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    The Go Red Ball Begins!

    Thursday, February 12 2009
    Many surprises surround the Go Red Ball, Marty and Wes crash the Ball, and Gigi is stunned...

    At the mansion, as Blair tells Noelle and Moe that John is not her man, and fills them in about John and Marty, she says, "I'm over John McBain." Suddenly, John appears and says, "Looks like I have a problem then!"

    After Moe and Noelle leave, John hands Blair some flowers, who can't believe he would expect her to go to the Ball with him - after what he said about her to Marty. John claims he put his best suit on for her - not Marty - and says he doesn't want Blair to change - because he likes her just the way she is. Blair agrees that she feels the same way about John and heads upstairs to get changed!

    Over at the Angels Square Hotel, Roxy chatters to Marty about John, irritating Marty, who says, "Could you maybe just go away!" Just then, Wes appears and wants to know if Marty's okay. After she snaps about everyone asking her that, Marty asks Wes if he'll go out dancing with her tonight - and if he's willing to crash the Go Red Ball!

    When Tea arrives at Todd's, she finds him in bed and rants to him about how she lied to the cops to save his butt - only to have him make fun of her! Over talk of her new case, Ray's, Tea asks for Todd's help - to escort her to the Go Red Ball tonight! Though Todd refuses, Tea says, "I need to be there - and you owe me!" Showing Todd her gorgeous dress, Tea challenges him to a board game - if she wins, he goes to the Ball with her, which is exactly what happens! Todd is reluctant about facing the town but agrees to go - for Tea.

    The mysterious woman arrives at the Go Red Ball, wearing Gigi's red dress - and claiming to be her! After she hands over the ticket, she enters the room…

    Nora and Clint arrive at the Go Red Ball and join Jared, Natalie and Bo. In private, Nora rants at Bo for wanting to send Matthew to a military school. Across the room, Viki and Dorian trade barbs, as Vanessa thanks Cris for bringing her. Talia, Antonio and Layla arrive - and the mysterious woman approaches Fish, who's peering at Layla from around a corner, and asks, "Looking for me?" Fish quickly wards off the woman's advances and leaves to find Layla!

    When Rex arrives, without a ticket, he tells the ticket holder, who's ready to throw him out, that his date, Gigi Morasco, probably has it. The ticket holder comments that Gigi's already there - and chats him up about her beautiful dress but says, about the women attending, "No one gets in without a red dress." Rex enters the Ball…

    Back at the carriage house, wearing a blue dress, Gigi heads to the Ball, joking, "No one will notice me!"

    Shortly after, Gigi finally arrives at the Ball, but the ticket holder refuses to let her in - and informs that Gigi Morasco has already arrived!

    With all the Buchanans seated, Dorian says to Clint, "I hope you're ready to hand over your fortune to me tonight!" Though Dorian claims she meant for donation purposes, everyone warns Dorian that they know she's up to something! Once she leaves, Rex appears, only to tell everyone that he lost sight of David - yet again!

    Finally, the Ball begins, and Viki takes the podium first, who introduces Dorian and asks her to join her. It doesn't take Dorian long to inform everyone that she's no longer Dr. Dorian Lord - but Mrs. David Vickeroshi! With David finally by her said, Dorian chatters about how she found her one true love then spots Beaver entering the room! Viki jumps back up on stage to stop David from chanting then tells everyone, "Enjoy the Ball!"

    Just as the mystery woman approaches Rex, to buy him a drink, Rex notices the dress she's wearing - and Gigi barges into the room with the ticket holder protesting behind her! Though Gigi rushes to Rex, she spots the woman wearing her dress, to which the woman says, "Hi Gigi."

    Outside the ballroom, Tea and Todd, Blair and John, and Marty and Wes, dressed in leather jackets, arrive at once!

    Dorian and David go right to the Buchanans and ask for their best wishes, but Viki wants to know, "What is going on?" Suddenly, Beaver joins them and tells David, "I've been searching for you for a long time. I have an important message for you. You are not David Vickeroshi, you are David Buchanan."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Gigi gets reacquainted with the mystery woman!

    David demands the truth from Dorian!

    Wes thinks Marty's playing games - with John!

    Mismatched dance partners create havoc at the Go Red Ball.

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    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:07 PM

    stacey was wrong posing as gigi...i think gigi will be happy that she back...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:08 PM

    david know dorian is up to something...everybody know she is up to no good...even viki know she up to something...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:09 PM

    Hooray! David finally knows. Now Dorian has married David and that's what Clint, Bo and Nora get for keeping David in the dark. I don't know how they will keep Dorian from getting some of the Buchanon's fortune.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:09 PM

    somebody tell me if stacey has a crush on rex the way she was looking at him today...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:17 PM

    The lady they had checking everybody at the door was so funny.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:21 PM

    the lady was mean to gigi...she didnt believe gigi was gigi...gigi was going to go in without a ticket...i know gigi was mad at the lady...the lady was too funny

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:22 PM

    i like the blair and john scene today...

    Posted by zphib_96 at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:24 PM

    Oh how I HOPE Dorian's marriage is proven FRAUDULENT in the end! I do NOT want to see her get one red cent of Buchanan money and I want to see her have to "grovel" for a change. I do, however, want to see how David is going to act now that he knows he's a Buchanan!

    Poor Fish, he wants so badly to get Layla's attention but she keeps blowing him off. Layla would WANT to have someone give her ANY attention since she's always in the "backdrop" of everyone else's lives.

    I have a feeling that there's going to be a lotta "shakin' up" the morning AFTER the ball! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

    Posted by CrystalDawn1 at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:31 PM

    I can't beleive how much the mystery women looks like Lindsey. A complete mini Lindsey down to her look and mannernismns. Any one else notice? OMO

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, February 12 2009 12:32 PM

    fish likes layla alot and she keep running him off...she needs to go with fish...he seems like a nice guy....

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