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Sarah Leaves Cris - And Llanview - Behind!

Wednesday, January 07 2009
Sarah confesses to Cris, Jessica faces Brody, Jared tries to stop David, and Rex grieves what he's missed out on with Shane...

When Sarah storms into the loft and announces, "I told him your marriage was a fake," Cris lashes out at Sarah and tells the agent that she's lying because she's jealous and a vindictive 'witch'! After the agent says he'll be opening up an investigation, he leaves, and Cris demands to talk to Sarah alone!

Once Vanessa clears the room, Cris tries to apologize but Sarah brings up the New Year's Eve kiss she saw then says, "You have feelings for her." Sarah warns that once Vanessa is shipped off, Cris will be alone - just like she will. Sarah announces that she's leaving Cris - and Llanview - behind, in order to become Puddle of Mudd's manager! Cris begs her not to go, but she reminds him that he can't have them both - then leaves the loft!

In the dayroom at St. Ann's Jessica approaches Brody and Wes, assures them that she's Jessica, then makes a funny joke to Wes saying, "You could be one of me. I have a Tess and a Bess, maybe there's a Wes in there." Jessica apologizes to both Brody and Wes for what she's done to Brody then Wes leaves them alone.

Brody is happy that Jessica is feeling better, but she asks, "How bad was it?" After Brody tells her everything that happened, and how Tess exposed all of his demons, Jessica tries to leave, for fear of hurting Brody further, but he stops her - and tells Jessica that the only time he feels real is when he's with her. Brody and Jessica agree to be there to help each other… to help her find out Bess's secret and to help Brody figure out why he keeps seeing the little boy.

Back at his motel room, Wes stares at a Navy Seal picture of him and Brody and says to himself, "Let it go, man, let it go."

Sitting at The Palace, though Viki and Clint refuse to let Nora question Tess, she begs them - again - and says it's the only chance she has of prosecuting Todd. Over talk of Janet, Nora claims they can't locate her then says, "I was hoping Tess knew that Todd was planning on kidnapping the baby and running off…" To prove that Jessica is in no position to be on the stand, Viki announces that she just met Jessica's other alter - and that Bess is keeping a terrible secret, one Jessica can't handle!

Across the dining room, Tea assures Lola that she's just trying to help her get over the painful memories of having to send her father to prison. After Tea opens up about her own demons, Lola says, "I wish my mother was still alive, and that my father… that I still loved him." Tea urges Lola to open up and talk about the night her mother was murdered, but Lola says, "I'm not supposed to say anything."

Just as Tea asks if Vanessa told her to stay quiet, Vanessa appears! Tea quickly makes it sound as though she was talking about Cris and Vanessa's marriage, leading Vanessa to announce that Sarah turned them in! After Vanessa asks Lola to go on ahead of her, she warns Tea to stay away from Lola!

Jared approaches David at the diner to talk, and David briefly thanks the divine universe for bringing Jared to him! After David says he sees a lot of him in Jared, he urges Jared to bring the real Buchanan heir together with his blood brothers, Clint and Bo, in order to cleanse his own soul! Jared tries to convince David to leave the country - to ease Clint's mind - but David demands, "Why does Clint hate me?" Jared says that although Clint said he forgave David, he is haunted by all of the wrongs David has done to the Buchanans. Jared opens up a briefcase of cash and tempts David - but David starts muttering a prayer then turns Jared's offer down!

At the carriage house, Rex thanks Gigi for getting Puddle of Mudd to perform at Ultra Violet then they take advantage of the time before Shane comes home! Suddenly, Natalie arrives with Chloe, interrupting their sexapade. While Gigi takes the baby, Rex watches her interact with the little one, wishing he could have seen her with Shane as a baby. Natalie breaks the mood and announces her and Jared's engagement but says the wedding won't happen until Jessica gets home. Once Natalie leaves, Rex apologizes for not being there when Shane was little, leaving Gigi to talk about Shane's childhood - and suggesting that they can have another baby one day!

Still in St. Blazes, when Beaver wakes up in Dorian's bed, disoriented, she tells him they slept together all night long! After reminding Beaver that he's looking for David Vickers, Dorian flashes back to getting Beaver drunk then acts as though Beaver told her everything surrounding David and Asa. Dorian is pleased when Beaver says, "I'm the one who has to strip every red cent from Asa's family and give it all to David Vickers." As Beaver talks about David having to run B.E., Dorian agrees that David will need help running it, then excuses Beaver while he takes a shower.

Just as Dorian hollers that she'll get more towels, there's a knock at the door - it's 'Mel', asking what Dorian's doing there! "Dorian," Mel warns. "If you blow this, you'll be on your own." However, Dorian just wants to get B.E. back! When Beaver reappears, he asks, "Who are you talking to?" and Dorian notices that 'Mel' has disappeared! After promising to keep Beaver's secret about David, he leaves…

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