acts as though she doesn't care when Ray announces that he's going on a date - with Tea! Helping Ray with his cufflinks, Dorian wonders if Tea is the right choice for Ray, but Ray lays on the compliments for Tea thick then leaves Dorian stewing in her jealousy!

    At Capricorn, Tea asks Cris for a truce then announces that she's waiting for her date, Ray Montez! However, Cris refuses to have anything to do with Tea and her date!

    Talia and Layla are working out at the gym, where Layla talks about how her blind date didn't happen - because of her fight with Cris! As Layla rants about their argument, and about Fish, Fish appears and asks, "Did I just hear my name?" After the girls lie and tell Fish they were talking about his muscles, Layla again blames Cris for her troubles - and Cris appears, overhears then lashes out at Layla by saying, "So, how did I screw up your life now?" Having had enough, Cris leaves Layla with some insults then walks away - and Layla stomps off after him!

    Across the room, Fish is shocked to see Kyle and says, "I never thought I'd see you again." Both men appear uncomfortable. Just then, Fish gets a call from John, with information on the case, and rushes off.

    With Cris inside the steam room, Layla joins him and starts throwing her own insults around - and tells Cris that he has chicken legs! As Cris tries to leave, he rants that the door is jammed - and that they are now stuck in there!

    Arriving at the mansion, though Fish is reluctant to risk his job over talking to John about the case, John reminds him of all of the harm the killer has caused then the two go over the case... Todd as a possible subject then the letters 'KAD' - and how they are the letters of a frat house that housed Marty's rapists! The color drains from Fish's face, who says, "KAD was my frat." Over talk of who from the frat could be a suspect, John points to a mug shot of Zach Rosen - who did his time but is now on the streets!

    Back at the gym, Kyle works out his frustrations on the treadmill…

    When Ray arrives at Capricorn, he has to wonder if Tea asking him out has anything to do with trying to forget someone else. Suddenly, Todd arrives, and Tea can't wait to tell Todd that Ray is her date. Todd tells Ray to 'run' then heads to the bar. Just as Ray suggests that he and Tea give Todd something to think about, Dorian crashes their date! Once Ray makes it clear that Dorian isn't wanted there, Dorian runs to the bar, leaving Tea to give Ray a warning about Dorian - that she plays for keeps and fights to win!

    At the bar, Jackie tells Todd to go stalk someone else! Todd gets a call from Jack who announces, "John McPain just moved in!" Though Todd promises to make everything right, Jack replies, "You're so full of crap!"

    When Jackie approaches Dorian at the bar, she asks him to kiss her - and he does, just as Ray is heading to talk to her!

    Back at the table, Tea looks the other way, as Todd watches her from afar. A man at the bar glances at Todd then turns around - it's Zach Rosen!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Gigi does what's needed to save Shane.

    Todd takes advantage of how Tea feels toward him.

    Cris and Layla's situation escalates!

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    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:10 PM

    i like the nora and hank scene...i was so glad to see hank today...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:11 PM

    wonder what going to happen with layla and cristian since they are stuck again for the second time...i think they will get together and be a couple...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:12 PM

    I loved all the things that Jack said to John today. They were so funny and true.

    I don't blame Todd for trying to put out a hit on John. You would do anything if someone tried to take your kids from you.

    And Dorian she is so jealous. It was good to see Hank today.

    I guess now we know who the killer is. It's Zach Rosen.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:12 PM

    im so glad the man turn todd down today...todd needs to grow up and change and stop what he doing...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:15 PM

    I just don't understand why Zach would stab Blair, unless it's to set up Todd.

    Speaking of Todd, Tea still loves him so much. Trying to make him jealous. Todd is not thinking about her.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:33 PM

    now we know who doing all the glad we know who doing it...

    Posted by shepmajor at Wednesday, April 01 2009 12:39 PM

    Cowboys fan - I wouldn't be so sure that Zach Rosen is the killer... Can you smell the red herring in the air?

    Posted by janjan03 at Wednesday, April 01 2009 01:07 PM

    So, now Todd's trying to put a 'hit' out on John. That scumbag will never learn and will never change!!

    Posted by honneybear at Wednesday, April 01 2009 01:23 PM

    "he spends all of his money on beer and black clothes" that was the funniest line in this episode i mean no matter how u feel about todd u have to admit that he is a comedian deep down i guess that's wat makes his character likeable at times. Isn't dorian too old to be chasing after a man and besides wat happen to her loving husband david. And chris and layla feels forced to me. i mean would u start a relationship with a guy that dated both ur sister and ur best friend? Come on writers think of something else

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Wednesday, April 01 2009 01:45 PM

    Okay - those of you who don't approve of capital punishment, do not read any further. I'm old school. And if Jack dared talk to me, or any other adult around me, the way he talks to Dorian and John, and bust his little behind so hard and send him to his room (without TV and Playstation) so long, that when he came out, he'd be old enough to vote. I realize the kid has some issues - of course, Todd's his daddy - that's issue enough. But there's a limit in what a child should be allowed to do and Jack is so far over the limit that only intensive therapy will help. Someone better get ahold of him now before the police do.
    BTW - anyone notice the comment from Jackie - in this town murder doesn't solve squat? Wonder if that's an off-hand to Roxie's comatose (not) ex; someone that everyone has assumed is dead, but that Jackie - because of his criminal connections - knows isn't. Sorry if I babbled, but I just couldn't help myself.
    And honneybear - Dorian probably should be faithful to David until she's willing to get a divorce, but trust me - she is definitely NOT too old to be chasing after a man. The day you stop chasing, you might as well just sit down because it's all over.

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