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    Royal Bed Mates!

    Wednesday, August 27 2008
    Antonio, Cristian, Sarah and Talia get revenge on Carlo and Jonas, Brody grows closer to Shane, and Todd and Tina are reunited...

    Bo pays a visit to Statesville prison to see Lindsay, who is surprised to see him. Bo admits that Lindsay is paying for what she did then says, "Believe it or not… I came here to thank you. All of this made me realize that I've lived my life in a reaction to my father - even after he died." Over talk of why Bo asked her to marry him - to reclaim his life and not worry about what Asa would think - Bo admits how hurt he was over what Lindsay had done, and talks about how he ran away. "If I wouldn't have done that I wouldn't have found what I did… I found myself." Bo puts his hand to Lindsay's, against the dividing screen, then leaves Statesville, and Lindsay, behind.

    Tess arrives at the police station, and tells John that he's wasting his time looking for a woman at Todd's house - one who doesn't exist. However, John wonders why 'Jessica' is trying so hard to convince him of that! Though Tess tries to leave, John asks about the baby, giving Tess the perfect time to bring up Nash - and how guilty Natalie feels for his death! Seeing the file on the mystery woman, Tess tries to take a peek, but John stops her and Tess ends up saying goodbye and cutting their visit short! Once Tess leaves, John makes a phone call asking someone when the 3-D construction of the missing woman will be ready! Suddenly, Bo arrives and says, "Good morning, Commissioner!"

    When Todd arrives at Llanfair looking for Tess, he blows past Tina screaming for 'Jess', leaving Tina shocked by Todd's lack of interest in seeing her again. After Todd can't find Jessica, Tina talks about how much Jessica hates her and rants about how strange she's been acting. When Tina picks up the phone to report Jessica's behavior to Viki, Todd stops her, leaving Tina wondering why Todd is so protective of Jess - and in such a hurry to find her! Though Todd reminds Tina of all that Jessica has gone through, Tina still doesn't think it's a reason for Jessica to be so mean to her - and to David Vickers! "All he wanted to do was go down into the basement." Suddenly, Todd's interest is peeked and he wonders, "What's in the basement?" Tina doesn't know but listens as Todd warns her not to bother Viki with any of this - or to worry about Jessica throwing her out.

    On Todd's way out, he runs into Tess who admits that she went to see John to reassure him that Todd isn't hiding anything! After Todd rants about her throwing up a red flag, Tess reminds him of the secret she's keeping for him - but Todd retaliates with the fact that she's Tess and asks what she's hiding in the basement!

    In Mendorra, still dressed in the servant's outfits, Cris and Sarah awaken to find Talia and Antonio in bed. Although Cris and Sarah assure them that they've taken care of Carlo and Jonas, a knock at the door reminds them that it's time to take care of the second part of their plan!

    Quickly, they work to get a passed out Jonas in bed with Talia then hide. Once Carlo's servant, Bitterman, enters the room and sees Talia and Jonas, Talia claims they consummated their marriage - and are now ready to take over the throne! The man then informs Talia that the World Press is there, and he's had trouble locating her father, to which Talia takes her stance as Queen and orders Bitterman to let the press in! After Sarah takes Talia to get Queen-Ready, Antonio and Cris look at Jonas and get ready for phase two of their plan!

    Downstairs, in front of the press, Talia promises that she and her Prince will produce an heir then explains that Jonas and her father are very close and are out hunting boar as they speak. Talia then takes it upon herself to take the press on a tour of the palace - despite Bitterman's protest!

    When Talia and the press reach the royal bedroom, they walk through the door and see Jonas and Carlo in each other's arms - in the royal bed! Talia appears shocked in front of the press, as Antonio smiles from the shadows!

    Back at Llanfair, as soon as Tina's alone, Tina turns on the television then goes to the safe and kisses her crowned jewels. Suddenly, she sees a broadcast of Queen Talia of Mendorra and takes a seat in front of the TV. When Tina sees the image of Jonas and Carlo in bed, she says, "Oh, my…

    Finally in 2008, in the ranch in Texas, Rex and Gigi talk about how to break the news that they are in love to Adriana - and how to tell Shane that Rex is his father! Although Gigi doesn't want to rush telling Shane, Rex doesn't want to waste another second being a father to his son. When Gigi talks about missing Shane so much, Rex urges her to call.

    At the carriage house, Shane and Brody meet up in the living room, to which Shane shows Brody a special gift: A scrapbook of his childhood. Looking over old pictures of Shane, Shane talks about how they look like each other then reminds Brody that it wouldn't matter if they didn't - because once the test results come in it'll prove that Brody's his dad! Suddenly, Gigi calls Shane and promises to be home as soon as she can catch a flight. Once Brody gets on the phone, Gigi lays into him for telling Rex that they slept together then listens as Brody says that he doesn't want Rex ruining anything that he has with Shane! When Brody hangs up, he admits to missing Shane's mom as much as Shane does then suggests that they not tell her about the paternity test. While talking about Brod's life, the DNA results arrive - proving Brody's the father!

    Once Gigi hangs up, she says to Rex, "How can I do this… Shane loves Brody," leaving Rex to gasp, "Are you saying that we shouldn't tell Shane that I'm his father?" That's not what Gigi's saying, but she worries the truth will be too much for Shane after thinking his dad died a hero. In the end, they decide to take things as they come and agree things will all work out.

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Tess gives Todd a warning!

    Natalie wants Jared to turn down her father's offer!

    Delphina has news for Langston.

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    Posted by zonie at Wednesday, August 27 2008 12:33 PM

    It's disgusting showing the men together
    in bed....... What about our youth!!!!!!!!!!
    You writers are going to far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by toytoy83 at Wednesday, August 27 2008 12:37 PM

    talia s/l is very boring
    todd and tess?????? trouble!!!
    brody has gone too far
    dislike rex for being so quick to forgive gigi for hiding his son

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, August 27 2008 12:49 PM

    I was LOL at the way they set up Carlo and Jonas. Just too dang funny!

    Posted by katc46 at Wednesday, August 27 2008 01:06 PM

    Very funny stuff in Mendorra. Rex and Gigi- hate them. Gigi treats Brody like crap but he's good enough to keep her son while she looks for her baby's daddy?! And Rex forgiving her so quick when he kicked his mother out of his life! Self rightousness does not fit either of them. Very boring. Feel sorry for Brody, he loves Shane and I hate Gigi for not taking up for him when Rex said he was there because of being paid. Lets not forget Dorian paid him double to leave. Adrianna seems like the lesser of the two evils now- hurry and bring her back!

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Wednesday, August 27 2008 01:58 PM

    I thought the Carlo Jonas scene was HILARIOUS!

    Anyone flipping out about that needs to get out of the house more..

    That was so funny, we laughed hard.

    Posted by Soap.Star.DVluver at Wednesday, August 27 2008 02:03 PM

    JOhn isnt giving up he wants to find her! Jonas and Carlo!!! Haha thats funny! Clever idea! But Rex is the father!? Im sooo confused...what are they trying to do now?

    Posted by LG67 at Wednesday, August 27 2008 02:31 PM

    Finally !! something good about the mendora story line! Love what they did to Jonas and Carlo..too funny !!! glad the 1968 story line is done. I'm worried about Brody. Shane will adapt, but Brody, even when he had every reason, and lots of money not to, stood up to be Shane's father, and has fallen in love with him. Rex deserves the chance to be Shane's dad, but I hope that TPTB do something to make it up to Brody. I thought I liked Rex and Gigi together, but I just hate the way she was to Brody today. I don't care what happens to her

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, August 27 2008 04:32 PM

    Gigi, take your lying, unappreciated ass back to Texas. Oh, and take that smuck, Rex with you.
    Brody deserves so much better.

    Posted by firebird85 at Wednesday, August 27 2008 04:35 PM

    katc46, I agree with you. Sing it sister!!

    Posted by AllisonPerkinsFan at Wednesday, August 27 2008 04:37 PM

    Mendorra storyline was Priceless today. I laughed my A-- off today. And Tina's reaction was the icing on the cake. As for Brody he is getting on my last nerve. Your not Shanes father get it over with. I'd laugh when Rex gets a DNA test and he matches too. Then Shane will not know who to believe.

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