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    R.I.P. Hope Manning McBain...

    Wednesday, December 10 2008
    Andrew arrives for Starr's baby's funeral, Marty tries to reach out to Cole, and Jessica reacts to news of Hope's funeral...

    Still in John's bed, Blair accepts his comfort, and kiss, then makes plans to meet him at the service. John makes sure that Blair is okay then says, "I'm glad we could work things out," making Blair very happy. Blair heads home to get Starr…

    At the mansion, Dorian looks at a newspaper article of Todd then throws down the paper. When Langston comes downstairs, she tells Dorian that Starr is gone then hands her the note she left on her bed. Shortly after, Markko arrives to accompany Langston to the service, while Dorian gives Blair the note that Starr left, reassuring Blair that Starr needs to be alone for a while - and that she's in good hands with Andrew.

    Over at the Buchanan mansion, Nora promises Cole that she plans to throw the book at Todd then Cole heads in to see his mother, who has since hid all of the newspaper clippings of Todd under her covers. After giving Cole some comforting advice, Marty says she can't attend the funeral, for fear of causing problems with Starr's family, which initially upsets Cole. However, he assures Marty he'll be okay, hands her a book that she used to read to him when he was little then leaves. Alone, as Marty reads the book Cole left, she flashes back to the image of her and the little boy - Cole!

    Holding Viki close in bed, Charlie looks down and smiles into her eyes. Later, dressed, Viki professes her love to Charlie, who gives it right back to her, thanking her for taking 'the leap' with him!

    Feeding the kids at Llanfair, Jared and Natalie laugh as Bree slaps pudding into Jared's face, to which Natalie and Jared agree that their parents owe them big time for watching the kids for the night! When Viki arrives home, Natalie assures Viki that the kids were fine, and shushes Jared as he makes little remarks. While Natalie and Viki head to the service, Jared agrees to stay with the kids!

    As Brody approaches Jessica at St. Ann's, he sees she's reading the paper and listens as she cries, "I just can't help thinking if it was my baby that died." Jessica explains how she and Starr gave birth the same day - and how Starr's baby died right after she was born. In tears, Jessica cries, "I don’t know what I'd do if…I feel so guilty that she lost her baby and I get to keep mine." Brody tries his best to take Jessica's mind off the baby, but agrees, "It's the worst thing there is… when a little kid dies." Though Jessica explains how awful she feels for Starr, she can't help feeling as though her own baby died. "And I don't understand why I feel that way," Jessica says. Brody comforts Jessica, and she thanks him for trying to help.

    Lying in bed, Marcie thanks Michael for staying there with her and is happy when he offers to help bury Hope - and be with her every step of the way. Michael takes a brief call from Gigi, who can't switch Shane's therapy session, watches as Marcie puts Hope's death certificate in her baby book then promises they'll get through the day - together.

    Starr arrives at the church and explains to Andrew that she wanted to get there early to be alone. As Andrew goes to leave, Starr calls out to him and asks about the child he and Cassie lost, to which Andrew lets her know it's okay to be mad at the world - even upset with God. Andrew advises her to share her loss with and lean on those who care about her.

    Just then, everyone begins to arrive, and one by one, Starr welcomes each with open arms, as they all stand before her baby's coffin. When Cole appears, he walks up the aisle to Starr, takes her hand then leads her to a pew.

    Andrew begins the service, asking God to comfort those who loved Hope during her brief stay on earth. With many tears being shed throughout the church, Andrew pleads with everyone to be there for each other during this sad time - a time when Heaven has welcomed a new Angel.

    Once the service is over, everyone exchanges comforting words then makes arrangements to meet at the cemetery. After Dorian comments about Marty's absence, John promises to be there for Cole then Blair urges Dorian to go home and be with Addie - who is watching the boys and hurting too. Across the room, Starr tells Langston that she doesn't need to be at the cemetery, as Cole tells Markko the same. Cole goes to John, thanks him for being there then listens as John advises that he give his mother time.

    At the cemetery, standing before Hope's coffin, everyone listens and prays as Andrew says a final prayer. One by one, everyone says their goodbyes to Hope… Blair first, Marcie second, Cole third, who places a picture of him and Starr on the coffin, then finally Starr, who kisses her hand and lays it on the coffin.

    Just then, Cole feels someone take his hand - it's Marty, who has come to be there for her son.

    Markko brings Dorian and Langston home, to which Dorian finally admits what a great guy he is. Though Markko offers to stay, Langston urges him to go back to school to take his test then sits on the stairs and cries, telling Dorian, "That was the saddest thing I'd ever seen." Dorian admits, "It's always hard when you have to bury a child."

    Back at St. Ann's, Jessica says a prayer for her daughters - and for all the pain that they've been through. "Just let them know that they're loved by so many people."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Sarah gives Vanessa a warning.

    Not wanting to be deported, Lola wants Langston to hide her.

    Andrew talks to Marty about her past.

    Nora tempts Todd to do the right thing!

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    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, December 10 2008 12:36 PM

    I was going to be disappointed in Marty if she had not shown up for Cole. She might not remember him, but she knows he is her son and he needed her there.

    Posted by brucas14 at Wednesday, December 10 2008 01:01 PM

    Todays episode was so sad iam so glad though that marty showed up at the cemetery i was also upset when she said she wasnt coming i know shes been through a lot but cole went through enough without her im glad she was there for him

    Posted by luvinitall at Wednesday, December 10 2008 01:53 PM

    today's episode brought tears to my eyes. i could really feel everyone's pain and could not stop thinking about jess, vicki, and natalie. soon the truth is going to come out and they are going to have to go through the same thing. i am so glad that marty showed up for cole, such a small step, yet a large one. i have never been a real john/blair fan, but today i could really see them being together. he seems to show more affection for her than any other lady that he has been with, how ironic! i can see brody helping jess through her pain when she figures out what happened to her baby, so glad that the writers are going to restore his character, it would be such a shame to make him a villan. i also feel for marcie, i hope that this will bring her and michael closer together, and maybe when the truth comes out about baby hope they will become a family. i can see them being wonderful parents. why do i get the feeling that markko and langston are too happy right now, i smell trouble coming for the two of them. i will be greatly dissapointed if they break up, they are made for each other.

    Posted by Lovin OLTL at Wednesday, December 10 2008 01:58 PM

    UGGGGGGGHHHHH! I wonder how long they are going to let Jessica believe this is her baby when will the truth come out? I hope that Starr keeps the baby once it does come out, and cant they make a miracle happen and Marcie get pregnant come on it is a soap anything can happen!

    Posted by Sophia Rose at Wednesday, December 10 2008 02:03 PM

    I watch the show during my lunch break - it's very difficult to swallow when you're crying. This show was so touching and I am so happy that Marty came at the end.

    Blair did a great job showing her pain.

    It was great to see Andrew again.

    Posted by ladyrose55 at Wednesday, December 10 2008 02:58 PM

    I hope the writers will not let this story line drag on. And that someone will listen to Tess ,that the babys not Jessicas baby.And will Star give Marci the baby?Or will she change her mind?I hope not .Unless Marice ends up pregnat.Now that would be great.!!!I hope Viki and Charlie become more then lovers.She needs some happyness.Ok weres BO?Todd deserves what he gets!!But he'll get out of it some way.

    Posted by jcodog at Wednesday, December 10 2008 04:39 PM

    i've been a loyal Jolie fan but have come to accept John/Blair...i guess it works for him because they are friends with pressure to commit. I always felt John/Marty was too forced and they just didn't connect. Natalie/Jared are also seems forced, either get Natalie back to John or someone new. i see a Jessica/Brody connection in the works, I guess they can help each other overcome their problems.Blair is better without Todd. Marty needs to stop the pity party and start spending time with Cole. I hope a miracle occurs and Marcie gets pregnant, if it happened for Kelly why not Marcie? I knew they would bring either Tea or Evangeline back, they are the only two that would defend Todd even if they don't approve of what he's done......somehow he will get out of it again, he always does.

    Posted by Praizehm at Wednesday, December 10 2008 06:17 PM

    Wow! Talk about a sad episode today. I was all choked up looking at that little tiny coffin. I thought it was a very beautiful service, but I was bothered by one thing. The sign in front of the church said Hope Manning McBain. Where was the name Thornhart. After all Cole was her father.

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Wednesday, December 10 2008 06:19 PM

    HI Jumps, Thank you so much for answering my ?. I did not know that. I heard that it was a sad show today,I missed the soap today, I had to be at my son's school taday, and forget to set to record. Im hoping they dont drag this baby S/L long. Im one that is hoping Star will change her mind once she finds out that it is her baby. I will feel so bad for Jessica, having lost her husband and a second baby..

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 10 2008 07:09 PM

    I was not home today to watch the show but seen what happened I to would have cried. I'm happy to hear Marty went to be by Cole.

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