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    Jess, Tess, Do Confess!

    Friday, August 22 2008
    Todd figures out what's up with Jessica, Brody gets bad news from Delphina, and Rex has no choice but to say goodbye to Gigi...

    When Todd catches Tess flipping out at a nurse at the OBGYN's office, he stops her by saying, "Hi Jessica." After Tess apologizes to the nurse, and admits to Todd that she hasn't been herself these days, Todd replies, "No, you haven't." When Tess puts two and two together, and accuses Todd of trying to get info out of the doctor about Starr's baby, Todd warns, "Listen, Jessica, I wouldn't press me on this because I'll press right back." Tess blames Nash's death, and Natalie, Jared and Tina's presence at Llanfair, for her bad mood then suggests that Tina go live with Todd! "Forget it," Todd says, causing Tess to start ranting and raving about how selfish Todd is - and Todd finally realizes that Jess is Tess! However, without coming out and letting Tess know, Todd taunts her by calling her 'Jessica' at every turn then walks out the door!

    In 2008, outside of the Buchanan mansion, Bo makes a call to someone asking them to look everywhere until they find Rex - and his friend Gigi.

    Inside the Buchanan mansion, just as Jared agrees to do Clint's dirty work, Bo appears! Bo wonders what Jared is doing there, which is Jared's cue to leave, then Bo tells Clint about a 'dream' he had. When Nigel comes into the room, Bo can't help but stare then explains that Nigel was in the same dream that Jared was in - except Nigel was Chuck Sr.! After a little laugh, Clint goes to take care of some work and Nigel gives Bo some letters that he wrote to Asa while in Vietnam. Suddenly, Matthew appears, and Bo takes him in his arms and promises to be a better father. Renee is next to appear, and Matthew and Renee inform Bo that Lindsay went to prison for killing Spencer Truman. When Clint rejoins them, Bo briefly asks about Jared, to which Clint claims to be putting his feelings aside for Natalie's sake, then Bo hears about John becoming the new commissioner.

    John arrives at Rodies and demands that the judge give him a warrant to search Todd Manning's house! John explains that Manning's bodyguard claims that Todd is holding a witness to Lee's murder in his house. Although the judge gives John his search warrant, he warns that this is his one chance - and that John better find something at Manning's!

    Over at Todd's, Todd arrives home, with Tess close behind. Although she wants to look around, and accuses Todd of hiding something, Todd stops her by saying, "You're Tess!" Just as Todd grabs the phone to call Viki, his doorbell rings!

    When Starr and Cole come face to face at the country club, they bicker for a bit then admit to missing the other - so much. Over talk of Marcie's offer for them to be a part of the baby's life, both agree that it wouldn't be possible - then Cole snaps, "I'll never forgive you for giving up our baby." Just then, a group of high school friends show up and ask if Starr's gained some weight. "Oh, my, God," one of the girls says. "Starr's not getting fat. Starr has a baby bump!" Starr admits to her pregnancy then watches as Cole follows their old friends to the pool.

    After Brody leaves a message on Gigi's cell phone, demanding to know where she is, Layla approaches the bar at Rodies and asks if Gigi received the package that Adriana sent her. Once Layla hears that Gigi is still out looking for Rex she says, "That can't be good news for Adriana - or you." Suddenly, Madame Delphina appears, hands Brody back his check for five thousand dollars then says, "It's over, she's not coming back… I lost her." With Layla standing by listening, Delphina says that although Gigi found Rex she 'can't' come back. After Delphina leaves, Brody screams, "Gigi would never leave Shane," to which Layla asks, "Not even for Rex?" When Layla leaves, Brody worries about not being Shane's real father - and takes out the toothbrush with Rex's DNA on it!

    Back in 1968, Rex apologizes to Gigi about the 'Emma incident' then worries that if they don't get back soon he'll be shipped off to Vietnam today! Just then, Professor Fina appears with some sort of gadget and reports that the porthole has closed - and that they'll have to wait another twenty years to see 2008! Gigi immediately thinks of Shane, flips out and snaps at the professor, "You do something - anything!" Thinking about a past documentation, about 'a force' that once reopened the porthole, the professor says there is hope - but it's doubtful! Just then, Clint (Jared) appears and wonders where their Pa is, as no one has seen him since the day before. Once Clint leaves, Rex talks about having to leave for Vietnam then the professor makes a quick exit - but not before telling Rex to look him up in twenty years!

    Knowing she can't get back to 2008, Gigi tells Rex, "I'm already going to lose Shane, I can't lose you too. Let's runaway!" Rex explains that he can't runaway - and that he can't change history - then says, "I have to make it through this war for Bo." Although Rex promises to be back for her, in two years, their conversation is halted when Renee (Dallas), Emma (Gigi) and Spencer (Shane) stop by to say goodbye. As Rex listens to Renee say, "This world needs you, Bo Buchanan," Gigi can't help but call out to Spencer and rush over to give him a hug goodbye. But Spencer pulls away…

    Later, suited in his Army uniform, Rex is all ready to leave for Vietnam. After Olympia (Lindsay) and Clint (Jared) say their final goodbyes, a young Asa appears - and Rex realizes that Bo must have made it back to 2008! "If he can make it back then we can too," Gigi says, but young Asa reminds Bo (Rex) that it's time to leave - before the government counts him as AWOL!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Gigi makes a confession to Rex!

    Dallas shocks Nora.

    Tess helps Todd.

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    Posted by toytoy83 at Friday, August 22 2008 12:22 PM

    well well todd and tess teaming up means trouble
    cant wait for brody and layla hooking up
    when will this 1968 s/l end? get it together writers
    starr is annoying

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Friday, August 22 2008 06:29 PM

    I haven't been watching for a while, Just read updates sometimes. I cant believe that Marcy is going ahead with the adaption of Starr's baby.. Is Marcy that stupid. How is she planing on raising this baby, she better leave Landview. Because Starr will want that baby back in the near future, These writer like using the same s/l over and over. I can just see it now Starr will want her baby back, and what Starr wants she gets. She is like her dear old Dad. And she is only doing this adoption with Marcy just to get back a Todd.

    Posted by Ashaleigha1 at Friday, August 22 2008 07:55 PM

    I think it's sad that Todd out of all people figured out Jess was Tess. She hasn't been acting herself for a while and you would think that her family would have picked up on the vibes long before now. Her husband died and all her family seems wrapped up in their own problems to even be there for her. I liked the Tess s/l way back when Nash was in the picture, but now its just old and annoying.
    It's time to move on from the 1968 s/l. Im still wondering if Vickers is now Bo's love child instead of Asa's since Rex slept with Emma??? And as much as i love the s/l that's going on with Rex & Gigi. I would much rather for the truth to come out and Rex go back to Adriana. I really miss them together!! Her lies were small compared to Gigi lying to him and keeping his own child away from him for all these years.
    I like the idea of Marcie adopting Starr's baby, but we all know that it will end in so much heartache. Starr and Cole really need to talk things out. Starr is only trying to give her baby more than the 2 of them can offer as much as it's hurting her. I think if Cole knew that his mother were really alive and Todd keeping her, then it would make all the difference.

    Posted by chicknlil at Saturday, August 23 2008 08:01 AM

    It makes sense to me for Todd to call Tess out. Todd is a very observant guy and he isn't afraid to say what is on his mind.

    To be fair to the other characters, I really do think that Jared suspects that Jessica is really Tess but he doesn't want to say anything without some hard proof (maybe Jared could go to Delfina to find the proof he needs - she knows Jessica's not home anymore). Natalie is too blinded by Jessica's forgiveness to focus on Jessica's bizarre behaviors. I don't think Sarah or Tina have ever had the pleasure of meeting Tess so they wouldn't even know what to look for. Viki's own life was so screwed up before she left town to realize that Jessica is going through a bit more than grief right now. Clint hasn't spent enough time with Jessica to notice any differences and I really don't think that Dorian cares one way or the other.

    Bo reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz today when he was talking to Jared, Clint and Nigel...telling them about the "dream" he had and how they were all in it. Maybe all Rex and Gigi need to do to get back to the present time is click their heels three times and say "there's no place like home". Seriously though, those two are seriously running out of time to get back to 2008. They are going to have to do something soon. (Rex did look very handsome his army uniform though.)

    I really hope Jared knows what he's doing with this Langston situation. I really like Langston and don't want to see her get any more hurt than she already has been.

    Posted by Soap.Star.DVluver at Saturday, August 23 2008 12:20 PM

    Todd found about about Tess! I wonder if he will keep her secret or tell someone. Starr and Cole are still mad at each other, i wish they would just agree on something and get back together. When are they ever going to stop this 1968 thing...its annoying...and im pretty sure no one wants to see another 20 years of them stuck there...unless they can make the story line better, maybe more interesting.

    Posted by DOOLNO1FAN at Sunday, August 24 2008 06:06 AM

    LOL, I find Starr very annoying too!!.....I find people like her and Stephanie (in Days of our lives) annoying.....
    And yeah, Brody and Layla might not be bad together....

    Posted by SWEET1 at Sunday, August 24 2008 10:57 AM

    I"m gld someone found out bout tess cause the storyline is getting boring.Hurry up and lock them up in the basement already.I never cared for the whole jess,,tess thing even wen nash was alive.I hope the writers get it together soon cause the 1968 thing is getting boring too.I never cared for rex and gigi as a couple but now there starting to dawn on me..I just hope they make it back to 2008 soon.

    Posted by keboyd at Sunday, August 24 2008 09:09 PM

    Let's get Gigi & Rex home from 1968. Maybe Todd saw Tess first because he is always looking for everyones dirty little secerts so he can put them on the front page of his paper. Now the two of them doing dirty deeds together is one big wasp nest about to break loose. Watch out people more than one of you are about to get sting.

    Posted by LucyM at Monday, August 25 2008 06:33 AM

    Well, I agree that this Tess storyline is old and is dragging and annoying. Here we have Todd who barely sees Jessica and he figures out that she is Tess. However, the other idiots who spend most of the time with her cannot see that there is something wrong. How long will it take to build that room downstairs, hold Natalie and Jared hostage, how long before they are found? This could take a long time.

    What I don't get is how writers choose to please themselves with these so called storylines and not pay attention to what the fans want. We need this 1968 storyline and Tess/Jess storyline to end. It is beyond boring. The 1968 storyline began in July and here we are approaching September and it doesn't seem to end.

    I read where ADRYiana is coming to Llanview. Why? I thought we said goodbye to her. It's too soon to bring her back. I hope her intentions are to divorce Rex and leave town again. I know this is not the case.

    John is so above the law it seems no one can touch him. I cannot stand this character any longer. Put Bo back as commissioner and let John go back to his desk job. I hope John McBore finds Marty and ends this storyline. However, until Marty does not get her memory back, this will drag. She will fall in love with Todd before all this is over. Her best scenes have been literally on her back. How stupid is this storyline?

    I cannot stand Cole and Starr either. I really had hoped that Cole would stick to his gun, but he gave into that brat. They have all dealt with Todd. They should know that he will not stop until he gets his grandchild. Does that stupid Marcie really want to be put through the ringer again? Some people are gluttons for punishment.

    Amy, I asked before. Why is it that when couples get hot and heavy during their love scenes, Marcie and Michael are never shown like this? They show them in the beginning of their love scenes and at the end.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, August 25 2008 06:50 AM

    I don't understand why Star won't let Cole have the baby. He has more right than Marcie. She is using her child to make up for her father taking Tommy, which he was right to do anyway. Cole has Nora and he living at the Buchanan mansion. He would have help with Nora and Renee and servants.
    Star is being selfish and I can't stand this soap anymore. Here are 10 reasons that I will have to quit this soap and watch something else!

    1) Marty and Todd---an attempt to recreate Luke and Laura. Either way, it is sickening to watch the rapist holding her hostage and feeding her lie after lie after lie.
    2) Star and the baby fiasco--poor Cole...poor Marcie who will lose her husband and probably the baby later on.
    Talia being queen of some stupid country--never mentioning to Antonio she is Carlo Hesser's daugther after everything Carlo has done to the Vega family. Poor Jaime.
    4) Clint trying to act like Asa but failing miserably. Who runs that stupid paper the Banner now?
    5) Jared and Natalie are boring--plus moved in with Tess/Jess and don't notice that she is not "herself". Way to go Twin Sister
    6) Another Tess Story...arrrgggghhhh.
    7) Tina's back...why?
    Clint is doing all this to keep David Vickers from what is rightfully his part of the Buchanan legacy
    9) Rex is married, but pining away for his ex AFTER everything they did to get him and Adriana together
    10) This stupid Blast to the Past Storyline that is LAME!

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