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A Message From The Grave!

Monday, December 29 2008
The Buchanan's get shocking news from Asa's lawyer, Marty tries to get Todd back, and Dorian is confronted by Viki and Charlie...

When Beaver Calhoun, Asa's lawyer, shows up at the Buchanan mansion, with a message from Asa, Clint, Bo, Nora, Renee and Nigel are shocked to hear that it involves Asa's long lost son! Beaver puts in a DVD where Asa rants at his family for allowing Buchanan Enterprises to sink since his death. After Asa declares, "You knew the stakes… stock up, you're rich, stocks down, you're broke. You blew it," he informs that the gravy train is over - Nora is kicked out of the mansion, Clint is instructed to try to get Viki back and Bo to get a better job! Asa then says it's time to give someone else a chance - the son he never acknowledged… Asa leaves his entire empire to David Vickers! Asa knows that David is a con, says that he'll probably spend his money as fast as he can then challenges his family to, "Stop him!" Before Beaver leaves, he instructs everyone to get their stuff together then says he has a detective looking for David, who will have everything turned over to him the minute he finds him!

Later, after Bo, Clint and Nora decide to stay quiet about this, until they can outsmart David, they are thankful that no one else knows that David is Asa's son - but Nigel tells him that he confided in Max Holden and Alex Olanov was listening! Nigel assures Clint that Max won't say a word - and Alex is in St. Blazes, where no one will be in contact with her!

In the diner, Charlie, Viki, Moe and Noelle are shocked to see David - dressed as a monk! They listen as David talks about being transformed… how he was on a plane that almost crashed and how a calm man who was sitting next to him helped him. David remembers being brought back home with the man - to a monastery, where he learned everything about becoming a monk! "I gave up everything I had, and now I have everything I want," David says. When Viki wants to know what he's doing back in Llanview, David claims he needs to atone to all of his sins - then confesses that he knew about Dorian drugging Charlie! As David calmly apologizes, Viki and Charlie storm out, leaving David feeling unburdened - and asking Noelle for a Vegan menu!

Todd thinks he's dreaming when he finds Marty in his house, but Marty replies, "It's no dream." Though Todd thinks Marty came to kill him, she makes him believe otherwise. Todd quickly gets dressed then returns, to which Marty says, "I came to retrieve something I left behind." Marty lifts the mattress, takes out her journal and starts to read from it… about how they were going to run away together and how they loved each other. Though Marty hates Todd for keeping her from her son, she can't deny that what's in the journal is real, leaving Todd to ask, "Is there a chance for us?" Marty snaps, asking Todd how he could dare to think that she would be with him again! Though Todd asks for one night to prove his love, Marty screams, "No! I'm leaving," then rushes out!

Once Marty gets home, she calls Todd, reminds him that he asked for one night then makes plans to meet him for New Year's Eve!

Rex is shocked to see people lined up outside Ultra Violet. When Gigi brings him inside, she shows him a Puddle of Mudd poster, leaving Rex excited that she was able to get the band to play at his club! Rex realizes that now he won't lose his business then takes Gigi in his arms with thanks!

Outside, Cole and Markko stand in line for tickets to see Puddle of Mudd on New Year's Eve, as Markko gives Cole advice about him and Starr.

Over at the mansion, Dorian gives Langston another gift - a framed certificate of adoption - then announces they'll be going to the Big Apple for New Year's Eve! When Markko calls to tell her about the concert tickets, Langston says, "I can't go," then heads upstairs to pack for New York. Having overheard her phone conversation, Dorian cancels the trip - and tells Langston to find Markko and tell him she's going to the concert!

In the kitchen, John arrives back from his trip and takes Blair into a passionate kiss. Blair gives John his Christmas gifts: a Hawaiian shirt and one of his favorite records. Next, John hands over Blair's gift: plane tickets to a new beach resort. However, when Blair says, "I can't accept this," John understands why she can't leave the kids right now and informs her that the tickets are open-ended. John and Blair make plans to spend New Year's Eve together.

When Langston finds Markko in Angels Square, he's happy to hear that she can go to the concert!

Viki and Charlie arrive at the mansion, accusing Dorian of drugging Charlie and getting him to drink! Though Dorian denies it, Viki and Charlie continue lashing out at her - then threaten her with legal action! Viki and Charlie leave to find Bo!

Dorian quickly rushes into the kitchen and rants to Blair that she doesn't plan to spend the new year in prison! After Blair leaves, refusing to get sucked into Dorian's problems, Dorian makes a plane reservation - then packs for St. Blazes!

Next on One Life to Live:

Puddle of Mudd performs!

John talks to Blair about the future.

Todd prays Marty gives him one more chance!

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