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Caught Fishing For The Truth!

Wednesday, March 04 2009
Natalie and Rex make a shocking discovery, Cole is confronted about his drug use, and John and Blair get heated...

Natalie and Rex sneak around the hospital until they are able to break into the security office. As they are looking through surveillance tapes, a voice comes from the door, "Stop right there!" When Fish catches Rex and Natalie, Rex gasps, "Weren't you at my house the other day?" After a bit of lying through their teeth, Fish lets them go - then Rex sets off an alarm to deter Fish from catching them while they break back in to view the tapes!

Looking through the tapes dated the night of Chloe's birth, Rex and Natalie watch the screen and see that Tess arrived with the baby. "It's Bess!" Natalie snaps then explains that she's the one who takes care of things for Jessica. "What was she taking care of at the hospital?" Rex asks.

When Gigi runs into Stacey at the diner, Stacey acts as though she's checking on her application - but Gigi catches her in a lie and informs Stacey what Carlotta said. Sitting down, Stacey asks Gigi if she's mad about finding her with Rex, to which Gigi laughs, "You're my sister." After Gigi acts as though none of it bothers her, Stacey finishes filling out an application, and Gigi turns it in for her!

Across the room, Cris doesn't get a good reception from Layla, and after Layla brings up how he lost Sarah, Cris asks, "Do you know how to reach her?" Layla snaps - and brings up what Vincent did to her and what Rex did to Adriana - and compares Cris to all of the other 'dogs' in the world. "Knock yourself out," Layla says then hands over Sarah's number. Cris thanks her then walks away.

Stacey, who's heard their whole exchange, approaches Layla about her fancy purse then introduces herself as Gigi's sister. As Stacey pries about Rex and Layla's friend, Layla reluctantly tells Stacey how Rex cheated on Adriana - with Gigi - and broke her heart! "Rex was a real player before he met Adriana," Layla states then says if a hot chick caught Rex's eye, he'd defiantly cheat on Gigi!

At a booth, Cris holds his phone and stares at the napkin with Sarah's number on it. Once Cris calls Sarah, he talks about Vanessa, apologizes then stares at his phone after Sarah hangs up on him!

Jessica joins Viki and Chloe in Llanfair's kitchen, to which Viki assures her daughter that she's a good mother - and that Natalie will come around. After Jessica claims that Natalie is making an effort, she talks about how much she misses Nash - and hopes that things will get better from here on out.

Just then, Gigi arrives to talk to Viki, and Jessica gives them some time alone. Gigi talks about catching Stacey in a lie - and about all of the times she's found her with her hands on Rex! Viki reminds Gigi how much Rex loves her, but Gigi asks, "So what do I do? I don't trust my sister." Viki talks of Tina, and how she disowned her, but admits she will never really give up on her sister. However, Viki warns Gigi, "You should watch your back."

After Gigi leaves, Jessica comes back downstairs, happy that Chloe smiled through her entire bath. "Babies know their mothers," Viki says.

Still in Cole's room, Marty is startled when Cole enters and screams for her to get out! "Not until you tell me what you're doing with these pills," Marty says. Cole begins joking and calling his mother 'Dr. Saybrooke' then begins ranting at her for pushing him away. "You take your fake mother act and go to hell!" Cole screams. When Marty pushes about the drugs, Cole rehashes all of his losses and how much he tried to reach out to her then screams, "I don't know, Mom, maybe that's why I started using." Marty sighs. "I'm so sorry." Over talk of Wes, Cole asks if Marty killed him, and Marty denies it - and begs for Cole to let her be his mother again! "Cole, I'm so sorry for what I've done to you," Marty says, but Cole only demands, "Give me back my pills." When Marty refuses, Cole says he'll just go buy some more, warns Marty to get out of his life then rushes off!

Over at Moe's after Ray is hit over the head with a glass vase, Langston cries out, "Aunt Dorian," as Lola screams, "You killed him!" Though Dorian explains she was trying to save Langston and Lola from Ray, the girls claim that he wasn't doing anything - and Ray wakes up and says, "Dr. Lord has every reason not to trust me." When Ray gives Dorian props for her choice of weapon, and describes the crystal by brand name, Dorian is shocked at his knowledge! Ray explains that he's been cleared of all charges then excites the girls by saying he doesn't plan to separate the cousins - not tonight anyway.

Out in the foyer, Langston and Lola convince Starr to go to the dance with them, and after they put the finishing touches on their outfits, Lola comments on Starr's necklace, to which Starr says it contains all that she has left of her baby, then the girls leave for the dance.

Alone, Dorian lets Ray know that she doesn't believe he's innocent, and Ray again apologizes, says he wants to get to know his niece then asks for forgiveness - and assures Dorian that he forgives her for hiring a hit man to kill him! Once Dorian informs him that she's now Dr. Buchanan, Ray says it's a shame that she's a married woman. Though Dorian assures Ray that his charm won't work on her, Ray again asks her for a truce.

Upstairs, John arrives in Blair's bedroom and throws a copy of a gossip magazine next to her - containing the story Blair sold about Marty! Blair admits she sold Marty out, to which John accuses her of only wanting to get back at him! Blair denies it and says she did it to protect him - so he wouldn't be next with a knife in him! "I want us to be together without her getting in the way all the time," Blair admits. After a bit more ranting about Marty, and the fact that John's changed, Blair wants John to tell her what the real truth is in all of this. "You want me to tell you," John asks, taking Blair in a passionate kiss. "This." John and Blair fall to the bed!

Suddenly, John's phone rings. When Blair sees that it's Marty, she says, "You chose, John, is it her or me."

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Cole spots Starr with Schuyler.

John leaves Blair to help Marty.

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