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    You're Going To Prison For A Very Longtime...

    Tuesday, March 17 2009
    Nora wants to prosecute Cole to the fullest, Cris gives Layla a lot to think about, and Tea is sick of fighting Todd's battles...

    In the hospital waiting room, while John is looking over the autopsy reports, Marty appears to get something for Cole out of the vending machines. After John tells Marty what Cole likes, they talk about what will become of Cole, legally, then Marty blames herself for everything that's happened, including Blair's stabbing. Though John divulges that the person who stabbed Blair had been watching her, Marty still can't forget how she threw her son away - then talks about Matthew's condition and how Nora is out for blood. John agrees to be there any way he can then Marty hugs him with thanks and leaves.

    Nora enters Cole's room and tells him that Matthew may never be able to walk again. As Nora rants at Cole for not coming to her - and taking drugs instead - Cole tries to say he's sorry, but Nora continues to remind him that Matthew won't be able to do the things he loves. "Because of you!" When Cole wishes he could trade places with Matthew, Nora replies, "And I'd let you." Though she feels like a monster for thinking that way, she warns, "You're going to prison for a very long time." Nora says he'll be charged with a felony, instructs Cole to get dressed - in order to be taken to jail - then leaves.

    Marty rejoins Cole in his room to hear about Nora's visit. After Cole wishes that it were him in a wheelchair - even wishes he were dead - Marty pulls him close. Though Marty wants to get him an attorney, Cole says he deserves to be locked up - like Matthew, who's trapped in a wheelchair. "He's like my brother," Cole says. "How can I face him?"

    Shortly after, Nora reappears in Cole's room and asks Marty, "Where the hell's Cole?" to which Marty replies, "He's gone."

    Down the hall, Cole enters Matthew's room and the boys come face to face!

    When Viki shows up at the hospital, Dorian snaps at her, but Viki sits down and urges Dorian to tell her what happened with Blair. Over talk of finding Todd there, Viki immediately defends him - and Dorian agrees by saying, "When I heard him tell Starr that he couldn't hurt Blair because she had given him his children, I knew it was genuine." Though Dorian says she blamed Ray for the stabbing, both agree whoever did it is still out there! Looking into Blair's room, Viki assures Dorian that she's strong and will pull through.

    As Dorian cries, "I can't lose her," Addie appears with Shaun, Jack and Sam, who wanted to see their mother. Reluctantly, Dorian allows it then promises Jack that the doctors are working really hard to help her. "If she dies," Jack cries. "I won't have a mom or a dad… I want to see my dad."

    Alone, Addie thanks Dorian for always being there for Blair then breaks down saying, "I don't want to lose her." Dorian promises that they won't.

    Tea shows up at the jail to see Todd and rants at him for his current predicament. When Todd asks if Tea believes that he stabbed Blair, Tea wonders why she keeps rushing to his defense and says, "I quit." As Tea cries that Todd had means and motive for stabbing Blair, Todd can't believe her! Tea still feels horrible for what she did to Starr then claims if he did stab her mother, she won't be there to help him! Again, Todd insists that he would never stab Blair then says, "I can't imagine my life without Blair." Though Todd claims his feelings for Blair are about the kids, Tea says, "You still love her and always will." Todd fesses up to the truth, that he still loves 'Marty', but reminds Tea that if she thinks he loves Blair then that means he's innocent. "Help me out here," Todd says, but Tea replies, "I can't do this anymore." In tears, Tea promises to get him a referral, warns him not to contact her then leaves.

    Shortly after, Viki appears at the jail with someone who wants to see Todd - Jack, who stares up at his dad through the bars.

    Cris goes to Evangeline's bedside, at her mother's house, telling her how much he needs her - because he messed up - and that she's the only one who can set him straight. As Cris talks about how he lost Sarah, Layla listens from the doorway - then snaps when Cris claims that part of him will always be there waiting for her to wake up. "Is that why you can't keep your zipper up? Because you're waiting on my comatose sister? Give me a break!" Layla walks into the room and claims that if Evangeline could talk, she'd tell him to get his cheating butt out of there - and back to Llanview! Cris turns the tables on Layla, reminds her of her troubles with men then says that maybe her problems aren't about the men she's dating - maybe they have to do with her! Cris tries to walk away, but Layla keeps ranting, leading Cris to remind Layla that Fish adored her and she threw him away the second he gave her any attention! Cris tells Layla that she's nothing like Evangeline, who is strong, calls Layla a 'witch' then apologizes to Evangeline, promising to be back again soon.

    Alone with her sister, Layla wonders if what Cris said is true.

    Later, Tea arrives at the hospital and says to John, "You rang?" John wants to talk to Tea about Todd!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Nora lashes out at Marty!

    Todd fights for his kids.

    Bo and Rex fear for their sons.

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    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:04 PM

    i like the viki and dorian scene today...i hope they become friends and barely the hitchet...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:06 PM

    cris had no right talking to layla like that...he has mess up big time...he dont deserve noone...

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:08 PM

    tea im proud of u i know u is sick of covering up for todd...todd needs to change for his children...

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:09 PM

    gulla, I've been watching this show for a very long time, and when the times are really (really) hard, Dorian and Vicki seem to be able to come together for each other. It's like they respect the don't kick a person when they're down rule. Now once all the drama is over, trust me, Dorian will be back to scheming, and Vicki will be back to throwing snide remarks at her - they both do it so well.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:13 PM

    Nora has to shoulder some of blame regarding Cole and Matthew. She should have been aware that something wasn't right with Cole. His rooms was a mess he had those dark cirlces under his eyes. What kind of a mother is she. She smelled the pot and blamed Matthew, when Matthew said it wasn't him she still didn't believe him. She can say what she wants about Todd, at least he knows what is going on with his children.

    And Tea is just jealous of Todd's feelings for Blair and Marty. That's why she doesn't want to represent him anymore. She knows Todd didn't stab Blair.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:16 PM

    cowboys fan I agree 100%. Cole already has a history of drug abuse (anyone remem er the steroid scandal), but even when Matthew said he wasn't the one that smoked the pot Nora and Bo immediatley called him a liar. They're supposed to be in law enforcement, but neither of them can recognize drug abuse when it's staring them in the face. No wonder the cops never catch anyone in Llanview.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:19 PM

    Sorry for another post, but I just had a thought. I realize Llanview isn't the real world, but even in soapdom, a 3rd year law student could get Nora taken off the case (Cole's). Since her son was injured and paralyzed as a direct result of Cole's actions, Nora shouldn't be anywhere near that case because it could easily be overturned on appeal.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:20 PM

    nora should blame herself for matthew problems...she never there for him...she thought he was doing the drugs...but he wasnt he was been honest with his parents...matthew would never lie like that...

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:30 PM

    Happy St. Patricks day everyone...Well it was anything but happy today on the show...Nora loves Cole like a son and what she is doing right now is tough love. Any parent would be doing this right now if they were in her shoes. I know I sure would be. I can not see her in court though doing her job as it is much to close to her. She was very calm in talking to Cole..Awesome scenes how Cole reacted to this as he knows but you could tell it has finally hit him and he is so scared now.
    As HipHopGrandma said...Dorian and Vicki are mostly had odds with one another but there have been times over the years they come together and the scenes are so touching.
    Tea loves Todd but is jealous of Todd's feelings towards Blair. I do hope she changes her mind as I do like Tea and this would keep her around a little longer.
    I hope Adie and dorian allow Jack to see his dad who he adores. He really does need to see him for comfort.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:30 PM

    OMG! Todd knows what is going on with his children? LOL, just a few short months ago, he was willing to give them up for Marty. Yep, that is a good parent!

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