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    Caught Fishing For The Truth!

    Wednesday, March 04 2009
    Natalie and Rex make a shocking discovery, Cole is confronted about his drug use, and John and Blair get heated...

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    Posted by tigger1135 at Wednesday, March 04 2009 05:59 PM

    So,when does Blair ever see her boys!!! I have two boys,ages 11 and 9 and I see and know what they are doing every day!! I don't have time for as many rolls in that hay that she has!!! I never see any nanny's, or anyone else taking care of them boys! And Starr, no wonder she ended up pregnant,and is now falling for a teacher,her parents dont have any clue what she is doing, there never around!!(yes,I do know todd cant see his kids)At least you see Bo with his son, and he knows what is going on in his teens life!! To many kids running around this soap with no parental supervision!!!!Another thing, not many people in this town work, I know when I was 17 I had to go out and get a job for money, are all these teens gonna just sponge off there parents!!

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, March 04 2009 06:55 PM

    do u think dorian will forgive ray someone tell me that...

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, March 04 2009 07:53 PM

    I just had a thought ,it may be silly! Did David see Spenser's body?anyway could it be that Spenser is Rex's father .? and thats why the compter compared David& REX THEY WOULD BE UNCLE&NEPHEW,

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, March 04 2009 09:06 PM

    Why should John have to choose between Blair and Marty? Marty is a friend he wants to help and he promised Cole awhile back he would be there for him and his mother. Blair is a playmate so to say. Does John ever go play with the boys? We have seen them on dates but what they do best is between the sheets.
    Starr is so imature and sure hope she does not change her mind about the baby as she sure has not grown up at all. Does Blair know about this teacher she is doing a project wth? Most kids are paired with another student for projects never the teacher. there is a name for that and called teachers pet...The Principle should be looking in on this teacher.
    Can't stand Stacy but all these people are letting her do whatever she wants so she will not change anytime soon.

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, March 05 2009 06:30 AM

    You said it tigger1135. Blair is always in heat and where are her children? Why worry when you have a mother who seems to be raising her children. She is so involved with John that she doesn't see that her daughter is heading for trouble with her teacher. John is so busy that he hasn't even noticed Cole is on drugs. Even though people are saying that Marty is John's friend, if so much as gives him a chance to jump into the sack with her, he would.

    I A. Martinez staying longer? I think him and Dorian make a good couple He is what she needs. He can keep her in check.

    Layla has diaherria of the mouth. How dare she talk about Cris especially to a woman she just met. Layla needs to be written out of the soap. There is no real purpose to her character.

    Stacey needs to be kicked out. Sister or no. She is trouble and Gigi knows this.

    If Spencer is the killer what motive would he have to kill Wes and frame Marty? He doesn't know neither one of them.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, March 05 2009 10:26 AM

    SPOILER ALERT!If ABC IN DEPTH is right that EVANGELINE might be recast ,then Leyla would have a storyline.I kinda like her with chris. Spencer I was thinking he could be Rex's father,if Mitch isn't and Maybe he is ordering MILES what to do again like he did when he had him kidnap Todd..Spenser did try to kill Marty, Todd saved her life Two years ago.I don't want John anywhere near Todd's boys.Samuel for sure NOT! John tried to keep Todd from knowing he was alive,so Marcie could keep him. I WONDER what Viki'will feel when she finds out it was her daughter who kidnapped TODD'S GRANDBABY AFTER TODD CHANGED HIS MIND BECAUSE HE LOVES STARR?

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, March 05 2009 10:58 AM

    Marty thought she killed SPENCER thats how Miles was able to blackmail her into marring him.I hope does change her mind like Todd knew she would.I DO NOT WANT MARCIE TO GET HOPE! I HOPE THEY MAKE HER PREGNANT OR WRITE THAT KIDNAPPING SELFRIHGTEOUS HYPOCRITE OUT!!!!!!!

    Posted by LucyM at Thursday, March 05 2009 11:53 AM

    When Todd got out on bail, Tea made that happen not Nora. Marty was found with sililar situation but Nora let her friend out on bail. She wasn't happy until she got Lindsay. As far as I am concerned she did everyone a favor, but Nora stuck to her guns when she said she was going to get Lindsay. It becomes personal. I hate Nora no matter what.

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