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    Star Witness: Dead!

    Friday, January 30 2009
    Todd's trial is filled with emotion, Tea makes a discovery, and Natalie lashes out at Jessica...

    Inside the motel room, Janet checks to make sure Talia has a pulse, which she does, then leaves the room, not wanting to wait around for someone to 'take her out'! As Talia's phone rings, from the courtroom, Antonio wonders why she isn't picking up the phone! Later, Antonio breaks into the room, wakes Talia up then calls in Janet's escape!

    On the witness stand, as Starr says "I asked him to tell me the truth about weather or not he was planning to kidnap my baby," Nora wants to know what Todd's response was - and Starr replies, "No," and Cole stands up screaming, "Why are you lying!" After John calms Cole down, Nora reminds Starr of her initial testimony, threatens her with perjury, then listens as Starr describes asking her dad if he planned to steal her baby. Starr thinks about everyone who her testimony would hurt then swears that Todd said that he wasn't going to steal her baby! Though Nora reads Starr's official statement to her, Starr sticks to her guns and says, "He didn't want to kidnap my baby. I said before that he did, but I was lying." Starr makes up a reason for her lies then Nora reluctantly tells the judge that she doesn't have any more questions for her witness - and Todd whispers to Tea, wanting to know if she did something to Starr!

    After Tea declines to question Starr, Nora wants Janet called to the stand and informs the judge that she's in protective custody and will be there in a half an hour. Once a recess is called, Starr apologizes to Cole then storms off. While Todd demands that Tea tell him what she did to her daughter, Nora calls Antonio - and finds out that Janet escaped! Nora warns Antonio to find her before Todd 'walks' - again! After everyone hears the news, Tea smiles, and Todd tries to talk to Marty, who runs off, leaving Blair snapping at Todd! "Starr's not going to pay for anything I did!" Todd promises everyone.

    When Cole hears about Janet's escape, he walks out of the courtroom, confronts Schuyler, who is holding his mother's letter, then rushes off after reminding him that his mother helped kill his baby! Though Schuyler gets a call and asks the caller, "What do you want?" he promises he'll be right there and leaves.

    Michael surprises Marcie when he shows up at the cemetery while she visiting Hope. He admits that although he wasn't onboard, at first, to help raise Hope, he frequents her grave regularly. Over talk of Todd, Marcie worries that he'll get away with murder. "It's Todd," Marcie says. "He always does, right?" Brody tries to calm Wes and asks, "What are you going to do?" but Wes thanks Brody for lending him an ear then leaves. Alone, Brody thinks about Jessica.

    Later, Starr goes to her daughter's grave and cries, "Hope, I am so sorry! He's my father… and I needed to protect him. I just wish I could have protected you too." Little does Starr know, Cole is watching her from the cemetery gate.

    Holding the newspaper in his hand, Wes goes to check in on Brody. After Brody talks about Jessica's release, and how much he misses her, Wes opens up, shows Brody the newspaper then says, "The witch who ruined my family." Wes explains how his father dumped his mother - and him - for Janet and took everything his father had! Though Wes has no idea where his father is now, he grabs the paper and says, "Now she's right here in Llanview - and so am I!"

    When Viki and Clint arrive home with Jessica, she goes to her baby, held by Jared, then asks where Bree is. "We're right here," Natalie says, entering the room. Bree is standoffish, and though Jessica tries to bond with Chloe, Natalie reminds Jessica of how she tried to kill her and Jared! As Charlie changes the subject, Jessica tries to approach Bree, but she holds on tight to Aunt Natalie's leg - and refuses to spend time with her mother!

    Natalie and Jared take the kids away for a nap, and Jessica cries about how afraid Bree is of her - and how Natalie probably wants her dead! Though Viki assures Jessica that Natalie doesn't want her dead, Jess replies, "Well, she should. That's what I wanted to happen to her." Viki thinks she was brave to admit her feelings, but Jessica now has to live with them - and wonders why Charlie doesn't hate her. Charlie comforts her and tells Jessica that things will get better - one day at a time. When Natalie comes back in throwing barbs, Viki tries to take Natalie away, but Jessica wants to talk to her! "Don't worry," Natalie tells her parents. "We're not going to kill each other. We're sisters!"

    Jessica tries to talk to Natalie, but Natalie can't forgot the basement - and goes over everything that she did when she was Tess then says, "I am not letting bygones be bygones just yet!" Jessica prays Natalie will one day forgive her, but Natalie says, "So what! You - Jessica - wanted me and Jared to die! I think you still do! I don't want you anywhere near those girls!" Though Jessica screams, "I am their mother!" Natalie replies, "You are not good enough! I'm a hell of a lot better qualified to raise those girls right now." Jessica reminds Natalie that she has no rights to her children, and believes that she's integrated, but Natalie refuses to move out - or on with her life - and plans to protect the girls! Just as Natalie accuses Jessica of almost killing her girls, Viki rejoins them and snaps, "Natalie, you stop that right now!" Jessica assures Viki that she and Natalie had to get everything out in the open then heads upstairs with Viki.

    When Jared comes in to see how Natalie is, Natalie rants about her conversation with Jessica - and Jared thinks everything that Natalie said was right!

    Three hours later…

    Tea arrives back to Todd's and finds him lying on the floor with a bloody knife - and with Janet's dead body next to him! Todd looks at the knife then up at Tea!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Cole makes a confession to Markko.

    Tea saves Todd - again!

    Starr gives Langston an explanation.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, January 30 2009 12:13 PM

    I wished somebody would have smacked Natalie in her crooked mouth today. She's trying to get mad at Jess for something that Tess did. If Jess had wanted her dead she wouldn't have stopped her from eating that poisoned food. If Jessica can forgive her about killing her husband, she sure can forgive Jessica for what Tess did. I was glad when Vicky came in and took Jessica away from her crazy arse. If she wants a baby let her and Jared have one.

    I also think that Wes killed Lee. But if that was the murder weapon Todd was holding, how stupid can you be. I can't take him going on trial again.

    Posted by iipax at Friday, January 30 2009 12:37 PM

    I too am a bit tired of the Todd on Trial storyline..sure he needs to pay for what he has done, but we all know that he isn't going to actually end up in jail for anything so there isn't really any suspense to hold my attention. Natalie has a right to be mad a Jess, but she is being unreasonable when it comes to saying she has more right to Bree and Chloe than Jess does. Nat and Jared need to move out of Lanfair . I wish Marty would have tried to comfort Cole in the court room, that would have been a good scene..and she did appear concerned. Atleast John was there for him, boy is Marty going to owe John bigtime for all he has done for Cole. Kristen Alderson Rocked!!!! she is fast becoming one of my favorite daytime drama actresses. Poor Nora, is she ever going to win a case against Todd.
    Janet is dead--I really don't think Wes killed her or Todd. Sorry, no ideas on who though. ....Yay, Wes is going to kiss Marty..though she didn't seem that interested. Maybe this isn't a love connection. Watch out Blair, if Marty isn't interested in Wes, can't be with Todd (and I'm begining to think she really does hate him), she may re-examine how she feels about John. And really, Marty is pretty irrestitable when she isn't being a total witch.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 12:52 PM

    cowboys fan... Jessica is the one who wanted Natalie and Jared dead. Just because she was too much of a coward to do it herself, luckily she has alter to take the blame. No, I say ROCK ON NATALIE! Let her have it with both barrels!!!!!!!!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 12:55 PM

    Although I do wish Natalie and Jared would move out of Llanfair. Maybe Natalie should cut off her family like they did her? See how they like it. See if Clint can save BE w/o Jared's help.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 12:56 PM

    I hope Nora charges Starr with perjury. See how she likes it in jail. She is 17 and can be charged as an adult.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 12:57 PM

    Wonder who called Schuyler?

    Posted by tnorton at Friday, January 30 2009 12:57 PM

    The one thing we all have to remember about Jessica stopping Natalie from eating the posioned food is that no one knows that but us because Jessica doesn't remember, unless I missed that part. Plus Jessica said she let Tess take over because she knew Tess would be able to do what she couldn't do which was destroy Natalie and Jared. That's basically the same as doing it yourself. I think Natalie has every right to mad and worried. Jess was supposedly integrated before, Vicki has been integrated before but yet both of their alters have come out at some point. I love Jess and I really hope things work out between her and Natalie.

    While it was sneaky for Tea to talk to Starr and make her feel bad, in reality if she hadn't changed Starr's mind she be living with a lot more guilt and for the rest of her life if her father had gone to jail because of her.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 12:58 PM

    So, Janet's body is at Todd's? Maybe Todd did kill her. It would not surprise me. He has killed before, ya know!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 30 2009 01:04 PM

    IF Starr had told the truth, Todd would be going to jail because of Todd. NOT Starr. NOT Janet. It would all be on Todd....because he BROKE THE LAW!!!

    And, IMHO, what Tea did was illegal. She tampered with a witness. Tea should be going to jail also!

    Posted by chantel at Friday, January 30 2009 01:35 PM

    I say Todd pays when Natalie, Jarad and Marcie pay for their crimes too.

    As for Natalie I think she needs to back off and shut up. I'd want to kill her to if her actions caused the death of my husband. She needs to own up to what she did and get over everything. I need something new from OLTL. It's just gotten boring like all soaps.

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