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    Todd's Back In Court!

    Thursday, January 29 2009
    Marty wants answers from Janet, Starr takes the stand, and Todd and Tea try to make Janet look bad...

    Before Bo heads over to the motel, where they are holding Janet in protective custody, he sees Marty - and decides to bring her to see Janet! Though Talia doesn't want to question Bo about having Marty there with Janet, Bo explains that they are allowing this so Janet won't think about backing out in court! While Bo and Talia are outside the room, Marty warns that if Janet doesn't bury Todd in court, she'll bury her! Janet begs Marty to believe how much she cared about her, but Marty doesn't want to hear any of it! "How could I tell you that Todd raped you?" Janet asks. "When it was so clear that you were falling in love with him." However, after Janet promises to take the stand against Todd, Marty says, "You better hope it's enough to put him away for good!"

    In the courtroom, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Nora sees Todd as the judge - one who has just sentenced her to life! When Nora's lawyer, Tea, joins Todd in his laughter, they ask her how it feels to have her own lawyer help to find her guilty! After Nora blinks her bad thoughts away, she vows to get Todd! When Bo arrives, he wonders if Nora will be able to prosecute Todd, to which she explains the good shot she has - if Starr and Janet pull through for her! Once Bo leaves, Nora practices her opening statement for Todd's trial the next day!

    Marty goes to Rodi's and tells John that she just came from seeing Janet. Just as John asks if Marty wants to talk, Wes appears and asks if Marty is ready to go… Marty leaves with Wes.

    At school, Starr rushes into Schuyler's arms and cries that her life is falling apart! Though Schuyler pulls out of Starr's embrace, he tells her, "This isn't a good idea," but listens as Starr explains she came to him because he's the only who knows how it feels to have someone you love hurt themselves. As Starr talks about everything Tea told her, and about how much her dad wants to change, she says, "Maybe I shouldn't testify against my dad." Schuyler asks Starr to think about the real reason why she agreed to testify in the first place, which leads Starr to remember her promise to Hope, then he asks why she shouldn't testify, leading Starr to admit that she doesn't want to hurt her father. Schuyler advises her to trust herself and promises to be at the trial tomorrow.

    After Starr leaves, Schuyler reads his mother's letter, about how Todd planned to steal Star's baby - and how he blackmailed her to help him! Reading that his mother did it to cover up for Schuyler's crimes, he is devastated to find out that his mother killed herself because she couldn't live with the pain of causing the baby's death!

    Still at the diner, just as Tea tells Todd to publish a story in The Sun to discredit Janet, Cole appears and starts lashing out at Tea for hurting his mom! As Tea warns Cole to calm down, Cole replies, "You're going to have to excuse me because I don't speak 'witch'."

    Cole takes a seat across the room at a booth with Asher. Though Asher hands Cole some pills, Cole wants more and asks for his supplier's name! However, Asher refuses, tells Cole to make due with what he's got then leaves. Cole quickly pops a pill.

    When Brody comes across Jessica packing at St. Ann's, she explains how she's being released. Jessica isn't sure the outside world is ready for her and admits she still needs to find out what the missing pieces of her memory are. Before leaving her bedroom, Brody tells Jessica she'll be fine then wishes her luck.

    The next day, Brody is upset to find Jessica's room empty. Just as he's walking out, Jessica meets him in the hallway, gives him a gift: a football, then says, "Call me when you get out."

    In the motel room, a guard brings Janet a newspaper, and she sees her name ruined and her past splashed across the front page of The Sun! Janet tells Talia that a lot of people thought she was dead - and now they will all come back to get her for the swindling she did to them in the past! When Talia turns her back on Janet, Janet smashes a vase over Talia's head then says she can't take the chance of depending on the DA's office to protect her!

    With court in session, Nora shows the jury a photo of Starr's baby - the baby that would be alive if not for Todd - then brings up the doctor who helped him scheme to kidnap her! Next, Tea delivers her opening statement: admitting that Todd isn't a saint but vowing to prove that he's incapable of the crimes the DA's office is charging him with - claiming the case is a personal vendetta against Todd! During a recess, Todd warns Tea not to harm Starr on the stand, while Cole looks at Starr and Starr looks at Schuyler. Just as court is called back in session, Nora hands the judge a copy of The Sun and demands a mistrial - and that Tea be removed from the case!

    The judge denies Nora's request, and Nora calls Antonio to the stand, who testifies that when he found Marty at Todd's house - he also found a ton of baby items there too! However, when Tea cross-examines, she shows the jury proof that Todd donates thousands to an orphanage - then shows everyone a letter that states Todd wanted all of the stuff donated to them!

    Next, Nora calls Starr to the stand and begins cautiously questioning Starr about visiting Todd in the hospital. "I asked him to tell me the truth about weather or not he was planning to kidnap my baby," Starr says, leading Nora to ask what Todd's response was!

    Back at Rodi's, Wes looks at a copy of The Sun, sees Janet, crumbles up the newspaper then says, "That 'witch'!"

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Natalie lashes out at Jessica.

    Tea makes a discovery!

    Todd's trial is filled with emotion!

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    Posted by fiestygirl at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:19 PM

    Tea was right on today. Nora does have a vendetta against Todd. Have they forgotten they executed him for a murder that wasn't even committed. No wonder he is the way he is. Blair what can you say about poor poor pathetic Blair. Has to have a man any man will do. Starr is the only one who is showing any kind of compassion in this and she has been hurt the worse. I don't know why they are making Cole act the way he is. He was a level headed young man and now seems to be spiteful and arrogant. We could do without Marty She seduced Todd he didn't want to go to bed with her but she kind of insisted. That to me isn't rape. Get off that kick and call it like it is. So she was a fool let her admit it like a woman and get on with her life. I personally don't like her character like this.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:24 PM

    I am sick to death of "Todd really wants to change. He is really trying this time." Right, just like the other million times he has promised to change and YET he NEVER does.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:29 PM

    Hmm, let's see. Cole thought his mother was dead. His gf's father kept said presumed dead mother away from him. His baby died. His mother does not remember him and doesn't see to be trying.
    Yes, I can understand why he is acting out.

    Posted by sharonski at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:30 PM

    Amen, fiestygirl, Amen!

    and jumps Todd DOES change but it just doesn't last.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:33 PM

    OMG, Todd was the way he is long before he was unjustly executed. No way is that the reason he is the way he is.

    Posted by Littlebit123 at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:56 PM

    I agree with Jumps..I'm sick to death of Todd too. The only time he got his is when he went to jail for raping Marty ORIGINALLY!!!Nora you are not as good as you think you are. You are beginning to bug me. Cole is the person I feel sorry for. Mom and Dad is dead and Mom is alive but can't be bothered. Girlfriend wants to give away baby regardless of how he feels and then baby dies..Cole is who I feel for. Blair is nothing but a WANTON WOMAN! Yes, she's a Crammer woman alright. are going to get yours too. by hook or by are not Teflon Todd.

    Posted by Roobeedoo at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:59 PM

    I couldn't agree more, Jumps. You nailed that.

    And as far as Marty seducing Todd... Are you flippin kidding me? Let’s get real. Do you honestly think that Marty would have had anything to do with him let alone seduce him if he would have told her from the day that he first found her that she was a mother and that her son thinks she is dead or perhaps slip in there somewhere that he raped her... gang raped her with his college buddies? Please. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about that man. He needs to own up to his mistakes, take the punishment and move on. That is how a person redeems them selves. The writers do a wonderful job with this character.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, January 29 2009 01:01 PM

    Tea out on top today...WTG...Looking good for Todd.
    During the show on my channel there is always a break and it is called Soaps Up..Well the lady said today that Marty will have memory loss for awhile still as still lots of stories to be done with her.Also the news is Micheal and Marcie are leaving the show. With this information I do believe once they figure out who's baby is who that Starr will want to keep the baby she gave birth to and Marcie will be sad but this having her leave town.
    Yesterday Starr said she had no one else to turn to but she always used to be able to talk to Marcie about anything yet she never tried to even phone her.

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, January 29 2009 02:01 PM

    I know Dr. Joplins son wants to help Starr, but he'd better stop letting that student keep falling in his arms. Starr has always had many people to talk to. All of a sudden she can't find anyone but her teacher to talk to. He's the adult, he should know better. He pushed her away today, but if someone had seen it initially, he would have been in trouble. I hope he steps up to the plate tomorrow and takes that smug look off of Tea's face.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, January 29 2009 04:13 PM

    Starr is going to do the right thing.I'm sure it's what Schuyler wants her to do!!! but not Nora ! Todd will do the RIGHT thing because he LOVES Starr NORA WILL LOSE! TODDS KIDS AND GRANDBABY WILL WIN !!!! I LOVE TEA DELGADO!!!I Think Marcie will be gone before it's known that Hope is alive GOOD!!! If Todd went to jail ,she and her coharts should for surethey did kidnap Samuel and made Todd believe his was dead. anyway Todd lovers keep your kleenix near but don't worry the tears will not be just because your heart is breaking for him but also because he'll be The TODD we know he is. Which is a loving father! I LOVE TODD & STARR!

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