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    Who's That Girl?

    Friday, February 06 2009
    Someone eyes Gigi and Rex, Blair gives Marty a warning, Wes begins looking like a murder suspect, and Tess's memories fill Jessica's mind...

    While Gigi is worried during their plane ride to Vegas, Rex promises that they'll get there in time to stop Dorian and David - and may have some time for a wedding for themselves! Gigi is stunned and asks if Shane put Rex up to that - then admits, "I kind of wanted a proposal." Though Rex begins to get on one knee, Gigi says that it doesn't count - because she told him what she wanted! Both agree to do it right, and wait for their dream wedding, but Gigi wishes her dad could give her away - but she last saw him when he kicked her out for being pregnant! Rex feels horrible but wonders if Gigi will really be okay with never seeing her family again. "Things are going to be different for Shane," Rex says. "He's going to have parents who will be there no matter what." Gigi brings up Rex's father and says that he's a great P.I., and he'll be disappointed if he doesn't find out who his dad really is.

    Arriving in Vegas, after Rex and Gigi can't find Dorian and David at one chapel, Rex spots a poster of a stripper - with the name Gigi on it! As he laughs about 'Gigi moonlighting', a woman, the Gigi from the poster, stares at them in shock!

    Rex spots another chapel and drags Gigi off to look for David and Dorian. When the stripper watches them go, a man appears and orders 'Gigi the stripper' to get ready for her performance!

    Still at Llanfair, just as Jessica vows not to let anyone take Chloe away from her, Starr appears and wonders if she's okay! "She's your baby," Starr says. "Why would anyone want to take her away from you?" Jessica talks about how long she's been away then the two talk about Starr's loss and the trial. Though Viki isn't there, due to a meeting for the Go Red Ball, to comfort Starr, Jessica volunteers - and Starr opens up about blaming herself for Todd's release. After Jessica blames herself for Todd's exoneration, she explains how Tess spent time with Todd during his crime but says it was too risky to bring Tess out to testify. Just then, as Starr talks about Janet being the one who was going to help Todd steal her baby, Chloe's cries come through the baby monitor - and Jessica remembers Tess listening to Todd and Janet through the baby monitor at his house! Jessica admits that she had a memory flash but only remembers Todd talking to someone at his house. "Maybe the nurse," she says.

    After Jessica brings a crying Chloe downstairs, Starr talks about her baby, and how she died in Dr. Joplin's office, causing Jessica to have another memory flash - of Tess giving birth and wondering why her baby wasn't crying! Later, while Starr holds Chloe, Jessica tries to comfort Starr, in regards to her father, and gets teary-eyed watching how comfortable Starr looks holding Chloe! Getting emotional herself, Starr hands Chloe back to Jessica, thanks her then rushes out. Jessica then takes a call from her doctor, agreeing to meet with him.

    After Blair slaps Tea across the face in the courtroom, the women exchange barbs until Blair asks if Tea hopes to get Todd in bed by getting him exonerated, to which Tea reminds her, "You're with John McBain now, what do you care?" Blair brings up her children, and her restraining order against Todd, then tells Tea to climb back under the rock she crawled out from! "If I were you," Tea says. "I'd be more worried about my current boyfriend and how much energy he expends on his ex-girlfriend!" Blair claims she's secure in her relationship with John then walks away before she knocks Tea's face off - her words!

    Once Blair leaves, Tea takes a call from Ray and assures him things are going as planned! Ray worries that Tea is spending too much time with Todd and reminds Tea that every day he's in prison Vanessa - the devil - is with Lola!

    Down on the docks, Marty pulls away from John and asks, "What am I doing?" to which John replies, "What you should be doing." John is happy that Marty is finally letting her guard down then suggests, "Try to move on." As Marty rants on about everything Todd did to her, she admits that when she's with John she feels something. When Marty says that even if she wanted to be with him, she couldn't because he's with Blair, John snaps, "Forget about Blair! This isn't about Blair and me, but about what Manning did to you." Neither realizes that Blair is listening from the shadows!

    After Marty demands that John leave her alone, he leaves - and Blair appears and tells Marty that no matter how much she wants John - she can't have him! However, Marty reminds Blair that 'all these men' must have wanted her at one time too! As Blair claims that John is hers now, Marty says, "Are you sure about that?" and Blair turns to go after Marty - but Marty moves, and Blair falls into the Llantano River!

    At Rodi's, while celebrating Talia's birthday, Antonio talks about Janet's killer and says they're probably laughing at them right now - as Wes watches from across the room! Antonio vows to find the real killer. When Lola brings up her mother being stabbed as well, Vanessa screams at her, in front of everyone, that her father was the one who killed her! Once Lola and Vanessa walk away, Layla brings up Sarah, making Cris uncomfortable when she blames him for hurting her!

    Suddenly, Talia sees Fish and calls him over for a distraction. Fish explains he's there to see John and wonders where he is. While waiting for John, Fish asks Layla to go to the Go Red Ball with him, but she explains that she's hosting the event - and promises to save him a dance.

    Over at the jukebox, Vanessa asks Lola if she believes her and begs Lola to bury the past. When Cris interrupts, Lola says she doesn't feel good then Vanessa allows her to walk home.

    Later, just as Tea is telling Ray that she'll take care of Lola, she turns to leave - and finds Lola standing in the courtroom doorway!

    John arrives back at Rodi's and gives Wes some work orders. After Fish questions if that was the guy John had him look into, he asks John to take him to a computer. Once John pops Fish's memory card into his laptop, he says, "Son-of-a…" John finds out that Wes knew Janet!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Stacey watches Gigi and Rex.

    Tea has to tell Lola the truth.

    John becomes leery of Wes.

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    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 06 2009 12:11 PM

    i liked when jessica let starr hold the baby...that was sweet of jessica...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 06 2009 12:12 PM

    i wish that was marty in the water not blair...blair should of push her in the water...

    Posted by jumps at Friday, February 06 2009 12:18 PM

    I like Fish. He is a hoot!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 06 2009 12:22 PM

    im glad blair confronted marty...marty needed that...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 06 2009 12:24 PM

    i think stacy likes rex and the way she was watching rex and gigi...i think this stacy girl is going to be better than vanessa and lola...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, February 06 2009 12:26 PM

    lola knows about vanessa thats why she acting strange towards vanessa today...we will see who the fool...

    Posted by jumps at Friday, February 06 2009 12:28 PM

    Can't wait to see the scene where Blair swings and misses!

    Posted by kekedee at Friday, February 06 2009 12:29 PM

    Blair...Blair...Blair...whatever are you going to do with yourself? Slapping Tea, trying to attack Marty and falling into the water! Telling Marty that John is hers is pretty possessive, yet I loved it when Marty answered back, "are you sure about that?" Truthfully, John is putting both women through the emotional rollercoaster and really should decide which one he wants - Blair or Marty, but it appears he can't stay out of either one's lives! The plot is thickening! I hope Starr finds out that baby Chloe is her child, for she's so sad, Cole is off the deep end, and Jessica already has her own baby girl with Bree. With Rex and Gigi in Vegas, was that actually Gigi's sister using her sister's name at the nightclub? The more time passes, I believe Lola is crazy about Marco...I see trouble amongst the cousins! I'm so confused on who's telling the truth of murdering Lola's mother, Vanessa or Ray? There's a part of me that wants Jessica to get involved with Brody, for I want him to finally be happy with love in his life.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, February 06 2009 12:40 PM

    I think that lock of hair that Starr has is going to end up being used for a dna test for her baby. I think when she finds out she will want to keep her. She was very good with Chloe.

    Blair, she is so jealous of Marty she can't see straight. I was glad when Marty told her the men keep coming to her. That was too funny when Blair ended up falling in the water.
    I only wished that Tea would have slapped the taste out of Blair's mouth. She really does need anger management.

    Now Marty trying to blame Todd for not having a relationship with her son is wrong. She's not trying to have one, she's too busy shacking up with Wes.

    Posted by Littlebit123 at Friday, February 06 2009 12:53 PM

    I can't wait to see Blair go slashing in the water either... LMAO...Has she lost her mind...I hope they don't drag out this baby thing to much longer...What's next for Todd? Gigi and Rex are so happy..until now...I do believe they will stop Dorian and David..but that happiness will not last long.

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