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    You're Going On To The Lightening Round!

    Thursday, October 02 2008
    Rex faces a lose-lose situation, John thinks Marty may be Todd's mystery woman, and Todd questions Tess about Natalie...

    At the hospital, after the circle of prayer, Gigi explains to everyone that Shane knows Rex took a bullet for them - and that he is his father! Roxy quickly goes to Shane, announces him as her grandma then tries to take him to the cafeteria for chocolate milk. However, Bo stops them and takes Shane away for a chat. While Gigi blames herself for Rex's shooting, Jared assures Roxy that he's going to find Natalie!

    Out in the hallway, Bo tells Shane he knows what he's going through then brings up Matthew - and how he went through the same thing. Bo wonders if Shane will allow himself time to accept Rex then asks, "What do you think of him?" Shane knows Rex is a good guy but says, "He's not Brody." Bo promises to get Brody help then talks about his experiences in the war. With talk back on Rex, though Rex isn't the soldier type, Bo reminds Shane that he threw himself in front of a bullet for Shane and his mom.

    Inside the operating room, Rex flat-lines, and inside Rex's head Colin informs Rex, "You've just flat-lined - game over." Rex admits he knows that Bo isn't his father, but says that if he had to pick someone it would be Bo. After Rex starts explaining all of Bo's traits, Rex claims Colin's question was bogus then says, "I'm worthy of being Shane's father. I want to be a good father like Bo is." After Rex walks over to where 'the prize', Shane, stands next to Brody, he begs Shane to give him a chance. Suddenly, Colin announces that the judges have made a decision. Inside the operating room, Michael finds a pulse!

    "Rex Balsom, you're going on to the lightening round!" Colin says then brings out Gigi and tells Rex, "Shane is yours today, only if you're willing to leave Gigi behind." When Rex won't choose, Colin shows him a video of himself in a hospital bed then warns that that's what he'll face if he doesn't choose! Though Colin keeps throwing in extra prizes, Rex refuses to give up his family! Just then, the show is over! Gigi, Shane, Brody and the audience is gone and Colin leaves, as Rex screams, "I'm not leaving Gigi! Shane needs both of us! This is just a dream!" Rex closes his eyes and hopes when he opens them Gigi will be there…

    Michael goes out to the family, tells them Rex's surgery was a success, but that they could very well still lose him. "For the time being he's on a ventilator," Michael says, as Rex is wheeled past them. Michael allows Rex to have visitors, one at a time, and Roxy goes first… "Do I have to go in there," Shane asks Gigi. "I wouldn't know what to say." Though Gigi won't force Shane to do something he doesn't want to, she makes it known how much it would mean to Rex to hear Shane say that he hopes he gets better.

    In Rex's room, Roxy tries to rub color to Rex's face, talks about some childhood memories then tells him that Shane knows he's his face - and says he's going to need him! After Roxy leaves, she goes to Shane and tells him not to worry, saying, "He kind of looks like a robot, with tubes and wires." When Bo expresses wanting to see Rex next, Gigi, Marcie and Shane step aside - and Michael asks Layla if she's gotten a hold of Adriana yet, which she hasn't.

    Bo goes in to see Rex and scolds him. "Since the day I met you it's been one thing after another." Bo talks about Gigi and Shane then says, "You saved them. Balsom, I'm so damned proud of you. You listen up… I'm going to tell you what to do. You're going to put yourself back together because we need you."

    Later, in his hospital room, Rex hears, "Rex, open your eyes." When he does, he sees Adriana!

    On his flight back to Llanview, John makes a call to inform Bo that he hit a brick wall then is surprised to see his father's ex-partner, Pete, on the same flight! Realizing something is troubling John, Pete pushes John to talk about the case involving the mystery woman. Afterwards, Pete asks John to close his eyes and think about this… "What does this woman have, the one Lee was holding, that Todd Manning wants?" Suddenly, John snaps open his eyes and sees Marty sitting next to him!

    When Tess goes up to her room, she finds Todd lying on her bed, playing with Bree's toys! Though Tess tries to ignore Todd and head back out of the room, Todd demands to know what she's done with Natalie! Tess tells Todd not to worry about it then reminds him of his own secret. Seeing that Todd has suddenly grown a conscience, Tess torments him with his 'case of the 'guilts'.

    As Todd retaliates, and taunts Tess with thoughts of Nash and Jessica, Tess starts screaming at him - until Jared appears and interrupts! After Todd leaves, Tess claims she's tired and wants to go to bed - and Jared finds it funny that she hasn't asked about Rex! Tess claims she's been very preoccupied with Bree and tries to get out of going to the hospital to see Rex - even when Jared offers to watch Bree! Tess brings up how hard it is for her to go into hospitals then finally gets Jared off of her back. While Tess wonders if Jared is on to her, Jared appears very suspicious!

    After Marty wakes up from a fuzzy nightmare about her rape, she screams for Todd and Janet's help, but no one's home. Marty slowly gets up and steps out of her room to look for Todd. Marty makes her way downstairs and out onto the front porch for some fresh air. Later, on her way back upstairs, Marty spots Todd's laptop, opened on the coffee table, goes to it and types 'Llanview University Rape' in the search engine! As Marty reads about her case, about how Nora planned to prove Marty wasn't the innocent victim she claimed to be, she hates herself as she reads further about the type of person she was - one who falsely claimed that Andrew Carpenter raped her!

    Just then Todd appears and asks, "Hey, what are you doing? What are you looking at?" to which Marty replies, "My rapists."

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Marty digs into her past!

    Adriana threatens Gigi!

    Dorian confronts Ray!

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    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 02 2008 01:19 PM

    I guess Addie got ahold of Adriana. Otherwise, she got there awful fast from Paris, France!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 02 2008 01:20 PM

    Hmmm, interesting. Marty is going to find out she was not such a nice person either. I see where this sl could be leaning.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 02 2008 01:30 PM

    Ah, Bo was great with Shane today. And with Rex too!

    Posted by LUVNSOAPS at Thursday, October 02 2008 02:15 PM

    I don't know why I have a feeling that Adrianna has more to do with Rex's shooting.I don't think she was in Paris when she was on the phone with rex when he told her that he wanted a divorce.(she was on a cell phone when she talked to him which means she could have been anywhere and just said she was in Paris for an alibi)

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 02 2008 02:33 PM

    Unless Adriana has a military weapon, I don't see her having anything to do with Rex's shooting.

    Posted by Susie1000 at Thursday, October 02 2008 02:40 PM

    AHHHHH! I loved today's epi'! Roxy adding her dry sense of humor to talking to her unconcious son! Bo being the 'gruff' father figure fussing at Rex! Marty getting on the computer and finding a side to herself Todd hadn't told her! John on the plane and the light bulb finally goes off about Marty! Thanks Pete! Tessica and Todd battling over who's scheme is working out! I'll be so glad when Jared finally pieces all the parts to the puzzle together and finds Nat'! Bo talking to Shane was good! Adrianna! I'm sure she's the last person Rex wanted to see when he woke up! hehehe It's been a slow process, but I think we're moving on w/ this s/l!

    Posted by keboyd at Thursday, October 02 2008 03:40 PM

    I didn't get to see the show today but I'm glad I could read about it. Boy I hate I didn't get to see it happen waited so long to see this all come to this point....Sounds like a great show....dang that satilite....

    Posted by shepmajor at Thursday, October 02 2008 04:27 PM

    astoria - Gigi didn't come between Rex and Adrianna. Adrianna did plenty of damage on her own and Rex should have never gone through with the wedding when he knew that he still had feelings for Gigi.

    Posted by SJohnson12 at Thursday, October 02 2008 07:24 PM

    Bo was great today, he is definitely the best father in Llanview.

    I'm still not happy with Todd & of course what he is doing to Marty is despicable but i was so happy when he told Tess what I've been saying for a long time now. Nash stopped loving Tess and fell in love with Jess and he was so not happy at the prospect of Tess coming back. I'm sure if Todd knew the whole story he would also point out that Tess starting this mess by setting up Jared!

    I was looking forward to the Rex/game show thing but it is a little lame. I think it would have been funny if they mocked all the reality competition game shows, i.e. dancing with Stars, Survivor, Deal or No Deal etc. They could have worked it around him winning Shane. I could just see Rex having to dance and maybe Gigi holding a briefcase.

    Oh great Adriana's Back (inject sarcasm here)

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 02 2008 08:25 PM

    SJohnson12...ITA about Todd's comments to Tess.

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