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    You Never Know Who's Around The Corner...

    Friday, November 14 2008
    Cole and Marty are both at the hospital, Viki disowns Tina, and Natalie and Jared are thankful to be free...

    Inside Starr's hospital room, Blair checks on Starr then goes to Cole, takes him in her arms and says, "I'm so sorry, Cole." When Cole asks if they can bury the baby next to his mom, Starr wants to talk it over with Marcie then asks Cole to go find her. When Cole leaves, Starr insists on talking to Todd, to which Blair finally agrees to let her call. However, Starr only gets his voicemail.

    Outside of the hospital nursery, Marcie and Michael look at Baby Brennan, and Michael suggests, "Maybe you shouldn't be here right now. I'm afraid of what you might do." Marcie snaps at Michael's suggestion, but he explains his worry that she'll have another breakdown, like she did after losing Tommy. Suddenly, Cole appears and gives Marcie Starr's message. Alone with Michael, Cole looks through the nursery window and talks about his loss, and Michael tries to comfort Cole as much as he can.

    Marcie comes in shortly after Blair and Starr have heard of John's arrest on the radio. After Blair leaves, Starr thought Marcie would leave without saying goodbye - because she lost her baby - but Marcie assures Starr that she did nothing wrong. While Marcie is getting a tissue from her purse, a box falls out, to which Marcie explains that it's a locket for Starr - she was going to put a loc of the baby's hair in it for her. "I wanted you both to be close," Marcie says.

    Marcie returns to the nursery, sends Cole back to be with Starr, takes a final look inside the nursery then leaves the hospital with Michael.

    At the station, Nora, Bo, Talia and Antonio are shocked to hear that John thought Marty was alive! Though Nora says, "That's impossible," Bo claims it could very well be true! After further investigating, Nora finds out about the warrant John tried to get - and about the witness who could place Marty at Todd's house! Bo immediately sends Antonio and Talia to Todd's then calls the mayor to give him a piece of his mind! Suddenly, Blair bursts in and wants information about John, but Bo refuses to give her any - and Blair informs Bo that John said that something big was going to happen today!

    Still at Todd's, John pleads with Marty to leave with him, but she refuses, aims her gun at Todd and wants nothing more than to hurt him! Just as Todd opens his eyes, Marty rants at him about all of the stories he told her then claims he won't be around to tell anymore! Todd's cell phone rings, but he doesn't move an inch to grab it. Though John begs Marty not to kill Todd, Todd begs her to do it and says, "Go ahead, kill me… It's what I deserve." John pleads with Marty, "You're not a killer," to which Marty cries, "I don't know what I am." However, John reminds her that he does. John begins talking about the woman that Marty is then reminds her that she has a son - one who loves and misses her! With Todd staring in her eyes, saying, "Go ahead," Marty cries about all that Todd has taken from her, but John says, "He wants the easy way out, don't give it to him. If you kill him, he wins." Finally, Marty walks into the hallway, puts down the gun and runs downstairs.

    Just as Marty and John head down the stairs, Antonio and Talia bust through the door, and Antonio says, "Marty, you're really alive!" When Marty asks, "Should I know you?" John explains to Antonio that Marty lost her memory then instructs him to go upstairs and get Todd. Though John wants to take Marty to the hospital, Talia says, "You can't, you're under arrest." Talia apologizes, but John allows a cop to cuff him and begs Talia to get Marty to the hospital safely. Before Marty leaves with Talia, she stops in front of John and smiles with appreciation.

    When Antonio reaches Todd, he asks, "Who did this to you?" but Todd only says, "I did." Shortly after, Antonio watches as Todd is taken away by ambulance.

    Upstairs at Llanfair, Natalie and Jared share a glass of wine then make up for lost time.

    Viki arrives home and finds Tina in the kitchen and says, "I'm very happy to see you - and to see that the house is still standing." After Viki briefly talks about Jessica, and plans to head back to the hospital, Tina stops her! Tina says how glad she is that Viki is okay, leading Viki to talk about Tess's return and how she locked Natalie and Jared in the basement! Viki hugs Tina and says she can't wait to catch up with her, to which Tina replies, "I'm leaving Llanview." Viki is shocked that Tina is leaving, tonight, but praises her for opening the basement door, alerting them to the fake wall and getting Bree out of the house before the bomb went off. Full of guilt, Tina finally blurts out that she knew what Tess had done - all along! "You knew all along that Natalie was locked up in that room," Viki asks, to which Tina rambles, "I was afraid for Sarah, Tess was blackmailing me. I did what I could… I led Jared to Natalie." Viki is furious that Tina was just going to leave town, as if nothing ever happened, leading Tina to confess that it was Natalie's idea - but that she couldn't take the guilt and wanted to tell Viki what she did. Viki instructs Tina to leave - and to never come back - then watches as Tina goes… Once she's gone, Viki breaks down and cries.

    Just as Blair is leaving the station, John arrives in cuffs.

    At the hospital, Marty gets off of the elevator with Talia and comes face to face with Cole! Marty smiles sweetly at a shocked Cole!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Cole finally sees his mom at the hospital!

    John explains to Blair about Todd and Marty!

    Todd is left with dreams of what might have been.

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    Posted by katc46 at Friday, November 14 2008 12:18 PM

    Sick of Marcie and I hated the way she was hovering around the nursery and I'm glad Michael said "I'm afraid of what you might do" because she had that hungry kidnapper look in her eyes....
    Will Viki disown Todd after she finds out about him HELPING Tess and planning to steal her grand neice? I doubt it, all he has to do is turn on the record player and all will be forgiven....
    And GROSS Jared had on the same clothes.......
    And Blair is going to CRAP herself when she finds out that Marty is alive and has been with Todd this whole time- Cannot wait to see her face!
    And as far as Marty goes memory or not she was stupid enough to hold on to every lie Todd told her. I think she wanted to stay and deep down didn't want to know the truth because she practically worshiped the ground Todd walked on! Now John has put his career on the line to help her and gets not even a 'thank you' but Todd was her Messiah!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, November 14 2008 12:19 PM

    Viki can be so holier than thou sometimes. I know Tina messed up, but Viki has forgiven Todd so much worse over the years that I would expect her to give Tina a break. BUT NO, not Saint Victoria!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, November 14 2008 12:19 PM

    Can't wait to see Marty and Cole together again!

    Posted by BBBJ at Friday, November 14 2008 12:27 PM


    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, November 14 2008 12:39 PM

    I'm also glad for Cole seeing his mother. How can Viki kick Tina out the house? Victor Lord was her father too. She has as much right as Viki to be there.

    Posted by forever young at Friday, November 14 2008 01:13 PM

    PLease writers get rid of the Jess/Tess/Bess stupid s/l.Give the baby back to her rightful mother.NOt Marcie!
    I'm happy that Cole is being reunited with his Mom. He's a sweet and caring young man.
    Please put todd under ther jail. He is a bif time sex offender!

    Posted by gracie5 at Friday, November 14 2008 01:21 PM

    I feel so bad for Marty and Todd. I think Todd really loves her. She started to change him. He didn't go through on his plan to steal Starr's baby. And when Antonio asked who did this to you Todd said I did. He tried to get Marty to leave him before they slept together. I feel bad for Starr but I feel for Cole more because of how Starr went about giving the baby up without thinking about Cole's feelings. As for Marcie I haven't liked her since she ran off with Tommy. I love how Tina told Viki the about Tess. And how Tess blackmailed her. But Viki was unforgiving which doesn't surprise.

    Posted by pinevalley at Friday, November 14 2008 01:23 PM

    Okay folks - I have a strong! feeling Marty will end up pregnant with Todd's Baby!!!!! yep just wait and see. Dang!! these folks here in soapland - don't they believe in Birth Control!!! There's a hold lot of sexin' going around!!(laughing hard)

    Posted by jumps at Friday, November 14 2008 01:45 PM

    Glad John talked Marty out of shooting Todd. With everything else she is going thru, she does not need that memory.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Friday, November 14 2008 01:47 PM

    Hi All ~~~

    I watched the whole show today waiting to see Cole and Marty come face to face! Each time it would jump to another part of the s/l, I was sitting there gritting my teeth! hehehe the very last minute of the epi' they show Marty and Cole! NOW.....I have to wait all weekend to see what they say!!

    Viki/Tina ~~~ I agree w/ other fans that Viki disowning Tina and kicking her out of their house was out of line. Under the circumstances and the emotional trauma they had all just gone through, I feel a little more thought should have been given to Viki's reaction to Tina's betrayal! I also feel that once Viki learns Todd's part in helping Tess, holding Marty in secret, and planning to steal Starr's baby may be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as forgiving Todd all his past transgressions! JMO! I love Viki's character. I don't consider her to be 'holier than thou!' Tina's character is hilarious at times, but my heart did go out to her today. Granted her priorities are really screwed up! I'm not sure how I would've reacted if one of my sister's had put the welfare of a dog over the welfare of one of my kids! I did agree w/ Viki that when Tess made her threats towards Sarah, all Tina had to do was go to Bo! Tina didn't include that Tess had the precious jewels in the safe, and David Vickers had been kidnapped by Cain!! Had she revealed it all, Viki may have beat the crap out of her, and then kicked her to the curb!?!? JMO!

    I'm glad John was able to talk Marty out of shooting Todd! Not that I think Todd didn't deserve to have his 'balls' shot off, but, because it would've ruined any chance Marty had to reunite w/ Cole. JMO! I can only hope that TPTB will have Todd get his 'just dos!' Again, JMO! I CAN NOT wait to see the look on Blair's face when it's revealed to her WHO the new woman in Todd's life is! Juicy, juicy! Have a great weekend. Later, Susie

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