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    An Unlikely Source!

    Friday, March 20 2009
    Marty goes to someone for help, John uncovers a clue, and Stacey confronts Roxy - claiming she knows the truth...

    When Tea appears at the police station, Todd thinks she's there for him - until Marty speaks up, "She's here for me." After Marty and Tea go off to talk, Marty makes it clear that she hates having to come to Tea but says, "I want to hire you to represent my son Cole." While talking about Cole's case, Marty explains that Cole will be tried as an adult then says, "Anyone who can get Todd Manning off… That's who I need for Cole. Whatever it takes, I'll do it to save my son!" Tea agrees to take the case but warns that she may have to hurt Nora in order to get Cole off - Marty accepts the consequences.

    Back in the station room, Todd's lawyer has him sign some papers, leaving Todd to anticipate getting his kids back. After Todd is told that the restraining order against him expired, he's warned to hold off on seeing the kids until they can get him custody - before the family realizes the expiration and has the order restored against him!

    As Tea is walking through the station room, she overhears Todd and his lawyer but makes herself turn around - stressing to herself that she doesn't want to know what Todd's up to now!

    In the hospital chapel, Gigi worries that Shane will die, but Rex snaps, "We need to stay positive!" Gigi used to be strong and says, "Hope alone isn't going to do it. We need a real live person to save Shane's life." Though Gigi is skeptical about miracles, Rex is determined - with Gigi's help - to make a miracle happen. Rex heads back into Shane's room, leaving Gigi to stand behind and pray to God.

    Down the hall, Stacey grabs Roxy, talks about her friend being a match for Shane then says, "I know who John Doe really is!" Though Roxy claims that she's John Doe, Stacey says, "I know the truth. I know everything!" After Stacey lets on that she followed Roxy to the special care facility, and got a good look at John Doe, Roxy is shocked to hear that Stacey knows her secret - about Rex's father! "So then you know?" Roxy asks, to which Stacey replies, "Oh yeah, Roxy, I know." Talking about how she looked up John Doe's real name, Stacey can see why Roxy didn't want to tell Rex who is was then says, "But there's no reason that I can't." Roxy grabs Stacey, says, "You set me up," then goes to slap her, but Stacey gets Roxy under control, who begs Stacey not to tell Rex about the creep who is his father! However, knowing Shane needs the donor, Stacey warns that Roxy better tell someone before Shane dies! Finally, when Roxy agrees to tell Rex, Stacey promises not to tell Rex, warns Roxy that she can't tell him either then says, "Shut up, and do exactly as I say."

    Shortly after, when Rex runs into Roxy in the hallway, Roxy informs him that they've found a bone marrow match for Shane!

    As Stacey is walking by the chapel, she hears Gigi making a deal with God - to do anything at all if God saves her son's life. "Whatever sacrifice I have to make, done," Gigi says. "So name it, tell me what you want me to do." Stacey appears then says, "Your prayers have been answered… There's a bone marrow match for Shane… It's me."

    Outside of Blair's room, while John is holding Sam, Addie appears to inform him that Blair is doing better - but it will be a while before she comes around. Though she hates to ask John for more than he's already given, Addie begs, "Find the person who did this to my daughter." After John promises to, Addie insists that John go home and shower, to be ready for when Blair needs him.

    Once John is gone, a man appears looking for Blair, and after Addie explains Blair's condition, she's handed some papers - and is told to consider herself served! Addie looks at the papers then says, "Oh, no."

    On John's way out, he briefly fills Fish in on Blair's prognosis, confesses that he's looking into the case, privately, then listens to Fish's news - that the PD has put him back on duty while Antonio is off on a special assignment, which couldn't make John happier! Though Fish refuses to give John any of the evidence, he does agree to show him the list of evidence from the murder scenes. "I think the killer's leaving us a message," John confides.

    Later, back at John's apartment, Fish arrives with photocopies of all the evidence reports from the murder scenes, says, "I hope you find what you're looking for," then leaves. After looking over everything, John calls Marty, asks her to come over then says, "It's important."

    When Marty arrives, they briefly talk about Cole and Blair then John asks about Janet - and if she remembers her ever wearing a third earring. Marty doesn't, and John shows her a photo of Janet wearing a third earring - a 'K' earring that looks as though it was put in a freshly pierced hole! Though John doesn't want to get into the details with her, Marty demands that he let her help. John tells her about the letters he's found then starts saying the letters in different orders until he says, "K A D," leaving Marty to reveal that that's the fraternity that she was raped at!

    Stuck inside the diner freezer, with no handle on the inside door, Layla screams for someone to get them out of there! After Cris warns that no one will hear her, he says, "Chill," leading Layla to say, "That's not even funny!" After they bicker about their earlier issues, Cris gives Layla his sweater then admits that he wasn't looking for forgiveness from Evangeline, leading Layla to remind Cris of how he dumped Sarah for Vanessa. Freezing, Layla takes out some matches, and the two get close to try to warm up their hands. Just as they both admit to 'feeling the heat', a waitress opens the door and rescues them!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John worries about Marty's safety.

    Stacey has a new plan to get Rex!

    Dorian vows to get revenge on Todd.

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    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Friday, March 20 2009 12:17 PM

    Okay - KAD!! Now that's information I really wanted to know. It's starting to sound like to might be Powell Lord after all. Like I said before, he was even crazier than Todd because he always played the preppy good boy, but there was nothing good about him. I hope they bring back the original actor.

    Posted by valacent at Friday, March 20 2009 12:35 PM

    Where is Madam Delphina to help out Gigi or Tess. Tess would wipe the floor with Stacy. Its about time on Monday we hear what the stupid demand from Stacy is. So that in weeks time Stacy will get whats finally coming to her. Maybe the one who stabbed Blair will get Stacy. Even though Blair has been very bratty lately I wish it were stacy getting the multiple stabs from whomever this person was instead of Blair. I hope once the truth is out that Marcie or Starr dont lash at a Jessica. I hope that they are just so Elated to have their baby back that they just move on. I know Dorian probably wont but I hope those two do.

    Posted by Ringleader at Friday, March 20 2009 12:41 PM

    HipHopGrandma, I thought Powell was the good kid. Wasn't he the only one who actually felt bad about what they did to Marty? Granted it was a while back, and I don't remember all the players, but I thought that Todd and the other guy (Zach something) were the real bad guys.

    Although, Miles Laurence really wanted Marty a while back, so maybe this plays into that angle of bringing him back.

    Posted by Lovin OLTL at Friday, March 20 2009 12:52 PM

    Hip Hop Grandma here is the answer to you question about Powell Lord ..............

    Powell Lord III, the grandson of Victor Lord's brother Powell, was one of several Llanview University students who participated in the 1993 gang rape of Marty Saybrooke. Viki's son Kevin was also implicated but ultimately exonerated; the rape had been led by Todd Manning, and a guilty Powell had participated due to peer pressure. Powell received a lesser sentence and later fell in love with Rebecca Lewis, who herself had seen a softer side in the imprisoned Todd and was in love with him. A subsequent series of rapes is initially blamed on Todd, but it is revealed that Powell is the culprit, believing that he could win Rebecca's love if he became a rapist like Todd.

    Posted by Lovin OLTL at Friday, March 20 2009 12:53 PM

    oops I guess it was Ringleaders question about Powell!!!

    Posted by BernieBaby at Friday, March 20 2009 01:03 PM

    For John not to be on the force anymore he's got more access to evidence than the investigating detectives. When is he going to bring them in on what he knows? Also, will anything he discovers be considered compromised and/or be tainted since he isn't authorized to have or see it?

    Two days in a row os scanky Stacey - nauseating! I truly hope her role is short lived. Someone suggested on yesterday's post that we take up a collection to have her bu,ped off - I'll contribute.

    I can't tie the K A D clues to Marty and the murders - can someone connect the dots for me? Is the connection b/c both Janet and Wes knew Marty?

    Posted by jorie at Friday, March 20 2009 01:04 PM

    Who was the actor who portrayed Powell ? I can't remember. Powell later became a serial rapist encluding Todd's x Rebecca lewis. Powell tried to frame Todd. if it it's him this should be intresting.

    Posted by jorie at Friday, March 20 2009 01:12 PM

    K A D is the ferterty house where Marty was raped.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Friday, March 20 2009 01:18 PM

    Hey Ringleader - Powell actually got into more trouble after being convicted. It's been a long time ago, but I seem to remember an escape attempt and the assorted violence that goes along with it. He just always pretended to be good, he wasn't really. Oh - just looked further and found the answer from LovinOLTL - thanx. That really refreshed my memory. Hey Lovin, isn't Rebecca the same chick that Todd fell in love with and killed the boyfriend over by accident?

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Friday, March 20 2009 01:24 PM

    The actor who played Powell Lord is named Sean Moynihan and has apparently (according to IMDb) been on Sliders and Pacific Blue. There are two other references to Sean Moynihan, but each one lists a separate movie, and I haven't seen either one, so don't know if it's him or not. No picture available.

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