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    The Rush To Llantano River!

    Monday, January 05 2009
    Marty's plan takes a shocking twist, Clint and Nora can't believe David's new outlook, and Dorian gets news about David...

    After Todd plunges over the edge of The Palace Hotel roof, Marty stares down at the Llantano River then falls to the roof floor saying, "It's over."

    Inside Room 703, John calls out to Marty then makes a call to the front desk! Suddenly, Marty appears, and John brings up her journal - and how Cole called him - then asks where Todd is. "He's gone," Marty replies. As John questions Marty about Todd, she confesses, "When I told him I hated him, he jumped off the roof." John quickly rushes out of the room!

    Downstairs in the dining room, Clint and Nora demand to know why David is acting so strangely then are even more shocked when he asks to talk about the Buchanan family fortune! "We are after all brothers," David says. "Are we not?" Clint becomes more relieved when David talks about every man being brothers then listens as David retells his journey to becoming the man he is now - and how he's grateful that he wasn't successful in stealing the Buchanan fortune. "I'm no longer interested in money. I must ask you for your forgiveness," David finishes. Before Clint can answer, David briefly rushes to help an old woman, leaving Nora and Clint to wonder, "Is he for real?" Though the lady rants, "I don't need any help," David says, "Yes, you do, you're old." After the woman gets away, David rejoins Nora and Clint and again asks for forgiveness - so he can return to Tibet! Hearing that, Clint gives David his wholehearted forgiveness! However, David assures them that he won't be leaving Llanview until he atones to all of his sins! "My next stop is Dorian," David says then leaves - and Nora reminds Clint that Dorian's forgiveness could take forever!

    Later, at a cleansing meeting with his Master, David continues on his journey to cleanse his soul - and to help others do the same!

    Walking along the docks, Tea hears a splash then says, "What the hell was that?" However, Blair approaches and immediately warns her that if she goes after Starr - like she did Marty - she'll tear her limb from limb! As Blair rants about how Todd should be put away for life, Tea wonders what happened to Blair - seeing as Todd was the love of her life, leaving Blair to remind Tea that loving Todd leaves your life with misery.

    Suddenly, Tea and Blair see John jump into the Llantano River and begin screaming John's name - wondering who he's looking for! With Marty now watching from the shadows, John pulls Todd from the water to find that he has a pulse - but is not breathing! Blair doesn't waste any time and starts to do CPR on Todd!

    Once Todd is revived, he sees Marty walking toward them then says, "I tired." Marty screams at John for saving Todd! Blair and Tea are stunned at Marty's rant then watch as Marty warns John to leave her alone! After Marty storms off, and Tea helps Todd up, Blair asks John, "You know more than you're saying, don't you?" But John assures her, "It doesn't matter now."

    Staring at the Angels Square statue, Marty hears a motorcycle then turns when a man asks, "Need a ride somewhere." Marty slowly walks to the bike, climbs on and holds on tight as they take off into the night!

    In Angels Square, Jared professes his love to Natalie then tells her about Clint's job offer, wondering if Clint is only offering him the job because he's marrying his daughter. Natalie reassures him that Clint is a businessman first then says, "Can you imagine the damage if David Vickers had known he was Asa's son?" Though Jared doesn't want a handout, Natalie pushes him to take the job - a job he loved! Finally, Jared realizes he can have it all - Natalie, the job, and a wonderful life.

    Still in St. Blazes, Alex rethinks telling Dorian about David - until Dorian reminds her that she'll soon be the owner of the island, leading Alex to confess, "David Vickers is really David Buchanan. Asa's long lost son." After Alex tells Dorian the whole story, Dorian's in awe, but leery, leaving Alex to finish with the reason why Nigel gave her St. Blazes - to protect the Buchanan's!

    Once Alex is gone, Beaver Calhoun appears at the bar, asking for Alex - and showing around a picture of David Vickers! Dorian quickly approaches Asa's lawyer and asks him to join her - and tries to persuade him to open up about the man he's looking for!

    Back at the Buchanan mansion, Renee watches Asa's latest will reading and grieves the fact that David Vickers is Asa's son. However, she can't help wonder how David would've turned out had he known his real family. Renee reminisces about Emma Bradley, and about giving her advice, while all the time she thought her baby was Ned's. Suddenly, Clint and Nora arrive and let them know about David's presence in Llanview. When Renee worries about David finding out the truth, Clint appears to have an idea on how to keep David from finding out he's a Buchanan - and a sole heir at that!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Sarah causes trouble for Cris and Vanessa.

    Bess confronts Viki with a warning!

    Nora plans to make Todd pay for his crimes.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, January 05 2009 12:12 PM

    If you were raped, would you jump on a motorcycle with a stranger and ride off with him?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, January 05 2009 12:14 PM

    Will Jared and Natalie have any money once they get married. I know she won't get anything from Asa now. She gave away everything that she got from Vicki to put in a trust for her kids in the future or something like that. Can't quite remember.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, January 05 2009 01:39 PM

    That scene with David and the old Lady was halarious. When she told him she didn't need any help and kicked him, it was so funny.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, January 05 2009 02:26 PM

    David is great...hope he will be around for awhile. Now that Tea, John and Blair understand it was Marty that told Todd to jump. Maybe they will start believing Todd now he really does love Marty. Marty really needs help. Going with a stranger was weird.

    Posted by mrfraser at Tuesday, January 06 2009 08:10 AM

    Now, I know it is Todd and all that he has done and probably will do because we expect him too.........
    I really feel Marty has gone too far with her plan...did she break any laws by encouraging Todd to jump?

    Posted by BernieBaby at Tuesday, January 06 2009 09:08 AM

    Ain't that much "love" in the world for me to jump off of a roof and especially at the behest of a person that said they hated me. That action was way over the top for even Todd to do. I think TPTB have lost their grip on reality to make Todd this pathetic. And please tell me how you jump off of a "tall" building into freezing waters and live to tell the tell? Something should be broken even if you do survive.

    I love David and I don't believe he has "changed" for the betterment of man kind. IMO - Once he realizes he is the heir to a fortune, he will revert to his old money hungry self. And if I were him, I wouldn't give Clint, Nora or the rest of the Buchs a dime since they are trying to deny him his family heritage as well trying to connive and cheat him out of his birth right and money.

    Posted by gonnabeasoapstar at Wednesday, January 07 2009 11:56 AM

    Im so glad that David is back...He makes me laugh. this whole thing about being the Buchanan heir is chillin, because I can't even imagine what he would do if David finds out.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, January 07 2009 12:15 PM

    I cannot freaking believe Nora. She wants to have a talk with Tess. How stupid is she if she thinks Vicky is going to allow this and especially in a court room? Nora is desperate. I am hoping that Tea brings her down. I am really not feeling Nora. Have not for a while now.

    How dare these prim and proper Buchanans try to cover up the fact that David is entitled to the Buchanan money? Yes that part with David and the old lady was hilarious.

    I am tired of John/Blair/Marty. It makes no sense for one minute John beating the hell out of Todd and the next, he rescues him. I love Todd, but for him to jump to his death over this idiot is beyond words. Marty's son is in his teenage dangerous years. Why waste time on revenge, when she should be concentrating on her son? Please how long before all this ends?

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, January 07 2009 01:06 PM

    i cant believe john recused todd for a minute i thought john hated his guts...and now he save his life...i know marty was so pissed at him...thats why she left with wes...

    Posted by Singinbeauty at Wednesday, January 07 2009 02:08 PM

    This is crazy! Marty is a joke. I mean we waited so long for that stupid storyline to be over, and for her to move on with her son. Now she acts as though she has no son, and instead of spending precious time that she's missed with him, she's around todd 24/7.. Very annoying. On top of that I read the spoliers and she's back to her whorish ways?? She could have stayed dead. It doesn't even make a difference that she's back.

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