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Maybe We Should Hug!

Thursday, February 26 2009
Bo can't believe the possibility that David is his son, Blair lashes out at John, Ray gives Marty advice, and Lola has a huge secret...

After Kyle informs everyone that David is Bo's son, David looks at Bo and says, "Maybe we should hug?" As David hugs Bo, Bo grabs him and screams, "This isn't funny, Vickers," to which David replies, "Buchanan, Dad." Wondering how this could be possible, Renee talks about the night of Bo's going away to Vietnam party, back in 1968, and how she brought Emma - who later hooked up with a drunken Bo! "You slept with my mother, and you don't even remember her name?" David screams, as Bo admits that he could very well be David's father! At the Buchanans persuasion, Kyle takes more DNA samples then David wonders how he would've turned out if he had known Bo. Though David begins to make a sentimental speech, he ultimately asks Bo to take care of a stack of parking tickets that he has, causing Bo to head out in disgust - but not before Clint says, "What you did in 1968 could end up saving our family."

Still at the Angels Square Hotel, Rex demands the truth! Though Roxy sees Blair and tries to stop her from going upstairs, Blair continues on - and Rex won't let Roxy off the hook. Roxy admits that she lied about David - only because he would be a better father than the one Rex has! Rex can't imagine anyone worse than David, but Roxy admits that Rex's father was a liar, one she hated! "That's why I…" Roxy says, and Rex pushes her to finish. "Your father is gone! He's dead… I killed him… Are you happy now?" Roxy claims she didn't have a choice, and that he threatened her, but she refuses to give Rex his name - for fear of losing everything she has and causing Rex more trouble. "I can see it," Rex says. "You're finally telling me the truth." Rex tries to get Roxy to open up, but she begs him to bury what he knows deep inside and never let it out! Rex realizes how desperate Roxy must have been and promises that he'll let the issue of his father go.

Later, at the diner, Rex joins Bo and asks, "Why couldn't you have been my father?" And Bo replies, "Why couldn't you have been my son?"

Back at The Angels Square Hotel, Roxy wipes away her tears, knowing she did the right thing - by making Rex believe his father was dead, when in fact he's walking around alive closer than he thinks!

With gloves on, John goes into Wes's room looking for clues to help Marty. Suddenly, Blair appears and wants to know what John's doing there! As talk escalates about Marty, John brings up Blair's night with Todd - and Blair insists that she never had sex with Todd. John believes her but asks for the same trust from Blair. Blair admits that she came there to apologize for the night of the Ball but then found him in Wes's room, realizing what a fool she is. "You told me that Marty wasn't going to come between us, and you chose me," Blair says, and John replies, "I meant it," but Blair accuses him of lying to himself! John admits to caring for Marty but claims Blair's jealousy is what is ruining their relationship. "I knew you tried to do right by me," Blair says. "But you could have admitted that your interest in Marty was more than that." Finally, John agrees to tell Blair the truth - and talks about when Marty was discovered alive - but Blair starts ranting again, and John says, "That's enough." "You're right," Blair replies, as she heads for the door " I need more than you can give me. I deserve more. You can go save Marty." John wipes a tear from his face, as Blair breaks down in tears outside of Wes's room.

Shortly after, Blair goes to the Buchanan mansion to find Dorian and breaks down in tears.

Markko finds Lola at the diner and finds out that Vanessa is in jail - and that Lola can't wait to see her father. However, when Lola wonders if her father even wants to see her, after putting him in jail, Markko puts a comforting hand to Lola's arm - and Lola seems to melt under his touch!

At the station, Antonio lays into Tea for using Cris to further her case! As Tea says that Cris had a choice, but fell for Vanessa, Cris interrupts, berates Tea then listens as Antonio explains that Vanessa has been coning guys for years. Though Tea continues apologizing to Antonio for what she did to his family, he excuses her and calls the jail to announce her soon arrival.

Downstairs in the jail, as Vanessa is brought in, Ray lashes out at her - wishing her all the best in prison. After Vanessa is taken away, Ray looks at Marty, who admits that they're in the same boat - both are being framed for murder. While talking about their cases, Marty admits that Wes made her realize that she was hiding her feelings for someone! As Marty expresses the frustration in not remembering, Ray gives her some advice - and asks Marty what she feels in her heart - then tells her to fight this herself!

Tea meets with Ray in the jail and informs him that he will not be extradited out of the country. As Tea and a guard are taking Ray upstairs for court, he stops to tell Marty that Tea is the best lawyer money can buy. However, Marty is familiar with Tea, but Ray reminds her to fight! Once Ray is gone, Marty asks the guard to do something for her.

When Vanessa is brought upstairs, Cris starts saying to Antonio, "I know I'm supposed to hate her, but…" Vanessa begins to apologize to Cris, but he informs her that he's filing for divorce. Vanessa agrees not to fight him on it. Just then, Ray is brought upstairs, and Vanessa says she'll always believe that he killed his wife - but Lola appears, demands she stop then tells her father how much she's missed him! Vanessa is taken away and extradited from the country!

While Antonio talks to Cris about the murderer of Ray's wife still being out there, Lola takes out a picture of her family and cries to herself, "I'm sorry, Poppy, that you had to pay for what I did to Mommy."

As John is leaving Wes's room, he gets a call from Marty, saying she knows she innocent, and asks for his help!

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Viki has a talk with David.

Starr disowns Todd!

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