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    Grab Your Partner Round We Go!

    Friday, February 13 2009
    Mismatched dance partners create havoc at the Go Red Ball, Wes thinks Marty's playing games, and David demands the truth from Dorian...

    At the Go Red Ball, Gigi is stunned to see her dress on another woman, who she announces is her sister - Stacy! "You mean, Stacy, Stacy?" Rex asks. It's been ten years since they've last seen each other, and Gigi briefly rants at her sister for stealing her ticket and dress. "Don't get me wrong," Gigi says. "I'm happy to see you, but what is this?" Stacy laughs if off then asks Gigi if they can find someplace private to catch up, to where she admits she saw them in Vegas - and that she was a stripper using Gigi's name!

    Now seated at a booth, Gigi and Rex get the full scoop on how Stacy ended up in Llanview. Gigi admits how much she's missed Stacy and talks about Shane's birth and her hope for forgiveness from their family. When Gigi asks about her parents, Stacy informs her that their parents died, causing Gigi to storm off!

    When Rex finds Gigi, she's devastated about her parents' death and allows Rex to pull her close - as Stacy peers at them from around the corner!

    Outside the Ballroom, Marty let's Todd, Tea, John and Blair all know that she's ready to party! After Marty swipes John and Blair's tickets, she rushes inside! After John purchases another set of tickets, Blair reminds John to keep her away from any windows then says, "Because with Tea and Marty in the same room, someone's going to hit the streets!"

    Once inside, Wes asks Marty, "How long are you going to keep putting on this show for John." However, Marty continues to blow off any of Wes's comments in favor of champagne! When Wes refuses to be used so Marty can get to John, she storms off to get another drink. Later, Wes finds Marty and apologizes - and she apologizes to him as well.

    Over at the bar, Blair goes for a drink and taunts Todd about Marty, to which Todd taunts Blair about John not being able to take his eyes off of Marty! Sucking down the booze, Blair claims to Todd that she's not jealous - then spots Tea and John dancing! "That conniving little…" Blair says, but warns Todd, "Shut up," then the two continue downing their drinks! Though Blair tries to go after Tea, Todd grabs her and says, "I have a better idea!" Todd wants to dance with her, but Blair eggs him on about Marty - and what a hot little body her boyfriend Wes has!

    On the dance floor, John asks Tea why she wanted to dance with him, to which Tea questions John about the night that Vanessa shot Ray - trying to get any details out of him. However, John turns the tables on Tea and begins questioning her about Todd's part in Janet's death!

    Just arriving, Marcie and Michael talk about how nice it is to be out. Just then, a colleague of Michael's joins them and introduces his wife, Hope, to Michael and Marcie! Once the couple leaves, Marcie apologizes to Michael for her reaction to the name 'Hope' then Michael says, "Let's get out of here."

    Spotting Tea, Vanessa wonders to Cris what she's doing there…

    As Marty and Wes hit the dance floor, they bump into John and Tea. Things get a bit catty, and Tea nonchalantly pulls Marty's hair! When Marty tries flirting with John, Wes gets involved, as does Todd, who ends up fighting with Wes! Though Blair stops John from breaking it up, Marty taunts Tea - who ends up slapping Marty hard across the face!

    After Beaver informs David that he's a Buchanan, David is stunned - for a moment - then hugs Bo and Clint, who he calls his brothers! "I lost my brother Spencer," David says. "But I have gained two new brothers!" After David points to each of his new family members, he listens as Beaver explains his paternity! Beaver shows David a DVD from Asa, and Dorian leads them to a DVD player, leaving Viki lashing out at her family for keeping this secret from her! At Charlie's suggestion, Viki rushes after David, and the rest of the family, to watch the DVD as well!

    With the entire Buchanan clan observing, in a room, David watches the DVD of Asa's Will and learns that the rest of the family has been shut out of the Buchanan fortune - and that he has just inherited it all! As Dorian beams, as if surprised, David appears deep in thought while the family rants about David now being a Buddhist, one who doesn't need money! David finally breaks up the agreements and says, "I have made a decision." David asks to speak to his wife alone…

    Once alone, David questions if Dorian married him for money, if she really gave Moe her house, and, most importantly, "Did you know I was Asa's son before I married you?" Dorian admits she married him to get the Buchanan Estate back but claims that David needs her now more than ever!

    Out in the hallway, Viki demands to know why she wasn't told about David, and Clint reminds her that she would have told David - a man who's going to take everything their family owns!

    Back inside the Ball, the Buchanans line up shots at the bar and make a toast to Asa! "There's nothing we can do now," Natalie tells Clint. "But drink!"

    Back at their apartment, Michael gives Marcie a necklace with Hope's birthstone on it for Valentine's Day.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Many things happen at the Go Red Ball!

    Marty makes a shocking discovery.

    David has a big choice to make!

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    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:25 PM

    face it dorian david knows your dirty tricks...i hope david kick u to the curb...she dont deserve david...david deserve someone who wont hurt him...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:26 PM

    gigi had a right to be mad at her sister for stealing and coming at her house without asking...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:28 PM

    why was tea dancing with john blair should of went and slap her right in her face...i dont blame blair for bein mad...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:32 PM

    i like the 6-way fight it was so great to see...when todd hit wes...i know why cause todd still wants marty in a way...he needs to get over her...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:44 PM

    i like when micheal gave marcie a necklace...thats was so sweet of him...i hope they make a family...i know they both be happy they made a baby...marcie waited a long time to have a will be a miracle for the both of them...

    Posted by Amy at Friday, February 13 2009 12:45 PM

    Just a warning gulla,

    If you post more than five consecutive posts, I will have to delete them - please follow guidelines and do not double like this. If it happens again, I'll have to report you to the Admin, who will probably issue you a 3 day ban. I really hate having to do this, but I've tried to ask and explain this to you a few times. All posters must follow the guidelines.

    Instead of posting all these one sentence posts, which is considered 'spamming the comments section' take all of your thoughts, put them together and wait from someone to answer - then post the same again.

    Thank you!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:55 PM

    david should put all them out...they are wrong to keep david out in the cold...david should get his payback for what they did to him...i hated that they kept that sercet for a long time...and dorian needs to get her payback too...she never care for david or his feelings...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 13 2009 12:57 PM

    hey amy just wanted to say im sorry again...if u want me to leave just say trying here...

    Posted by Amy at Friday, February 13 2009 12:59 PM

    No, gulla, I don't want you to leave - just to follow the guidelines.

    Thank you!

    Posted by zphib_96 at Friday, February 13 2009 12:59 PM

    Oh Dorian, I HOPE David tells you he doesn't want you as his wife anymore! I do NOT want her to get anything from the Buchanan's! I hope this is where the writers are headed with this s/l!

    Poor Gigi! Wow to hear that your parents died before you had a chance to make amends is awful! I think something's up with her sister, though. She's got a "don't trust me" look about her...

    Vanessa has the NERVE to ask Cris about Tea, PLEASE! Just wait until all of your misdeeds are brought out in the open! I can't wait for Tea to nail her for Lola's mother's death! Cristian will survive but I want Vanessa to pay!

    Yes, Buchanan's drink up now because you don't know what tomorrow will bring, especially with Dorian being married to your "new found" brother...

    Happy posting and Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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