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    Blown Away By Guilt!

    Thursday, December 04 2008
    Shots ring out, Todd has a chance to escape, Bess takes over Tess, and Marty and Blair are face to face...

    Just as Todd goes to make a move for the cop's gun, they hear gunshots and the cop rushes off! Realizing he has a chance to escape, Todd finds his cloths and changes! As Todd peeks out into the hall, he sees two cops with guns drawn and hides behind the door.

    As Nora walks down the hospital hallway, she hears a gunshot go off! Nora enters the office and is shocked to see Dr. Joplin facedown on her desk - with blood splattered everywhere! After Antonio arrives, and the body is taken away, Nora admits she came to question the doctor about Todd's plan to steal Starr's baby. Wondering why Dr. Joplin would commit suicide, Antonio and Nora find Starr's baby's autopsy report on her desk and try to make a connection. When a cop interrupts saying, "I better get back to Manning," Antonio snaps, "You left him alone?"

    After the nurse leaves, Todd quickly walks out of his room, but is stopped by Antonio, Nora and the cop. Nora walks up to Todd, smiles then asks, "Going somewhere?" Though Todd claims that Dr. Joplin was the killer of Starr's baby, Nora replies, "Looks like I just found my accomplice!" Nora explains that she was there to question the doctor about how Todd was going to steal Starr's baby!

    Still staring in the nursery, at Jessica's baby, Starr smiles at how beautiful she is then tells Viki about what Dr. Joplin said about her baby's death. Over talk of Todd, Starr wishes that she could bury her father - instead of her baby - to which Viki begs her not to wish her father dead. Starr realizes what Viki is trying to say, that deep down she does love her father, but Starr can't imagine how she's going to go on knowing what he was going to do. When the baby is brought out to Viki, Viki allows Starr to hold Chloe, who says, "My name is Starr. I'm your cousin… nice to meet you." Suddenly, Todd appears in cuffs and is taken away to the police station, leaving Starr even more upset!

    At St. Ann's, Tess emerges and demands to know why they gave Jessica the wrong baby! Tess goes on to explain that she remembers the baby she gave birth to - and it wasn't the one in the nursery now! Tess leans in close, steals the doctor's keys then makes her way out of the locked room!

    Out in the hallway, Tess runs into Brody and says, "What do we have here?" Brody is confused by Jessica's actions! When Dr. Bonner comes out, with an orderly, Tess hits on Brody then leans in and begs him to get her out of there - in order to find her baby! Not wanting to get involved, Brody steps back, and the doctor demands to talk to Bess - who comes out, apologizes to Brody for Tess's actions and asks him to disregard everything Tess said! "Tess gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl," Bess assures them all. Once the doctor summonses Jessica back out, Jessica is confused to see Brody there, who excuses himself, then Jessica follows Dr. Bonner back into his office - and is even more confused by Tess's claim that her baby isn't hers, saying that's exactly what Tess told her mother as well!

    Later, when Jessica runs into Brody in the hallway, she apologizes, to which Brody says, "I just wish I could've helped." When the doctor comes out, Jessica wishes Brody luck on his first session.

    When Blair and Dorian arrive at the café and see John and Marty, Blair's about to leave, but Dorian urges her inside. With a smile, Blair goes to their table, puts her hand out to Marty and says, "Hi, I'm Blair. Todd's ex-wife." Marty stands and accepts Blair's handshake then listens as Blair apologizes for all Todd has done to her. "Todd told me we were mortal enemies, is that true?" Marty asks. Blair admits they had their issues and tries to be sympathetic to Marty, who continues to bring up all the lies that Todd told her - including how Blair and John had an affair, which happens to be true! Again, Blair relates to how she feels, because of all that Todd has done to her, but Marty snaps, "You had a choice… He raped me!" Though Blair tries to leave, Marty stops her and asks, "You do hate me, don't you?"

    Inside the kitchen, Dorian and Moe reconnect, as she asks his opinion of her truffle custard. After the taste test, Dorian invites Moe to dinner, but he has to fly back home. Putting down Moe's stick-in-the-woods town in Texas, Dorian tells him he's too good to be stuck in the kitchen at the Bonjour Café! Shortly after, when Dorian emerges from the kitchen, she hears Marty snapping about Blair's jealously over finding John with her and defends her niece by saying, "Blair does have a right to know what's going on with you two!"

    Before Rex, Gigi and Shane enter Foxy Roxy's, Shane talks about how lame photo Christmas cards are, leaving Rex no choice but to head into the salon and tell Roxy to cancel the family photo appointment for the cards. Once Rex is gone, Shane confesses to Gigi that he didn't want to disappoint Rex - but didn't want Brody to see the card and think he didn't mean anything to him anymore. After a reassuring talk, Shane agrees to the photo card then Gigi suggests they surprise Brody with a Christmas card, with only Shane on it, just for him.

    Inside the salon, as Rex approaches Roxy, suddenly, Noelle, who Roxy is working on, looks at herself in a mirror and gasps, "This is not the Blair Cramer bob!" However, Roxy assures Noelle that men dig this type of hairdo, but she's not so sure Moe will like it! With a little more teasing, Roxy explains that she's almost done with her masterpiece!

    Later, after Rex, Gigi and Shane leave to go get their picture taken, Moe arrives, gasps at Noelle's new hairdo, saying it looks as though she got into a fight with an eggbeater, then announces that they aren't going back to Texas!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    John gives Todd a little payback.

    Marty wants Todd to suffer!

    Dorian gets involved in Vanessa and Lola's problems.

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    Posted by TGF DVRs at Thursday, December 04 2008 12:24 PM

    OMG - How many times and how many people will Marty tell that she fell in love with Todd? Nora your case is flying out the window...she wanted to sleep with Todd. When Marty was telling John she was a risk peppers? He was surprised "Miss Timid" has changed. Why couldn't Blair tell Marty Todd went to Ireland to protect her, got shot in the back for her and missed the birth of Starr? Which really throw a monkey wrench in the continuity of the ages of Cole (17)and Starr(16)

    Posted by brucas14 at Thursday, December 04 2008 12:24 PM

    even though i hate what todd has done i agree with Viki starr shouldnt wish him dead maybe its because im close with my dad personally but i just think saying things like that starr will come to regret later

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Thursday, December 04 2008 12:27 PM

    Tess was licking her chops over Brody today...YUMMY. He has just met Jess's alter and was he ever so confused as she was wrapped all over him.

    Posted by Kaur at Thursday, December 04 2008 12:36 PM

    TGF DVRs...ITA

    If Blair (or that matter anyone) is going to tell all the negative things Todd has done it is only fair that Marty be told all the positive things he has done.

    I personally am not liking Blair playing the victim of Todd's wrong doings...she is just as evil as Todd (ok maybe 1 notch lower)...hopefully Marty hates her...don't see them as friends...and please don't let them fight over if they were fighting for Todd that would be more interesting...I just can see the people of Llanview going what the F***

    Posted by cherylm at Thursday, December 04 2008 12:49 PM

    Okay, why would Dr. Joplin blow her head off instead of taking a bunch of pills? If she couldn't even bring herself to tell them the truth of how she planned to let Todd steal Starr's baby, she wouldn't have had the guts to kill herself that way.

    Posted by scorpio1120 at Thursday, December 04 2008 01:02 PM

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who is questioning the Starr/Cole timeline. Starr was already born when Marty left town. As a matter of fact Starr was a toddler already because Blair had already gotten pregnant a second time by Patrick Thornharte. Maybe Patrick is adopted that is the only thing that would explain the mixup in the ages.

    Posted by scorpio1120 at Thursday, December 04 2008 01:14 PM

    Nobody in the Todd/Marty/Blair senerio is a saint. Marty has an extremely colorful past herself. She tried to seduce a priest and when that didn't work she accused him of rape because she felt rejected. She was also a drunk who slept around. Blair came to town a coniving schemer out to get rich quick. Remember when she first came to town Dorian was rich not her. None of them can afford to throw stones. I also don't like Vikki's treament of Tina. Yes, she was trying to protect her dog and her jewels but she was also trying to protect her daughter. Tess threatened to tell Carlo Hesser about the jewels and put Sarah's life in danger. And we all know Tess is capable of it. What makes Natalie's life more important that Sarah's. Last I check they were all Lords and Buchannan's.

    Posted by alexandrite at Thursday, December 04 2008 01:23 PM

    umm cherylm obviously u dont know anything about suicide and im not saying a bad thing. but blowing your head off takes a lot less guts. cuz it is less painful pills drag it out and slowly and VERY painfully shuts down each organ.

    i cant stand the scenes with marcie or dorian. ugh especially marty. i miss the actress that was marty when cole and her first arrived back in town. and guys quit trying to make this a eww gross u had a baby with ur brother.

    Posted by Praizehm at Thursday, December 04 2008 01:40 PM

    Scorpio, ITA! I thought that I was the only one who remembered that Starr was around WAY before Cole. The timeline is way messed up here. And no one even mentions that Starr and Cole should have had a half sibling between them. I don't even think Cole and Starr know about her mother and his father. Maybe with Marty's memory out of whack, they might just talk about this. But I guess we have to just remember that it's a soap opera and the writers can pretty much do whatever they want.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, December 04 2008 01:45 PM

    I learned a long time ago to NOT questions the ages of characters on a soap. YES, Starr should be at least 2 years older than Cole instead of Cole being a year older than Starr. This is just a soap age thing and we have to deal with it.

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