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    David: Llanview's Monk!

    Friday, December 26 2008
    David Vickers returns, Todd grieves his loss of Marty, Bo gives Rex advice, Dorian helps Rex, and Jared proposes to Natalie...

    Out in the cold, someone stands with bare legs, and in sandals, in front of a sign reading "Llanview Next Right." Shortly after, we see someone come across a sign that reads, "Llanview 3 Miles" then "Llanview 2 Miles…"

    Marty arrives home to the mansion and is briefly introduced to Bo before he takes off with Matthew. Once they are gone, Marty privately gives Cole his Christmas gift: a book of poems signed, "For my son Cole, for all the memories that you gave me. Love me." Cole pulls his mom close and says, "Todd Manning could never take away who you are." Cole gives Marty a picture of them from St. Patrick's Day then talks about his father and the great time they had that day.

    Later, while Cole takes off to see Starr, Nora gives Marty a gift: a journal, leaving Marty to remember the one she used to keep while living with Todd.

    When Todd awakes at his house, in Marty's bed, he's shocked to see Marty sitting on the bed! "Merry Christmas, Todd. I love you. I tried to deny it, but I can't." Just as Marty and Todd lean in for a kiss, Tea appears and brings Todd out of his daydream! Though Todd wants Tea to leave, she asks if there's anything she can do to help him, leaving Todd to ask, "You're a woman… Is there any chance Marty will forgive me?" Tea replies that he can have anything if he wants it bad enough then gives Todd his Christmas present: a sea shell from the island they were stranded on - the one he fought against all odds to get back to his family. Finally, Todd breaks down and cries, "I don't know what to do… I can't call my children to tell them I love them." Tea informs that she bought the kids some gifts from him then suggests he take care of himself - and not look too far back into the past.

    Once Tea is gone, Todd takes a shower and is shocked to find Marty sitting on her bed when he returns to the room!

    Over at Llanfair, Roxy walks in as Jared is telling Charlie and Viki about his plans to propose to Natalie. Just as Roxy starts begging to see the ring, Natalie appears and wants to know who's getting married! Not wanting to ruin Jared's surprise, Roxy blurts out, "Charlie and Viki are tying the knot! Can you believe it!" to which Charlie and Viki try to put a smile on their shocked faces! Natalie immediately wants to see the ring, but Charlie says they are heading out to look for one together now.

    After everyone is gone, Natalie shares her excitement with Jared about their parents' engagement, and Jared quickly gets into giving Natalie her gifts. After presenting Natalie with a box of socks, Jared takes out a pair of gold ones and has Natalie look inside. Natalie finds a box, opens it to see an engagement ring then listens as Jared asks, "Will you marry me?" Natalie screams, "Yes!" then Jared promises to make her happy for the rest of their lives! "Wait a minute," Natalie says. "Does this mean our parents aren't engaged?" Later, Natalie and Jared bask in the afterglow of their happiness.

    Viki and Charlie arrive at the diner and agree that their fake engagement feels pretty good. Just as Viki tells Charlie that after what they've been through nothing could shock her, David appears dressed in a monk's outfit!

    At Dorian's, Jack is excited that Dorian bought him the Z-Box, but Sam appears to careless about his! Just then, the doorbell rings, and it's Mel the Angel! Though Dorian questions what Mel is doing there, Mel stares in at Dorian's family then reminds her how lucky she was to have snagged two Z-Boxes - and that she knows this kid who wanted one more than anything in the world, but his dad couldn't get him one. With that, Mel leaves Dorian with a box - gifts to the kids from Todd. Though Starr doesn't want hers, Blair persuades Jack to open his.

    Gigi, Rex and Shane arrive at the carriage house, to which Rex tries to deter Shane from opening his gifts under the tree - for fear of disappointing him, as Rex wasn't able to get him a Z-Box. Just as Rex is trying to explain about the Z-Box, Bo and Matthew appear with gifts, leaving Rex relieved. Bo gives Rex an old western vintage shirt of his, saying, "For some reason this makes me think of you." It's the shirt Rex wore in 1968! When Roxy arrives, Shane is discouraged and says he'll never get to open any of his gifts now.

    Later, after Bo gives Rex some fatherly advice, they leave and Shane surprisingly isn't upset to find that none of his gifts are a Z-Box. Rex tries to explain how hard he tried to get Shane a Z-Box, but Shane stops Rex and says, "I really love everything that you got me. You tried… Thanks, Dad." While Shane and Gigi head into the kitchen, Dorian arrives with a Z-Box labeled, "To Shane, Love Rex," hands it over to Rex then says, "By the way, this doesn't change anything between us." When Shane rejoins Rex, he's excited to see the Z-Box - and Rex explains to Gigi that it was a Christmas miracle!

    Just as Cole arrives at the mansion to give Starr a mixed CD, Dorian returns home after spreading her holiday cheer.

    Back at the mansion, Bo answers the door and is surprised to see Beaver Calhoun, Asa's lawyer, who says, "I have a message for you. From your Pa."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    The Buchanan's get shocking news from Asa's lawyer!

    Marty tries to get Todd back!

    Dorian is confronted by Viki and Charlie - about her past!

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    Posted by iipax at Friday, December 26 2008 12:52 PM

    Tuc Watkins truly can look good in anything (lol)! Welcome back David Vickers.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, December 26 2008 02:06 PM

    If Marty hates Todd so much, why is she always going to where he is. She should not have contact with him before the trial starts. One day she will admit that she's in love with him still.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, December 26 2008 09:01 PM

    I'm excited that Tuc Watkins is back..Welcome back David Vickers.
    We can all see that Marty still loves Todd but she really should not see him until after the trial.

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