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    One Life To Live - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    A Deal Is Hatched!

    Friday, January 23 2009
    Janet is offered a deal, Matthew steals Cole's drugs, and Dorian makes an announcement...

    At the police station, in front of Antonio and Talia, Bo and Nora question Janet and warn that she'll be going to prison for a long time - unless she can give them Todd Manning! Janet begins telling Nora and Bo the whole story about the kidnapping plans - then hands over the hospital credentials she was given to help execute them! Though Janet thinks she'll be getting a deal, Nora instructs Talia and Antonio to book her! After giving her a scare, Bo wonders what Janet is willing to do to make it all go away.

    Todd wakes up, see Tea in bed with him and smiles when she says, "We slept together last night, Todd." Tea laughs about them only technically sharing a bed then promises him that he'll be fine - because all Nora has is Starr as a witness, one who ultimately won't go against her father. After Todd promises to behave, Tea leaves for an appointment.

    When Todd emerges from the shower, he's stunned to see Janet standing in the bedroom! Todd is furious that Janet has returned to town and shocked when she threatens to go to the DA - unless he buys her statement first! As Janet starts repeating all of Todd's crimes, he doesn't admit to anything - and doesn't believe that Janet's just after more money! Suddenly, Todd rips open Janet's shirt and sees the wire!

    Inside a van, Antonio and Talia listen in through the wire.

    Back at the station, Bo and Nora talk about Matthew and wonder if they've been too busy - and haven't given Matthew enough parental supervision. Without giving excuses for their son, Nora reminds Bo that Matthew is just a teenager who is acting out.

    Before Lola leaves for school, Vanessa confronts her about the letter she found from Ray, reminds her of how dangerous her father is then warns to come to her next time - or they'll both end up dead like her mother! Lola apologizes, hands over Ray's letter - as Vanessa wants to show it to Cris - then leaves.

    On Lola's way out, Cris arrives home. When asked what's wrong with Lola, Vanessa claims nothing then seduces Cris into her arms! Though Vanessa sends Cris upstairs to wait for her, he catches her as she's burning the letter from Ray! Vanessa turns on tears and tells Cris about the letter, and Cris promises to keep her safe - but warns Vanessa not to ever keep secrets from him!

    When David visits the diner, Noelle tells him about how a psychic didn't see a good future for her and Moe, to which David reminds her to live in the present! Just as David claims psychics are filthy witches, Delphina appears and lashes out at him! David quickly tells Noelle to avoid Delphina, listens as Delphina laughs and claims he could be savoring many riches right now then leaves.

    Once David's gone, Noelle questions why Delphina had told her that there was trouble for her and Moe, but Delphina gets another vibe and relays that lots of money will cause trouble for her and Moe. However, Noelle has no idea where her and Moe would ever even get a ton of money…

    Before leaving for school, Starr and Langston hear chanting coming from the living room - and see that the place is set up in true Buddhist fashion! As the girls question if they are Buddhist now, Dorian hopes they'll follow in her path - and explains her change since David came back into her life! "I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the betterment of humankind." With Moe cooking, everyone hears the doorbell - and is shocked to see all of the homeless people Dorian has invited into the house! After Dorian sends Starr and Langston off with some 'strange bagged lunches', she sneers for Moe to check the silver, leaving Addie saying, "I knew it!" However, Addie says, "Who am I to judge," then leaves Dorian to begin her chanting again amongst the group.

    Suddenly, David arrives and puts a halt to Dorian's madness! As Dorian introduces David, he reminds her of how she's showing off her material things then says the day of observance she's celebrating isn't even until Monday! David tells Dorian she must get rid of everything if she wants to follow him on his path! "Sign it all away," David demands, leaving Dorian relinquishing all of her belongings to Moe! "I hereby give all of my worldly goods to Moe Stubbs!" Dorian reluctantly says.

    When Lola meets Tea at the diner, she's told she's all registered to start school at Llanview High, but Lola appears upset. After Tea assures Lola that she can trust her, Lola admits that she received a letter from her father - then confesses that she's not so sure that her father really killed her mother after all!

    At school, when Matthew catches Cole with his pills, Cole claims they're aspirin. As Matthew raves about Becca, Cole informs him that she's standing right behind him! After Matthew and Becca leave, Starr appears and asks Cole, "Are you high?" Cole quickly resents the question and storms off!

    As Matthew is acting as though he does drugs in front of Becca, Justin appears and embarrasses him, saying that 'the cop's kid' has never even inhaled!

    Later, Matthew breaks into Cole's locker and steals his drugs!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Tea helps Todd out of a jam.

    Dorian sets out for what she wants.

    Cole continues on the wrong path!

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    Posted by Amy at Friday, January 23 2009 12:10 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I've posted my Friday Column in the News Room at:

    Be sure to stop by and leave me your thoughts about what happened this week on OLTL!

    Have a great weekend!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:10 PM

    starr had a right to ask cole is he still on drugs...starr u know why he acting strange cause of marty...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:11 PM

    janet handle todd real good today till he found the thing on her proud of her...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:12 PM

    i think matthew and becca are so cute together today when they was talking in school...i hope they go out they make a sexy couple...

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, January 23 2009 12:12 PM

    I'm so happy my Todd didn't fall for that trick. He is just way too smart for anybody on that show. And I might add he is so cute.

    As for Nora and Bo, they are so wrapped up into getting Todd in jail they couldn't see that Matthew was into drugs.

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:13 PM

    matthew was wrong for stealing cole's i think he going to start taking them...thats not like matthew to do that...he was a good kid...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:15 PM

    vanessa should of told cris the truth and not hide the letter from glad he caught her burning ray letter...she is so stupid...i hope cris can see what she is a killer...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:16 PM

    what was with dorian today acting like that...she did that cause of david...

    Posted by gulla at Friday, January 23 2009 12:18 PM

    what was tea thinking sleeping with todd...they are both gross any way...they belong together...i hope they hook up cause they both like to do terrible things to people...

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 23 2009 12:22 PM

    Starr has no right to ask Cole if he is high. Now, she may ask out of concern for him. But what he does is none of her business.

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