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A Day For DNA!

Tuesday, February 24 2009
DNA test results are in, David and Dorian plan to fight, and Cristian feels betrayed...

After Bo announces that David wasn't Asa's son after all, Dorian begins ranting about how much she loves seeing a Buchanan man squirm! However, Bo shows them the DNA results and says, "Read them and weep." Since David's samples didn't match Asa's, Nora demands, "So, get out of my house!" Though Dorian claims they are trying to pull a trick on them, Bo and Clint assure David and Dorian that the results are correct then they head upstairs to get comfortable again!

When Dorian calls the lab, a technician, Kyle Lewis, arrives and announces that although David is not Asa's son, his DNA does match someone's in Llanview! "Your father is someone named Rex Balsom," Kyle announces - and everyone laughs! "Rex is my father?" David asks. "How could that be? Can he even drive?" Bo interrupts and says that Rex could be David's son, age-wise, but not the other way around - and Kyle announces that that could be the case because the results could explain either way: father/son, son/father! Though Clint wants to drink to their good fortune, Bo worries about Rex's bad fortune.

At Rodi's, while Marcie is telling Gigi about her and Michael reconnecting, Rex, Stacey and Shane come in after having a blast at the hockey game! As Rex catches up with Gigi, Stacey eyes them with envy. Suddenly, Rex gets a call from Bo, asking him to come over to the Buchanan mansion.

Once Rex is gone, Stacey approaches Gigi, who is smiling and holding the teddy bear that Rex bought her at the game, and says that the arena gave the teddy bears out to the first 'so-many' people through the gate! When Marcie and Michael join them, Gigi introduces her sister, who comments that she can't stay with Gigi forever, but Shane insists that she does! After Marcie picks up on the tension between Stacey and Gigi, she calls Gigi on it - and Gigi admits that although she's happy Stacey's in town, Stacey has always wanted everything Gigi's ever had.

When Rex arrives at the mansion, he begins apologizing for his part in the investigation, but Bo stops him, tells Rex that David isn't Asa's son but that he's his father! Rex is shocked - and David says, "We should probably hug," then Rex realizes that Dorian would be his stepmother! Bo assures Rex that he'll look deeper into this, but David gets all teary and says, "Rex, son, there's so much I want to tell you." However, Rex rushes off, and David promises Dorian that he never slept with Roxy - no matter how much he had to drink! When everyone refuses to leave the mansion, David, Dorian, Bo, Clint, Nora and Nigel plan for a bumpy night!

Gigi sees Rex walking back into Rodi's and rushes to tell him about Shane inviting Stacey to stay with them indefinitely. However, in shock, Rex says he just got news about his farther - and needs to find Roxy!

Natalie and Jared arrive at Llanfair looking for Viki but find Jessica holding Chloe in the living room. As Natalie turns to walk away, Jessica reaches out to her - and asks if she'll hold Chloe while she warms her bottle. Although Natalie gets snarky about Jessica's reasoning, Jared hushes her, assures Jessica that they'll watch Chloe then reminds Natalie that Jessica is trying! While Jessica's gone, Natalie continues ranting about the night of Chloe's birth, even wonders if Tess left Chloe at the cottage while she went to the hospital, until Jared suggests that maybe they should just ask Jessica! "Ask me what?" Jessica says, as she reenters the room. Jared and Natalie admit that they want to talk about the night of Chloe's birth, and Jessica begins apologizing for trying to kill them that same night - then promises she would never hurt her girls. "Can I have my sister back again," Jessica asks in tears, to which Natalie claims she wants that more than anything - someday. When Jessica admits she's been having flashes of memories, Natalie prods about the night Chloe was born - and Jessica says she remembers thinking that something was wrong with the baby! Natalie perks up, but Jessica only wants to remember - so she can tell her daughter the story of her birth one day. Just as Natalie's about to reveal what she and Jared found out, Jared stops her. After Jessica says goodnight and heads upstairs, Natalie informs Jared that they do have a way of knowing what happened the night of Chloe's birth!

As Langston reads Markko's UCLA acceptance letter, with excitement, she wonders why he told her that he only applied at Llanview U? Marko explains that he applied, at a teacher's suggestion, but never imagined he'd get in. Langston is very happy for him but wonders why he didn't tell her sooner - that he's going to UCLA! However, Markko refuses to be away from Langston, especially after Ray almost took her from him once before. Leaving the diner, Langston admits that she's glad that Markko won't be leaving.

Still at the loft, after Vanessa confesses, "I did it," Cris is shocked by Vanessa's deception - and Tea apologizes to Cris for having had to marry her! Though Vanessa claims she didn't kill Lola's mother, she admits that she framed Ray for her murder - because Ray was a rich man, one she wanted to seduce! Vanessa begins screaming that she's sure Ray is guilty, and that she grew to know him as an angry, violent man, then explains how she planted the knife - and framed Ray! Cris is furious to learn that Vanessa has done this before - before Ray, now with him! "You've been using me all along!" Vanessa cries that that was the case - only in the beginning - but now she has fallen in love with Cris. As Tea gloats, Cris lashes out at her for selling him out - for Ray - then punches Ray to the ground! Cris then picks up the phone and calls Antonio.

Later, after Vanessa and Ray are taken to the station, Cris flips over a table, in fury, at his loft!

Today's episode was in memory of the late Clint Ritchie (ex-Clint Buchanan).

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