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    Not Quite Busted!

    Monday, January 26 2009
    Tea helps Todd out of a jam, Dorian sets out for what she wants, and Cole continues on the wrong path...

    After Todd tears Janet's shirt open, he rips off the wire! Listening from the van outside, Antonio and Talia rush in to rescue Janet - and arrest Todd for the assault and attempted rape of Lee Halpern (Janet)!

    Lola opens up to Tea at the diner and explains how, the night her mother died, she heard screaming but her dad promised that everything would be okay - and that grownups sometimes fought. "Then I woke up again… I went to their door, that's when I saw my father on his knees beside my mother's body." In tears, Lola remembers her father crying too and claiming an intruder came in and stabbed her mother. "Vanessa and I found the knife years later. It was in the house, hidden by my father. We took it to the police, Poppy was arrested, it was awful." Just as Tea starts pushing about Vanessa, Todd calls and Tea has to rush to Todd's - but promises Lola that she'll make this right for her!

    As Antonio is cuffing and pushing Todd around, Tea arrives and warns against police brutality! Though Tea asks if they heard Todd confess to anything, Janet reminds her and Todd that she has immunity - and that the police will have her and Starr's testimony! In the end, Tea informs Antonio and Talia that they have nothing against Todd, which results in them leaving - and letting Todd go, leaving Tea to warn, "If there's anyone else who knows about your little plot, you are sunk!"

    Outside, Janet apologizes to Talia and Antonio and begs them to protect her from Todd, but Antonio and Talia remind Janet of her crimes - and wonder how she could have agreed to help Todd steal his daughter's child!

    Just as Schuyler starts class, Ms. Dickinson arrives and announces that drugs have been sold on the property! After the principal warns that the school will be doing a full investigation, she leaves, and Schuyler urges the class to come clean about the person who is using drugs - because they need help! Though he doesn't want anyone to feel like a rat, Schuyler lets the class out early so they can think about the ramifications of doing drugs then assigns the class to do an essay on the subject - including getting quotes from professionals!

    Once the class is empty, Starr goes to Schuyler and says, "I know someone who's using." Schuyler wants to take Starr to the principal, but she refuses to talk to anyone but him, who she asks for advice, "How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped?" Schuyler replies, "They're only going to get help if they want help." Before Starr leaves, she asks if he ever talked to her father's attorney, to which Schuyler informs her about his visit from Antonio - then assures Starr that his mother wouldn't have had any part of helping her father steal her baby.

    Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Cole is shocked when he finds his pills gone from his locker! Though Langston calls out to Cole, he rushes off.

    As Justin razes Matthew about being a straight arrow, Matthew whips out the pills he stole from Cole! Though Justin and Matthew make a plan to take a pill together, Cole stops him from leaving, pulls him away and accuses Matthew of stealing his pills! After Matthew admits to taking them, Cole informs him that the principal is on the hunt to bust someone - and he better cut the crap now!

    Just as Matthew is asking why Cole has the drugs, the principal appears and wants to know what the problem is! While Ms. Dickinson brings up Matthew's parents finding a joint in his backpack, she calls Cole a role model - then tells him he could do wonders for boys like Matthew! Once she's gone, Matthew gives Cole back the pills but wonders why he's doing drugs! Cole promises he's going to throw away the pills and admits he made a bad choice then makes Matthew promise never to do drugs, ever! Matthew promises not to but talks about peer pressure then listens as Cole gives him a pep talk.

    As Cole walks away, he runs into Langston, who tells him that Starr told her about the pills! Though Langston tries to talk to Cole, he spots Starr and demands to know who else she told! As Starr promises that she only wants to help him, Cole shows her the pills - and claims that they are all that can help him!

    Back inside his classroom, Schuyler takes out the letter addressed to him and reads it… "Dear Schuyler, I have to tell you something, sweetheart. I entered into an arrangement with Todd Manning…"

    Markko arrives at the diner and finds Lola in tears. Though Markko takes her in his arms and asks what's wrong, all Lola can say is, "Just hold me."

    Still at the mansion, Moe can't believe when Dorian gives him the mansion - and all its contents! When Moe says, "I can't accept," Dorian begs him to take it - but David stops her and explains, "You'll have to find another way to shed your wealth." David thinks Dorian wants to give it to Moe, so she can get everything back, then asks that she give her belongs to charity! "Moe," Dorian screams. "I want you to take all of my stuff. I beg of you!"

    When Noelle arrives at the mansion, she listens in shock as David, Dorian and Moe explain that Dorian just relinquished everything she owes - to them! While Moe is hugging Noelle, David admits he now believes Dorian then instructs her to show Noelle to her closet - and her diamonds! Across the room, Noelle warns Moe that Dorian will want something in return then relays what Delphina said - about money causing them unhappiness! When Dorian presents Noelle with a diamond necklace, Moe puts it around Noelle's neck, as David watches with happiness - and as Dorian cringes!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Jared goes to David - in a robe!

    Dorian has another idea.

    Bess and Tess have a power struggle.

    Tea shocks Starr!

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    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:11 PM

    starr should of not told cole business like that...she is wrong for that...i thought she was a friend to him...but i guess not...thats why he is mad at her should of seen him today...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:13 PM

    markko and lola was would be fuuny if langston caught him hugging sick of her crying and whining...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:15 PM

    cole handle matthew very well today...cole did a good thing to confront him...matthew should of not stole them in the first place...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:17 PM

    cole was wrong walking away from langston not talking to her today...i know langston was worry about him so much...

    Posted by shepmajor at Monday, January 26 2009 12:23 PM

    Gulla - Friends don't just LET friends do harmful things to themselves without trying to do something to help.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:28 PM

    im glad antonio busted todd so sad he's leaving the show...he did good today with talia...they handle todd well

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:35 PM

    starr should of not yell at langston like that today...all langston wanted to do is help her get cole better...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 12:52 PM

    im glad lola talked to tea today...she can talk to tea about anything...

    Posted by gulla at Monday, January 26 2009 01:05 PM

    tea should of not help todd...he needs to get what he deserves...i hope starr puts him in prison...he belongs there...

    Posted by jumps at Monday, January 26 2009 01:45 PM

    So, IF Dorian gave away all of her material possessions to Moe, where are Blair, Addie and the kids going to live?

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